J vs Ben: ULTIMATE Diagon Alley Harry Potter Trivia Quiz

4 mar 2021
137 022 visningar

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Today J and Ben face off once again to find out who knows about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the famous Diagon Alley! Who did Harry first meet? What is the Poem from Gringotts? What SOLID GOLD items did Harry resist buying?!
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  • 21:34 That is because YOU TWO don’t know how to eat a giant piece of chocolate 🍫! You get a knife 🔪 and break it up into smaller pieces! And then, I can do you one better, you put those pieces into a ceramic bowl and melt it in the microwave! Chocolate 🍫 fondue 🫕

    Suzie AyersSuzie Ayers4 dagar sedan
  • If your trolley is dinging then you've either crashed it or it's broken. Either way it should not be dinging.

    Oliver TunnahOliver Tunnah4 dagar sedan
  • I went in there for a chocolate frog and said the very expensive thing and then got bertie bots beans 🤣🤣

    Tru1TaniTru1Tani4 dagar sedan
  • I came to the comments to see who else remembered Trolley from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

    Tru1TaniTru1Tani4 dagar sedan
  • 9 of 10

    Matthew ArcherMatthew Archer6 dagar sedan
  • can i see tyler's picturre somewhere?

    Aamir QureshiAamir Qureshi10 dagar sedan
  • "J" "In know im wrong" haha

    Shira EpsteinShira Epstein12 dagar sedan
  • Almost four minutes of sponsor segment...really guys?

    ImranoTVImranoTV12 dagar sedan
  • I got the question about the street that the Leaky Cauldron is on wrong, because I live in a subdivision called Charring Cross, and I thought that was the name of the train station. The train station is King's Cross.

    Matt FosterMatt Foster13 dagar sedan
  • I got 19/24 (9/10 on the main test and 1/4 on the quizmaster)

    AnadaAnada14 dagar sedan
  • 9/12 (18/24 due to double points)

    Gareth FairholmeGareth Fairholme15 dagar sedan
  • "I can hear Jim Dales voice..." So have chosen death

    UnWorldUnWorld18 dagar sedan
  • Hahahaha, I would love to compete with you guys! Wenn ihr auch so große Potterheads seid, wie wir, dann schaut gerne mal vorbei. Jeden Mittwoch gibt es eine neue Podcast Folge über einen Harry Potter Charakter :) - überall wo es Podcast gibt oder hier auf SEworld.

    Schokofrösche PodcastSchokofrösche Podcast24 dagar sedan
  • I know the grngotts poem by hart XD Edit: if you want to know what it is it’s: Enter, stranger, but take heed of what awaits the sin of greed, for those who take, but do not earn, must pay most dearly in their turn, so if you seek beneath our floors a treasure that was never yours, thief, you have been warned, beware of finding more than treasure there. This is how it’s written in the books

    :/:/27 dagar sedan
  • Both J and Ben are trying to be a part of teen wolf... 😂😂😂

    Hannah MorrisHannah Morris28 dagar sedan
  • Bring back the timer

    Tuna ManTuna Man29 dagar sedan
  • You should start a series about theories from Name of the Wind. Is full of theories out there about Kvothe, the stories in the story, those characters, the Chandrian, Felurian, Auri, Taborlin the Great, Haliax, etc. You really should do it!

    the Revanchistthe RevanchistMånad sedan
  • What was the book J was talking about about the other kid that goes to a magic school?

    WinchesterSisterWinchesterSisterMånad sedan
  • At 9:40 J just casually cleans his ear with his stylus if anyone was wondering

    Stephanie SpinellaStephanie SpinellaMånad sedan
  • I’m dying with Tyler’s “ding ding”, too good

    Larissa FalavignaLarissa FalavignaMånad sedan
  • I would like to mention, that the galaxy and the solar system are not the same thing ;)

    AnnaEmilkaAnnaEmilkaMånad sedan
  • Would not object to Kingkiller Chronicles content.... js

    Jenna DusablonJenna DusablonMånad sedan
  • Y'all should do Kingkiller videos.

    Alexander FyockAlexander FyockMånad sedan
  • 7 out of 10 right, 1 patreon answer and 2 out of 3 on the last question. ...20 points?

    Kye GuardKye GuardMånad sedan
  • Pizza Is always on sale.... Wise words

    vivek subhashvivek subhashMånad sedan
  • Tyler seemed so happy to participate in the “ding ding” everytime J or Ben said Trolley during the explanation of ‘Ding Ding Trolley’

    LazermanLazermanMånad sedan
  • Potential rule for future quizzes: 2 points for getting a question right, 1 point if you get the MC/Options

    Brandon MendelBrandon MendelMånad sedan
  • The invisible book of invisibility

    Madison PolstonMadison PolstonMånad sedan
  • The reflection of Ben’s hand with the phone recording in his sunglasses, I can’t!!!

    e mariee marieMånad sedan
  • “HOW DARE THEY! Whoever wrote this is like...’Tom the Bartender is my favourite character’ ” 🤣

    E SE SMånad sedan
  • Tell me I’m wrong. The reason this Chanel is SO amazing is cuz they are brothers. Like the dynamic and the whole feeling is SO good cuz they’re related

    ballerina59 fassballerina59 fassMånad sedan
  • You guys should take this quiz www.buzzfeed.com/tessafahey/ultimate-harry-potter-trivia-questions

    MegaFangirlMegaFangirlMånad sedan
  • A twist for the quizzes, lose points for a wrong answer!

