Why Didn't James Sacrifice Protect Harry? | Harry Potter Theory

23 feb 2021
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Today J dives into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to get to help explain one of the oldest mysteries in the books - If both James and Lily were killed by Voldemort, why did only Lily’s sacrifice protect Harry?
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  • Have any other questions about Harry Potter? Let us know!

    SuperCarlinBrothersSuperCarlinBrothersMånad sedan
    • How do you measure the power of a wizard or a witch? You often talk how Voldemort, Grindelwald and Dumbledore among many others are considered to be powerful, but what does it mean to be powerful? How do you measure them as powerful? What does it take to become known as a powerful wizard or a witch?

      BarniHedgeturtleBarniHedgeturtle5 dagar sedan
    • Video idea: What would have happened, if Harry DON'T fight back in the graveyard and Voldemort hits him with Avada Kedavra? you planted this idea at the end THIS video. :)

      meleardilmeleardil8 dagar sedan
    • What turn of events would have happened if Lupin took his wolfsbane potion the night of the shreaking shack? Why couldn't harry and hermione have gone back maybe an hour more and fixed that as well?

      Cody CockerhamCody Cockerham23 dagar sedan
    • Oscar

      Clint WiseClint Wise24 dagar sedan
    • For me, the question is: Why wasn't Voldemort's original name revealed to the wizarding world after his first defeat? While he was in power, it was probably exceedingly dangerous for those who knew that he was Tom Riddle to speak about it; but once he lost his powers, why was it still kept a secret? It's clear why the Death Eaters didn't tell the world; but what about the other side? I assume that several people in the Ministry of Magic and Order of the Phoenix knew; Hagrid probably knew; and Dumbledore certainly knew. Those who knew probably made a conscious decision not to tell everyone else (instead of leaking the information, and having Daily Prophet titles like "You-Know-Who's identity revealed: The Dark Lord is actually Tom Riddle"). It's clear to me why J. K. Rowling did this. The entire plot of Chamber of Secrets would have been annulled if everybody had known. Malfoy wouldn't have risked passing Riddle's diary to anyone if everyone knew of the Riddle/Voldemort identity; and if he had been foolish enough to do so, then Ginny would have turned it in the moment she'd seen Tom Riddle's name on it. But what's the in-universe explanation? Why did Dumbledore -- who kept addressing Voldemort as "Tom" to his face -- keep his identity a secret, as did everyone else who knew?

      Uri GolombUri GolombMånad sedan
  • Things I knew but learnt again from this video: Snape is trash

    ruthisnothighruthisnothigh15 timmar sedan
  • The reason his sacrifice didn't count was because he wasn't given the choice to walk away by Voldemort (also he didn't have a wand on him at the time)

    TheTytoGaurdianTheTytoGaurdianDag sedan
  • Considering the part in OotP where Voldemort says it's old magic and he should've considered it as a possibility. I remember learning the reason why Muggles and Wizards are segregated is because they warred and the wizards retreated and disappeared from history altogether. Maybe a lot of wizards back then created this spell to protect their children. Lily's squib ancestor (since Muggleborns have squib ancestors who marry Muggles) could've been one of their descendents so it just came more naturally to her. Though anyone can learn it regardless of their ancestry.

    crazyfrogcrazyfrog2 dagar sedan
  • wow the spin that it's all because of snape is so cool.

    Eliyah FEliyah F2 dagar sedan
  • I must Argue the point that James' sacrifice didn't count because he wasn't given the choice to stand aside. NONSENCE! (Only Stronger), His "Choice" was always there, offered or not "we always have a choice" weather it is given or not, so it should have counted for something! At the very least it should and very well could have further supported Lily's Loving sacrifice. It's a shame really, that the sacrifices of the Father never really count for anything. Especially when it is compared with the sacrifice of the Mother is immediately exhalted as supreme importance to the degree that nothing else compares. The truly sorry part of this is that everyone (Men) just puts their heads down and goes along with it like whipped obedient dogs. (most of us just shake our heads and walk away). While the women are left alone to own and basque in the revere' of their regal supremacy of this point. But they fail to see the point that they are alone in this, and are quite content to do so without a second thought! I don't know a woman alive that would show the least sympathy or mercy for their Men and their subsequent relligance to total obscurity and worthlessness in-spite of the lifetime of dedication and sacrifice a "good Man" commits to in marriage and child rearing. Especially when they should be holding their Men in as much esteem as they (the Men) do with them, otherwise stories would be written far differently wouldn't they?! Food for thought!

