J vs Ben: EXPERT Level MCU Trivia Quiz

18 feb 2021
154 351 visningar

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Today J and Ben face off to find out who has more EXPERT level knowledge of the MCU!
What is Pepper Potts allergic to? What was the first song in Iron Man? When did Mjolnir first appear?
Play along with us :: www.popbuzz.com/tv-film/quizzes/marvel-mcu-expert-trivia-quiz/
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    SuperCarlinBrothersSuperCarlinBrothers2 månader sedan
    • Cap and Black widow had a child in the Next avengers animated movie series

      Pappa Panda's nerd reviewPappa Panda's nerd review7 dagar sedan
    • Natalie rushman

      Shelby JonesShelby JonesMånad sedan
    • Back in Black

      Shelby JonesShelby JonesMånad sedan
    • Dude. Sort Avatar the last Airbender characters into Hogwarts houses.

      Chit BrothersChit BrothersMånad sedan
    • Funny thing when I first started to watch your channel I saw 2 or 3 episodes of J vs Ben, where Ben was always winning ;p Good job J, but I'm rooting for you Ben to get back on track ;p Continue great work guys and greatings from Poland :)

      gorcia6gorcia6Månad sedan
  • According to Wikipedia Mjolnir was first mentioned in 11th century runic.

    Thor GooglehammerThor Googlehammer5 dagar sedan
  • There was a tv show I think called the next avengers starring the children of supers, it included Hawkeyes son Francis, black panthers son with storm, Thor’s daughter with sif, hanks son with Janet, and caps son with black widow

    Riley AckisonRiley Ackison7 dagar sedan
  • “does cap ever have children” heh maybe ah adopted ones if...you know what I mean *finegr guns*

    Lydia MusteredLydia Mustered16 dagar sedan
  • I actually have a theory that Morgan stark becomes the new Spider-Man character when Peter the new iron man in the next endgame level fight

    Victoria PasinVictoria Pasin18 dagar sedan
  • Fox on the run isn't in GOTG Vol 2. It's in the trailer but it was never actually played in the movie.

    SheevSheev20 dagar sedan
  • Black Panther was in Civil War, NOT Winter Solider. How can you get that wrong, guys? 😒 😆

    Toni GToni G21 dag sedan
  • NOT THE BEST THOR MOVIE ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! The first one introduced me to the MCU and comics period!! And the Ragnarok just has lots of bad jokes/jokes that just weren't as funny to me... Plus it just really didn't feel like a Thor movie... It felt like it was trying to be a Guardians of the Galaxy movie

    Ally TerpsAlly Terps22 dagar sedan
  • 15/20 is a genuinely impressive score

    Majid HamidMajid Hamid25 dagar sedan
  • It's pronounced forte.

    RowskeyRowskey28 dagar sedan
  • 26:52 I knew that 🤌

    Don RUBIXDon RUBIX29 dagar sedan
  • No one talking about J guessing a country for a question on cities

    D4CE 42D4CE 4229 dagar sedan
  • When you know more about the MCU than the guys who know more about the Pixar verse than anyone else...

    Grease MonkeyGrease MonkeyMånad sedan
  • Petition to see Tyler?

    Captain Time-LordCaptain Time-LordMånad sedan
  • In Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, Steve does have one son, James Rogers. He has a very cool outfit and story arc as Leader of the Next Avengers. He even gets a romance with Torinn, Thor’s daughter (not sure if it’s Jane’s Daughter or Sif’s, but either way she’s also great) in the subsequent comics.

    RedDragonForce2RedDragonForce2Månad sedan
  • 22:16 yes that’s Tommy Lee Jones

    Sheepdog SmokeySheepdog SmokeyMånad sedan
  • The original duck donuts are SOOO GOOOODDDDD

    Joe NescioJoe NescioMånad sedan

    Joe NescioJoe NescioMånad sedan
  • I bet you you'll do fine although what happened on the last quiz cuz I saw that you both did pretty bad and wind up winning that one

    Shelby JonesShelby JonesMånad sedan
  • Ben being excited about his plant is the best thing I’ve seen all week

    Holly McgowanHolly McgowanMånad sedan
  • I missed Questions: 2, 5, 6, 14, and 20. so I tied J with 15.

    MuchgumMuchgumMånad sedan
  • Going to drop this comment again! If you guys do videos on The name of the Wind! I will be super super super happy!

    Jash GhediaJash GhediaMånad sedan
  • I knew about Leeds. I think it was from a trailer for the first Spider-Man movie in this franchise.