    MIke GivenMIke GivenMånad sedan

    K FK FMånad sedan
  • 9/10... so 18/20. Yay!

    TheHanaFlowerTheHanaFlowerMånad sedan
  • As someone who is a native of Roanoke I just like to guess your locations, DTR I see there

    Kiera FogleKiera FogleMånad sedan
  • This is random but I feel so proud that I got exactly the 6,000th like

    Eden ZanoneEden ZanoneMånad sedan
  • If you want to write invisibly, change your color to white.

    Am DerichsAm DerichsMånad sedan
  • when one spoken ad just isn't enough

    Kons FuziusKons FuziusMånad sedan
  • Question: Who do people listen to when listening to the audiobooks? I cannot listen do Jim Dale after hearing Stephen Fry but I am curious as to what other people here do

    Icespark1298Icespark1298Månad sedan
  • We need a sorting Wandavision characters into Hogwarts house video!!!!

    Nora Jane PalmerNora Jane PalmerMånad sedan
  • the one on the left kinda cute (from my perspective) other one looks so weird

    Tr3wayTr3wayMånad sedan
  • Tyler is beginning to sound like Michael Caine

    Hunter BallardHunter BallardMånad sedan
  • I love you guys, but you've put a 5 minute commercial break in a 25 minute video

    ClayJanusClayJanusMånad sedan
  • Just had the weirdest thought/realisation that a whole year group at Hogwarts could all be in one house if they all show the same traits then they would all be in the same house

    Emily HEmily HMånad sedan
  • I ALSO just learned about the nocturnally thing

    Tonya RamseyTonya RamseyMånad sedan
  • I got 100% on the quiz

    Ashley NightshadegachaAshley NightshadegachaMånad sedan
  • Why give J 50 points, though? I'd say he won, 18-15. But 34 points is a bit excessive, imho.

    David RayDavid RayMånad sedan
  • 12:42 - Ben's "R" looks like an upside-down "Y".

    David RayDavid RayMånad sedan
  • I've never seen two sponsors in the same video before.

    Gurnaj VirkGurnaj VirkMånad sedan
  • Anyone know if Florean Fortescue’s has nondairy ice cream?

    Celebwen21Celebwen21Månad sedan
  • For scoring choose all that apply questions: Points = correct picks - incorrect picks

    XenomorphXenomorphMånad sedan
  • Mr. Fortiscue was killed by Death Eaters when they attacked Diagon Alley and abducted Ollivander.

    Dakota WoloschukDakota WoloschukMånad sedan
  • Ice cream at HP universal - fact.

    Max RowlandMax RowlandMånad sedan
  • Came here to see if anyone pointed out that Ben looks like the full logo now

    JP MetcalfJP MetcalfMånad sedan
  • Tip of the tongue formally known as presque vu

    Brent JungBrent JungMånad sedan
  • @supercalinbrothers - maybe you need to have a small window of Tyler on the screen!

    Shawn FisherShawn FisherMånad sedan
  • 4:50 I too am traumatized by Daniel Tiger. Not by the trolly but by Katerina constantly saying "meow meow"

    Adina CooperAdina CooperMånad sedan
  • Oh my gosh, PLEASE do the Draco Malfoy video! He's one of my favorite characters and I would love to hear more of your thoughts on the subject

    NicoskiNicoskiMånad sedan
  • 9 out of 10

    Your Boy Niner FaithfulYour Boy Niner FaithfulMånad sedan
  • I disagree so much! The chocolate frog (at least from Hollywood Studios HP world) was so worth it!

    00juls0000juls00Månad sedan
  • I knew the Gringott’s one only because, “Enter stranger but TAKE heed, TAKE only what you dearly need”...Rowling wouldn’t put “take” so closely to each other in the same sentence. Bad writing.

    00juls0000juls00Månad sedan
  • Just when you think you know preeetttyyy much everything about the HP universe...J hits you with nocturnally= knockturn alley. To say I feel so dumb is an understatement. 🤦🏻‍♀️ But I DID know about the post credit scene in CoS. *phew*

    00juls0000juls00Månad sedan
  • Bro please make a theory on raya and the last dragon

    vibhu badonivibhu badoniMånad sedan
  • 2:32

    ColleenColleenMånad sedan
    • 5:12

      ColleenColleenMånad sedan
    • 3:45

      ColleenColleenMånad sedan
  • My son is currently watching Daniel Tiger... *ding ding*

    Liz HendLiz HendMånad sedan
  • You should make every other question worth double. So then the stakes are even HOTTER

    Mikayla RickardMikayla RickardMånad sedan
  • That trolley *ding ding* reference from Daniel Tiger was great! All us parents out there really appreciated it :)

    The Holistic Pilot WifeThe Holistic Pilot WifeMånad sedan
  • Off subject. Are you really brothers? Because one time Ben says he didn't know J's name was Jonathan.