    Thomas PattonThomas Patton3 dagar sedan
  • It's because James fought back

    Loki RoLoki Ro4 dagar sedan
  • why dident they apparate away?

    poofpoof4 dagar sedan
  • Why is Molly's magical talents so underrated?

    Melissa KniveMelissa Knive5 dagar sedan
  • Personally, I just don't buy it. At least one other time during that war alone, there was someone who was in Lily's shoes and decided to die when they didn't have to. Bare minimum. If the only prerequisite is that you have to be given the choice, then at the bare minimum this would be common enough to be a theoretical way to survive the killing curse. At the very least. I think its infinitely more likely that Lili, desperate to save her son, dove into magics that weren't exactly legal. Ancient magics, forgotten magics, blood magics. She created or rediscovered a spell that would take her life and use it to protect her child. Dumbledore either helped her with it, or at the very least reverse engineered it after the fact, and kept the specifics a secret. As a follow up, Harry's sacrifice at the Battle of Hogwarts either didn't do anything and his friends were just lucky, or it was as a result of Lily's protection, maybe scattering that defense over the people Harry wanted to save. Either way, Harry didn't fully understand what the protection really was.

    mercury a2000mercury a20006 dagar sedan
  • It wasn’t harry it was the spell lily did before she died and sacrificed her life and protected it so his spell surprisingly avada kedavra backfired cause love or somthinglol

    Acined97Acined978 dagar sedan
  • I could've sworn I heard or read a theory almost identical to this one months ago

    Geist1337Geist13379 dagar sedan
  • 8:08 snape is pro choice

    B34ST FURYB34ST FURY9 dagar sedan
  • I thought it was just because JK was really close to her mom and lost her mom right before she really got successful

    Maarten PrysMaarten Prys11 dagar sedan
  • I believe that by the time Voldemort tried to kill Harry in the forest, Harry was the master of death, owning all three of the deathly hollows. He went to what Harry saw as a train station (limbo), where he met and talked to Dumbledore, and was told he had the choice to go ahead and board a train and go to wherever dead wizards go. Or he could return to the living world and complete his task of killing Voldemort. Harry chose to return to life. Proving that he is the master of death. I have not seen that many of your videos but have you done one on this?

    Joanna LynnJoanna Lynn11 dagar sedan
  • I knew the answer, when i clicked to the video, but a watched it anyway.

    thër Sthër S11 dagar sedan
  • 7:39 Hi Squidward.

    Uncle SmeagolUncle Smeagol13 dagar sedan
  • Cause he tried to fight V, not JUST protect Harry.

    Connor PowellConnor Powell16 dagar sedan
  • These potter videos are really getting pretty thin on content fellas lol.. i think you've squeezed this particular orange dry

    Tyler AnselmoTyler Anselmo16 dagar sedan
  • Its obvious because the curse was meant for harry and his mom jumped in front of it.. his dad was just in the way that curse was meant for him

    Tyler AnselmoTyler Anselmo16 dagar sedan
  • Didn't you already make a video like this

    Kye DysarthriaKye Dysarthria16 dagar sedan
  • me just uses youtube for audio books j:AUDIBLE !!!

    ashe gamingashe gaming18 dagar sedan
  • James intended to fight Voldemort whereas Lily wasn’t going to defend herself. Same way as how Harry was able to come back because he went to the forest with the intent to not fight back.

    Tanaka DubeTanaka Dube19 dagar sedan
  • I feel like your hair is a bit extra today... like ... just so much extra. I'm on board 1000% with your reference to the name of the wind. too bad we've been waiting for book 3 for like.... years now.

    Travis LundyTravis Lundy20 dagar sedan
    • Something about..... harry.

      Travis LundyTravis Lundy20 dagar sedan
  • Wasn't it confirmed lily's sacrificion worked because she was: a) Wandless and b) Offered to leave/survive edit: i commented this before watching the entire video

    John PriceJohn Price20 dagar sedan
  • I also have a Theory. Many James did not count because James tried to put up a fight he tried to take down. Voldemort even though he did not Succeed and Lilly did not put up a fight she just stood in front of Harry saying not Harry this is one of the theories I believe Ik it came from some one else but I do not think it was said

    Jesus PonceJesus Ponce20 dagar sedan
  • I want to add...... James was going to fight before he forgot he left his want downstairs. Lily didn't want to fight.