  • I root for you every time man

    TheJohnnyTatoTheJohnnyTatoMånad sedan
  • Come on Ben

    TheJohnnyTatoTheJohnnyTatoMånad sedan
  • I got 16. I'm pretty proud of myself.

    Maia FaulknerMaia FaulknerMånad sedan
  • Loki being a frost giant: super important to his character arc in the first Thor movie, never brought up again.

    Kayleigh LehrmanKayleigh LehrmanMånad sedan
  • Ned Leads is the hobgoblin.

    LandkrabbenLandkrabbenMånad sedan
  • 9/23

    ATimelessLoveATimelessLoveMånad sedan
  • What happened to the timer? I swear it just kinda showed up and left.

    Raeid M. RaunakRaeid M. RaunakMånad sedan
  • By Odin's beard, I got them all right. I'm such a nerd!

    Varthal GamekiinVarthal GamekiinMånad sedan
  • I root for Ben every episode. One of these days my team will win.

    gr3atscottygr3atscottyMånad sedan
  • I live in Singapore 🇸🇬

    Blake ChowBlake ChowMånad sedan
  • You wrote question 2 for question 5

    Blake ChowBlake ChowMånad sedan
  • For the question about if Captain America has a kid, I honestly dont think that he did. But I'm only saying this because if he did have a kid then he would have givin and trained them to use the shield thus taking away the chance to give it to Sam

    Alex StoneAlex StoneMånad sedan
  • Yes, there have been comics where Steve and Natasha have a son named James Rogers.

    jackie hansenjackie hansenMånad sedan
  • her mom's call sign is photon, and her daughter. in wanda vision's superhero name is also photon. what an easter egg

    Kat BKat BMånad sedan
  • “At least you know the word forte” this line made my DAY. ☺️ love the wordplay

    amicbanamicbanMånad sedan
  • I got 17 out of 23, so I think I did pretty well.

    Bryan SeenathBryan SeenathMånad sedan
  • Hey, J, Ben. Funny thing happened, I was watching your show, like normal, but suddenly, I realized that that little mid-show break for a commercial thing was taking too long, so I stopped watching. Weird, right? keep it under 60 seconds, guys.

    TheBrothergreenTheBrothergreenMånad sedan
  • I'm only just now realizing all of your videos are in 4k. Crispy crispy!

    MatthewMatthewMånad sedan
  • Too many adds and too long guys, you’re losing people.

    Justin BowmanJustin BowmanMånad sedan
  • Hill is definitely in captain marvel??

    Paige VictoriaPaige VictoriaMånad sedan
  • Just me or does anyone else remember Loki dying before Heimdall in infinity war?? 🤔🤔

    Daniel PlantDaniel PlantMånad sedan
    • That's the way I remember it, too. Thanos chokes Loki to death in front of Thor. Then Heimdall uses the last of his power to get Thor away from Thanos before he dies.

      Rex TyrranRex Tyrran6 dagar sedan
  • Guys I'm having a rough time watching *minutes* of sponsor stuff in the middle. I like the content otherwise, but man. That's hard to swallow

    Dalton HayworthDalton HayworthMånad sedan
  • There was a movie where Cap and Natasha had a son. The Next Avengers.

    Chase WhitmanChase WhitmanMånad sedan
  • Captain America does have a son in one of the many universes. His names is James Rogers and his parents are Steve and Natasha.

    Arawn_moonArawn_moonMånad sedan
  • I hardly ever read the Harry Potter books in a row. I sometimes just randomly pick up or turn on a book and read/listen to that one because I want to enjoy a particular part.

    Jess WJess WMånad sedan
  • I understand you guys need to make money. But the 2-3 minute pauze halfway for TWO ads is ridiculous. I know i can just skip it, but it feels bad because its your money. Its just too much guys, i mean i love you guys. But nah bro. For the rest, nice vid man love the quizzes

    dave hultermansdave hultermansMånad sedan
  • The red brochure preauricularly suit because wholesaler thoracically annoy among a slow battery. recondite, perpetual titanium

    Wing KwokWing KwokMånad sedan
  • Who goes back just to watch Captain Marvel? Pee yew.

    David MarriottDavid MarriottMånad sedan
  • worlds easiest question: whos been pulling every evil string?