    Arthur RankinArthur RankinMånad sedan
  • i just finished "Name of the Wind" and was not expecting to hear a reference to it in this video lol.

    OtaylieOtaylieMånad sedan
  • When you beat J without using double points

    patAxe3patAxe3Månad sedan
  • The fact that Ben didn’t say archway he said archvy

    clara roselynclara roselynMånad sedan
  • 18:03 what was he trying to draw? 😳

    Strange PersonStrange PersonMånad sedan
  • Nothing like a 4 minute ad in the middle of a video

    Ryker SharpRyker SharpMånad sedan
  • Yesss what I needed this weekend, new J v Ben quiz content!

    HiddenEchoesHiddenEchoesMånad sedan
  • Unfortunately still waiting on the sequel of Kvothes adventure :(

    Paul MutzelPaul MutzelMånad sedan
  • I gotta say it: Solar System =/= Galaxy Milky Way = Galaxy

    Anita TereszczukAnita TereszczukMånad sedan
  • I drive for a living and always listen to your quizzes. And that means I have to try and compete without using the link. I have until you answer to try and answer it myself. This one was good. I got several wrong on this one. Gold gobstones.... I thought it was a cauldron because Hagrid said “your list says pewter.” Got me!

    Don’t Forget The MilkDon’t Forget The MilkMånad sedan
  • Barman, is what one calls a bartender in Britain. And it can also be an innkeeper as well.

    Philip HolderPhilip HolderMånad sedan
  • Liking for the Name of the Wind reference. Kvothe is awesome!

    Amy EftingAmy EftingMånad sedan
  • I was today old when I heard about knockturn alley.

    Katy Anna HarrisKaty Anna HarrisMånad sedan
  • Jay got question 3 wrong. 1/2 wrong. He said model of solar system. And the answer was model of the galaxy. One is different then the other

    Theo TimmermanTheo TimmermanMånad sedan
  • I feel like Ben is the Link Neal of SCB

    GanosGanosMånad sedan
  • Suggestion: Get 2 points if you can answer from memory but only 1 point if you need the multiple choice.

    Nicholas LaymanNicholas LaymanMånad sedan
  • I went to universal for the first time last week at can confirm that the ice cream is good

    Reagan OrtonReagan OrtonMånad sedan
  • When will ben win?

    omer ofekomer ofekMånad sedan
  • They’ve name dropped “the name of the wind” a lot recently, hopefully they start doing videos on that soon.

    kptn morgankptn morganMånad sedan
  • 11:44 .... really, Ben? Lol, I was sure that one was a gimme. haha

    Bryce PrinceBryce PrinceMånad sedan
  • j and ben its been confirmed that grant gustin will be in the flashpoint movie as the flash!you should make a video on this!

    Projekt TakuProjekt TakuMånad sedan
  • I would be so down for some Name of the Wind theories

    ScrandoScrandoMånad sedan
  • I just want to appreciate that for question 4 between the two of them J and Ben came up with all the multiple choice answers except the correct one

    Avital LichtenfeldAvital LichtenfeldMånad sedan
  • Do you think Newt Scamander could be a Parselmouth? He talks to Picket and his other "beasts". And he has a multi-headed serpent in his suitcase.

    Karen VickersKaren VickersMånad sedan
  • Hello chaps where every did you come by the sleek easy hair potion?

    James WestJames WestMånad sedan
  • Didn’t watch this yet, but I have a quibble about the video thumbnail. Isn’t it “BENEATH” and now “BELOW”?? If you seek BENEATH our floors A treasure that was never yours, Thief, you have been warned: beware Of finding more than treasure there (?)

    Axel TheGSDAxel TheGSDMånad sedan
  • Ben's brain desk vs Jonathan's brain desk

    Alanna BradleyAlanna BradleyMånad sedan

    theflashman97theflashman97Månad sedan
  • Anyone else get annoyed when they say they can hear Jim Dale's voice...... No. The correct voice to hear is Stephen Fry!

    Chryst PickChryst PickMånad sedan
  • ally beat you by24

    Chris MartinChris MartinMånad sedan
  • I want some name of the wind videos.

    William CarterWilliam CarterMånad sedan
  • Neville has a notoriously bad memory yet his parents were apparent badasses. Seems like good lineage. Was Nevilles memory wiped with a bad memory charm as a child to prevent him identifying the death eaters who tortured his parents?

    Jake KentJake KentMånad sedan