    Ruhi YadwadRuhi Yadwad21 dag sedan
  • First time watching THIS video im at 1:33 but i tjinknit would be because she deliberately jumped in front of the killing curse but james died merely in battle or assassinated

    Deadl TurtleDeadl Turtle22 dagar sedan
  • But... but... wasn't Harry's protection somehow tied up to living under the same roof with the Dursleys? (Durslies?) (Petunia?) (Whatever.)

    Koret MulderKoret Mulder22 dagar sedan
  • I have a question for you. In Deathly Hollows, the Polyjuice Potion is stated to be for humans exclusively, which is why Hagrid can't use it or be used in it. However, in the Battle of Seven Potters, Fleur uses Polyjuice to turn into Harry despite being part Veela. How/why does that work?

    Charles HartCharles Hart22 dagar sedan
    • The Veela blood comes from her grandmother instead of her mother so she’s only a quarter Veela instead of half. Maybe that’s why.

      Ebilkitty RainstarEbilkitty Rainstar13 dagar sedan
  • What turn of events would have happened if Lupin took his wolfsbane potion the night of the shreaking shack? Why couldn't harry and hermione have gone back maybe an hour more and fixed that as well?

    Cody CockerhamCody Cockerham23 dagar sedan
  • "Chooses to die for everyone else even though he didn't have to" Well, yeah.. But if Harry dies, the effect of him dying is probably almost as bad as death..

    MasterchickenMasterchicken23 dagar sedan
  • Where do wizards get food??? Is there like a wizarding walmart where the Malfoy's send Dobby to get food or something?

    amelia roodenrysamelia roodenrys25 dagar sedan
  • H.P. Lovecraft was an antisemite who married a Jew, so Snape's hypocrisy isn't actually unprecidented.

    Ben ThomasonBen Thomason25 dagar sedan
  • What if it did? But it just worked to strengthen the protection of lily

    Mark van EsMark van Es26 dagar sedan
  • James be a scrub bro ✨

    Fight FanFight Fan27 dagar sedan
  • Can you guys also come up with an answer to what did the basilisk's stare do to nearly headless nick?

    tooba rafitooba rafi27 dagar sedan
  • Oft does evil harm itself...

    Nora BlackstarNora BlackstarMånad sedan
  • merp

    Gavin AukerGavin AukerMånad sedan
  • We can all agree that SuperCarlinBro is better than Audible, right?

    Vanya HargreevesVanya HargreevesMånad sedan
  • Did Snape spy on Voldemort or Dumbledore?

    Squishy SkitsSquishy SkitsMånad sedan
  • I get these magical protections and all... but would they work, if Voldemort just decided to bash Harrys skull in with a rock?

    Prase DomácíPrase DomácíMånad sedan
  • That means if Voldemort had just killed Lilly straight away, he could have killed Harry.

    Leela CupcakeLeela CupcakeMånad sedan
  • tethered to life by the lovecrux lol.

    maggie the rainwingmaggie the rainwingMånad sedan
  • You’ve actually done this video before seworld.info/will/hI6czMTXaomDqok/video

    pantopiapantopiaMånad sedan
  • 9:09- Timestamp for funniest joke in da video

    TheHashtagGirlTheHashtagGirlMånad sedan
  • what did we learn kids? : Mr. Riddle killed himself by killing Mr. Potter. total sense! (i just made it more confusing, OK? ok.)

    Jennifer CrosseyJennifer CrosseyMånad sedan
  • I love J’s Voldemort and Dumbledore and Snape impressions ( I know I should have put commas instead of and in between the names I just got to lazy)

    Jaklin TahmasianJaklin TahmasianMånad sedan
  • I'll save you time explaining. The spell is sacrificial *love* and James is a narcissist only capable of loving himself. Next topic.

    Dont MisunderstandDont MisunderstandMånad sedan
  • "Both Voldemort and Dumbledore were aware of this ancient magic. So someone somewhere must have died and activated this spell..." Christians: "THAT'S LITERALLY MY RELIGION!" lol!!!