    Billy BoogersBilly BoogersMånad sedan
  • 😂 Ben’s “and I took that personally” Jordan moment right before he went on a streak! 😂

    JC FreemanJC FreemanMånad sedan
  • 16:52 in the comics Nat and Steve have a kid

    Isabelle BuckleyIsabelle BuckleyMånad sedan
  • You haven’t seen Footloose!? How Dare You!? It’s one of the best movies ever. Gotta check it out. It’s on Hulu.

    Laur'l FlakeLaur'l FlakeMånad sedan
  • Ok soooo When I saw the title my brain just went “it first appeared when the dwarves were hired to make it for Thor! ........oh wait they’re talking about marvel......” I think I need help for my brainial tubes.

    Faru FaruFaru FaruMånad sedan
  • I mean, the Ned Leeds in the movies is more like the Ultimate Spider-Man creation Ganke than he is his original comics form.

    JSBJSBMånad sedan
  • Yes, there's a universe where Cap has a kid. Hulk is the first MCU movie; Iron Man was 5 years later. READING Harry Potter is very different from listening to Harry Potter.

    Add EAdd EMånad sedan
  • I got 19/23

    Marshall WaltonMarshall WaltonMånad sedan

    Rosalind TurnerRosalind TurnerMånad sedan
  • Cap and Nat have a kid in The Next Avengers. his name is James Rogers and he's pretty sweet. that whole movie had a cool story

    DigiplayW8DigiplayW8Månad sedan
  • Tyler "I wasn't keeping score because I assumed Ben would lose" HAHAHAHA Made me laugh so hard I woke my baby. Not even mad hahaha

    Stephanie LStephanie LMånad sedan
  • I got 11. I did the same thing as Jay on the Maria Hill question - gosh darn it

    Shae ClingerShae ClingerMånad sedan
  • just a theory... But are we sure J isn't cheating?? This is 100% a joke and I don't seriously believe it. But like... How? just how? does he get things right he is like. "Yeah I got no idea"

    Bryant MerrimanBryant MerrimanMånad sedan
  • I got 18 outta 23! (With multiple choice and 0/2 of the Quizmaster ones w/o multiple choice). The test still says better luck next time and I should study more... I thought it was a good score 🤷

    BVtok26BVtok26Månad sedan
  • 3 minutes and 45 seconds of sponsored content?! Come on! You already hide the amount of money you receive from patroon. Must be getting that good money.

    Squeegee O’AbabiaSqueegee O’AbabiaMånad sedan
  • You guys should make a video explaining why Dinoco has three logos and shows up in Wall-e, all three Cars movies, and Toy Story 1 and 4. Is Dinoco important to the Pixar theory? And why did the animators give it three separate logos? Lastly, I don't know if you'll see this, so I'll keep posting it until I know you've seen it.

    Jacob JewellJacob JewellMånad sedan
  • I swiffered I’m the floor with Ben and beat J bye 1

    TheStigmaSportsTheStigmaSportsMånad sedan
  • More of these

    TheStigmaSportsTheStigmaSportsMånad sedan
  • It feels a little racist that they didn't have a clue where the Black Panther chase happened. Johannesburg is in South Africa, not anywhere in Asia. And Singapore is a country, not a city! Come on my dudes, at least have a tiny amount of awareness of the world outside of made up places in Harry Potter.

    NathalieNathalieMånad sedan
  • Why do I not see any comments complaining, that the Questions 2-6 were titled all as "Question 2"? 😂 😂 😂

    Viktoria WiesnerViktoria WiesnerMånad sedan
  • Been here since the intro didnt even have the spinning, they just merged together. And there was "what's behind the door?"

    Robert PerryRobert PerryMånad sedan
  • Ben’s score is incorrect. Fox on the Run does not appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. It was used in the trailers and included in the soundtrack, but was not featured in the film. Ergo, both C and D were correct answers to question 16.

    Liv NLiv N2 månader sedan
  • Me and J got the same amount right.

    Paul Watkins, Jr.Paul Watkins, Jr.2 månader sedan
  • Black widow is the reason i love iron man 2 xD

    The Crispy ChipThe Crispy Chip2 månader sedan
  • Doordash is fine unless you live in an apartment. Tried it for groceries one time, Never got my groceries. Turns out the driver/app notified me of my devilry 5 minutes after he dropped it off. someone already in that time walked by and swiped it. At least knock or dont wait 5 minutes giving people time to steel before notifying me.

    The Crispy ChipThe Crispy Chip2 månader sedan
  • If they’re sending a plant of the variety shown... it looks like a diffenbachia, and I can promise you, it’s not low maintenance. It’s a diva.