    GenGenMånad sedan
  • This is also why Harry is the only one who could have been the chosen one

    Hate’n BaconHate’n BaconMånad sedan
  • So smart

    Hermione GrangerHermione GrangerMånad sedan
  • Good luck on waiting for the third book of the kingkiller chronicle. I strongly advise you to only pick up that when mr Rothfuss actually finishes the last entry, which isnt a given. Not having that book will drive you mad. Ive been waiting 9 years for it and from the latest news, it doesnt seem it will be released any time soon. Rothfuss is brilliant but he actually manages to take longer than JRRM

    JSCJSCMånad sedan
  • 0:19 how do? you just said he's the greatest wizard. I'm sure the greatest wizard knows a few tricks to deal with dark arts.

    TurglayfopaTurglayfopaMånad sedan
  • In audible I would also highly recommend the Stormlight series by Brandan Sanderson

    Angela PeckAngela PeckMånad sedan
  • James wasn't given the choice to move. Lily was. That was the difference.

    Asmaa HusseinAsmaa HusseinMånad sedan
  • Unconsciously cast ancient magic. Ps: Dobby would destroy Voldemort with a wand

    anurag acharyaanurag acharyaMånad sedan
  • that snape impression is perfect. audible should ask you to do voice acting for snape

    ytirarytirarMånad sedan
  • me seeing the title of this video: cause he didnt get a choice, Lilly did. also me seeing the title of this video: clicks it

    AmiAmiMånad sedan
  • This is wrong all other parents has the choice to be or not be in the order or the ministry auror office

    Surbhee MalhotraSurbhee MalhotraMånad sedan
  • Mind = Blown

    Durko GamingDurko GamingMånad sedan
  • I though everyone knew it...

    A NA NMånad sedan
  • how was peter ratty boy a Gryffindor

    Emily HEmily HMånad sedan
  • That small strand of hair on his forehead out of place is driving me insane-

    Coco BunsCoco BunsMånad sedan
  • Here is a theory: If Dooby didn’t died would Harry Basically have 2 house elves since how royal Dooby was to Harry Potter like he was always Harry’s elf and did Dooby get Jealous of Kreatcher being own by Harry Potter

    Donald kid ComedyDonald kid ComedyMånad sedan
  • Have you guys done a video on the snape debate?

    Alistair KirkAlistair KirkMånad sedan
  • Didn’t people already know this....... I thought there was something more you were going to explain.... I already knew it was because Lily was given the choice to move, but she didn’t (to sum it up)..... I still enjoyed the video though!!

    Pot Of GoldPot Of GoldMånad sedan
  • A book series I recommend is Wings of Fire 🥰

    Victoria FoxVictoria FoxMånad sedan
  • How come the curse didn't rebound and destroy voldemort's physical form in the forest as it did when Harry was a baby? (Obviously voldy would still by teathered to life by nagini but shouldn't he have been weakened as before?)

    Brittany MBrittany MMånad sedan
  • I feel like the first 10 minutes of this video is just him telling us what we already know (that Lily had a choice) and the last 3 minutes is just rambling about other bits in Harry Potter.

    poodles4evrpoodles4evrMånad sedan
  • If only Voldermort had just hit Lily with Petrificus totalus, or Stupify, he could have killed Harry and walked away into the sunrise as the winner.

    Joe MatthewsJoe MatthewsMånad sedan
  • Perhaps "the killing curse" is a recent invention and they used to use different curses. So maybe Harry is the only one to survive that specific curse

    Carlos fuentesCarlos fuentesMånad sedan
  • Confused about the resurrection stone & how Harry used it...

    Katharine MieleKatharine MieleMånad sedan
  • I have wanted to ask this very question to Rowling

    Huckleberry WinnHuckleberry WinnMånad sedan
  • His Snape voice sounds like the Auditors' voice(s) from the Hogfather movie lol

    Tana LTana LMånad sedan
  • "and sleep tracks for better rest" who needs a better sleep track then harry potter

    Graham WilsonGraham WilsonMånad sedan
  • It is a nice explanation. I don't know if its worth anything, but I have another one. I assumed as a young reader, that love and sacrifice were the core of the magical protection but not its only ingredients... That there should have been a spell (Lily exceeded in charms, right?), or maybe a ceremony prior to the sacrifice, sort of "chanelling" the love into protection. Like for producing a patronus, the happy thought is necessary, but it is not enough. That's How I underdtood Voldemort saying in the graveyard that she used very ancient magic, and he should have thought about it. It isn't the emotion, which he couldn't understand, but something beyond it. Anyways, That's How I figuered it should have worked... Not a better explanation than yours, obviously, but an alternate one.

    תומר שניתומר שניMånad sedan
  • James' sacrifice didn't count because of a biological fact: mothers give birth, fathers do not. Finis.

    Gina TaylorGina TaylorMånad sedan
  • I always figured there was a spell that was involved. Some "Ancient Magic" that uses love to power itself.

    Drecon84Drecon84Månad sedan

    Elessar EchoElessar EchoMånad sedan
  • Haven't watched yet. But I think it did. Harry's Protunus = James

    BelrevanBelrevanMånad sedan
  • I’m sorry, but this “theory” is so lazy! We already knew this, and there’s pretty much no questions about this topic. It’s explained in the book!!!!

    shaked miloshaked miloMånad sedan
  • My biggest harry potter question is where does wizards come from? Did wizards `evolve` from muggles (which would mean the first wizard was muggle born)? Or did muggles `devolve` from wizards (which means the first muggles are squibs)? Both of these theories disprove the anti muggle born ideas that the ministry put in place (even though under pressure by Lord voldemort) where pointless as all wizards and muggles are all the same species

    foxfire Robert Adamsfoxfire Robert AdamsMånad sedan
    • yes, that's actually really interesting!

      maambomaamboMånad sedan
  • I am so glad other people are FINALLY reading the Name of the Wind! It's an underappreciated and fantastic book, please read the second one and eventually, when it comes out, the third book!

    Taylor HarveyTaylor HarveyMånad sedan
  • Didn't you guys already answered this question in this video seworld.info/will/hI6czMTXaomDqok/video

    Susan D.Susan D.Månad sedan
  • Didn't you guys already answered this question in this video seworld.info/will/hI6czMTXaomDqok/video

    Susan D.Susan D.Månad sedan
  • Didn't you guys already answered this question in this video seworld.info/will/hI6czMTXaomDqok/video

    Susan D.Susan D.Månad sedan
  • Didn't you guys already answered this question in this video seworld.info/will/hI6czMTXaomDqok/video

    Susan D.Susan D.Månad sedan
  • Didn't you guys already answered this question in this video seworld.info/will/hI6czMTXaomDqok/video

    Susan D.Susan D.Månad sedan
  • Didn’t you make this video before? I remember this from like 2 years ago

    Block SLSBlock SLSMånad sedan
  • Lilly "thrice defied him" just before her death, which ties into the prophecy of the chosen one, so if Snape hadn't asked Voldemort to give her a chance it may have been voided.

    Tiana CorinTiana CorinMånad sedan
  • I might have missed this but, WHY IS YOUR NOSE SO RED?

    animagreedanimagreedMånad sedan
  • 12:09 “Although i guess its more of a love crux” ... Add a W at the beginning of horcrux, and an e after the first R, %hor% Crux (I wont spell it out)

    Dinosaur theorist GamingDinosaur theorist GamingMånad sedan
  • So glad you started the Name of the Wind. Can’t wait for the videos.

    Nathaniel DouglasNathaniel DouglasMånad sedan
  • I use Audible to listen to World of Warcraft Lore Books.

    Insecdroid-Games and Other CrapInsecdroid-Games and Other CrapMånad sedan
  • Not to be that hate-commenting stickler, but there's a typo in the title. James is a person, so the title should say James's, not James. "Why didn't James's sacrifice protect Harry?"

    Ellie Cole-CalderonEllie Cole-CalderonMånad sedan
  • Harry is such a good kid. I appreciate him more and more the older I get

    Bradie DeanBradie DeanMånad sedan
  • Goooo audible i listen to harry potter on it EVERY NIGHT I’m literally on book 4 for about the 7th time 😂

    * TheArtsyIzzy ** TheArtsyIzzy *Månad sedan
  • Either I have the power of foresight, the strangest dejavu OR..OR...this vide was definitely done before.Not that I'm complaining - it's totally a valid video.

    soshiangel90soshiangel90Månad sedan
  • Voldemort made the SAME MISTAKE TWICE??!! I almost choked on my cereal 🤣🤣

    Elly ValentiniElly ValentiniMånad sedan