    Aneesa CuesAneesa Cues2 månader sedan
  • If you get this much stuff wrong and forget a lot of things no one will take you seriously so keep that in mind

    david_justin5523david_justin55232 månader sedan
  • Am I the only one who doesn’t count the Incredible Hulk as part of the mcu cuz it’s not mark ruffalo?

    Breana L.Breana L.2 månader sedan
  • Thunderstruck was his intro into The Avengers battle in Germany.

    Christopher JorissenChristopher Jorissen2 månader sedan
  • Zuri is a character in Black Panther not Captain Marvel

    Schneckinator 500Schneckinator 5002 månader sedan
  • I miss when they used to not have big sponsorships taking up multiple minutes of the video.

    frenatfrenat2 månader sedan
  • He was referenced in Age of Ultron, but you are correct that he wasn't in it.

    Maria ThorpeMaria Thorpe2 månader sedan
  • I got 17 out of 23 on the quiz

    Ben FilmsBen Films2 månader sedan
  • at 8:27 Marvel comic book fans shout at screen "How do you not know that?" Ned was the FREAKING HOBGOBLIN for christs sake.

    Comic Mike RossiComic Mike Rossi2 månader sedan
  • 824th

    Random TheoriesRandom Theories2 månader sedan
  • Ned is mostly known to be Miles' friend. Yet another thing that MCU has stollen from the better characters

    EdithEdith2 månader sedan
  • HULK is the 1st Marvel movie. In Iron Man 1, Tony stops contracts with US Military, and you can see in the start of Hulk that blueprints for sonic-humvee's are made by Stark Ent.

    Albin JežićAlbin Ježić2 månader sedan
  • Doing the quiz with y'all, I guessed "Happy Days" for the patreon question. Would y'all give it to me? Edit: I got 3 wrong, I didn't know Talos' wife, guessed 20 for the Endgame question (if they gave Ben credit for 18 when it was 19 I'd give me the point) and thought the Black Panther chase was in Seoul. Interestingly, I got the Colby Smulders question right by getting my math wrong.

    Seth MizrachiSeth Mizrachi2 månader sedan
    • I 100% would have gotten the car chase question with choices; I knew it was in South Korea but also wrote Seoul. I also guessed 20 minutes for Thanos's death! (and gave myself the point, lol) Nice job overall! I scored 14

      Jacob RenuartJacob Renuart2 månader sedan
  • MewMew should also be accepted as an answer to what object was in the post-credit scene in Iron Man 2

    stecky87stecky872 månader sedan
  • “Does Cap ever have kids?” me, vibrating with the need to telepathically impart my trivia knowledge about james rogers both through the screen and time itself: yes

    AJ LenoireAJ Lenoire2 månader sedan
  • Question 18: Dr Who

    ParadoxicallySweetParadoxicallySweet2 månader sedan
  • 18

    Stepi01Stepi012 månader sedan
  • 1. Back in black, 2. Natalie Rushman 3. Heimdall 4. Falcon, Antman, Bucky, Falcon, scarlet witch, Hawkeye, 5. Thor, Patreon 1. The Fonz, 6. Leeds 7. Strawberries 8. Ant man 9. Photon 10. Age of Ultron Patreon 2. Footloose 11. Mjolnir, 12. 4 13. Shamballa 14. Sakaar 15. Soren Patreon 3. Howard stark, Peggy Charter, Cornel philips 16. Go your own way. 17. 6 18. Malekith 19. 19 20. Busan

    Tim BarneyTim Barney2 månader sedan
  • 10:37 what is the deal with bob ross

    Person PersonPerson Person2 månader sedan
  • Who was the person at the meet up who told Ben it was obvious he'd never read the books? First of all, that's pretty rude. Second, not everyone remembers every single detail of what they read. I mean, come on!

    Bakerbelle GamesBakerbelle Games2 månader sedan
  • Fun Fact iron man 2 Stan Lee Cameo is him playing Larry King

    David HolmgrenDavid Holmgren2 månader sedan
  • Finally something I can compete in lol

    Derek DrierDerek Drier2 månader sedan
  • There is a story where Cap has a kid, it's the movie Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, and it's animated

    Leonis YggdrasilLeonis Yggdrasil2 månader sedan
  • I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Thanos killed Loki first, and then Heimdall sent Hulk to Earth via the bifrost, before he was stabbed in the chest. Am I wrong?

    Al CredeurAl Credeur2 månader sedan