Boredom in the Time of TikTok | Popcorn Culture

5 mar 2021
24 342 visningar

In Episode 65 of the POPcast, Ben and J discuss: big brother approval, talking to yourself, midlife crises, off-roading in the Jep, love/hate relationships with TikTok, boredom, “Art”, and screen addictions.
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  • Really loving these podcast-chats!! 💖💖

    Jinx - CodaBassJinx - CodaBass8 dagar sedan
  • Ben: Vin Diesel is not a member of the MCU... Yet Groot: I am Groot (eng. Am I a joke to you?)

    20 dagar sedan
  • But vin diesel voices Groot in the mcu....

    Breana L.Breana L.23 dagar sedan
  • The scarecrow was doing an a-MAIZE-ing job

    Jordan MJordan M25 dagar sedan
  • Ben: "If it all played four hours end to end..." Me: *side eyes the Snyder Cut*

    Bradie DeanBradie Dean26 dagar sedan
  • I love the big brother advice in the beginning of the podcast

    JustTheFailureJustTheFailure29 dagar sedan
  • Tiktok at 36:30

    Carter PhillipsCarter Phillips29 dagar sedan
  • Listened on spotify. Just here for the jeans.

    Candyce MonroeCandyce MonroeMånad sedan
  • 32:25 Vin Diesel did join MCU, guys xD

    RenirageRenirageMånad sedan
  • I identify so much with Ben!

    Carina HjortCarina HjortMånad sedan
  • Sometimes I wish my siblings were interested in getting my approval . . .

    stecky87stecky87Månad sedan
  • I was in an English class the other day doing ghost stories and my teacher literely said I want you to use the element of surprise I was laughing so much

    EVerYthiNg poTtErEVerYthiNg poTtErMånad sedan
  • I love how you keep saying that Vin Diesel from Fast and Furious Franchise is not a Marvel character.... but he is... he is Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy! So technically Vin Diesel is a Marvel Superhero.

    Shadowhunter16Shadowhunter16Månad sedan
  • Really enjoyed this discussion! I feel like Ben is in full existential crisis mode and I completely relate.

    JenniferJenniferMånad sedan
  • J and Ben: make a joke about how vin diesel isn't in the mcu yet Groot: I am Groot 🥲

    Bradie DeanBradie DeanMånad sedan
  • So I had the bricks that toy characters crash through but the 1st time I broke a toy through it, it was a puzzle to get back together and I was too young to figure out how to get it back together! So I only had one break and it was done and i slowly lost the pieces over time so it was a disappointment

    Josh MeadowsJosh MeadowsMånad sedan
  • I AM GROOT - Vin Diesel, in the MCU

    SnufflesSnufflesMånad sedan
  • I love naruto but my biggest problem is that it’s written to be watched one episode at a time so binging it can take away from it

    Eero GrossEero GrossMånad sedan
  • So this is the only way I could figure out how to message yall... I think George weasley is the alpha of the 2. Fred may be mentioned more but it seems to me like George takes the "affirmative action" more. Example "gof" he tells Fred that would be black mail if we say that in a letter. And later, he takes the letter from Fred's hand to send it to ludo bagman... your thoughts? Also he crossed out what he didn't think would be good for the letter earlier on. I just started rereading again but noticing George more.

    Dustin EnochDustin EnochMånad sedan
  • One of the things I like about you guys it the good sibling relationship you have. Is very inspiring since I also have a good relationship with my bother. :)

    Andrea RuizAndrea RuizMånad sedan
  • All you need is the VIN number of your old car, and you can see alot of info on it

    brian stricklettbrian stricklettMånad sedan
  • I have a video idea guys that I recently thought of. Did lavender brown make Ron make an unbreakable vow so he wouldn't leave her. Anyone could see lavender was very afraid of loss as she was so protective over Ron and got do upset when her rabbit died in poa. The night ron says he loves romilda he almost dies of poison. It is never specified how you die when you break and unbreakable vow you could just die like it was a coincidence. You might be asking but he didn't die Harry saved him. Well Ron didn't properly break the vow as it was forced by a potion so the vow didn't work to full effect. Ron never breaks the vow after as he only walks as friends with Hermione and it is lavender who ends the relationship. Just to back up my point I know the movies are not canon but in the hbp while Ron tells Harry that you die when you break an unbreakable vow there is a shot of the condensation window heart thingy lavender did on the H.E. Thanks for reading my point and got you consider it.

    EVerYthiNg poTtErEVerYthiNg poTtErMånad sedan
  • In toy story 3 why is the a monster university sticker on his door???

    Cay ZeeCay ZeeMånad sedan
  • Can you guys do a video on how John Smith from Pocahontas is related to Flynn Rider or on how John Smith relates to Flynn Ryder

    Bennett MarksBennett MarksMånad sedan
  • I came here for a good time but Ben just gave me existential fear

    Nin ReckNin ReckMånad sedan
  • talking just to fill the time just to have a podcast. I expected more from you guys

    Mr. FreudMr. FreudMånad sedan
  • That Snow White comment really doesn't hold up because many people, especially older and not American, know Snow White because it's a fairytale and not because there was a movie version of it by Disney. I'm 27 and the only Disney cartoon I've ever seen is the Little Mermaid...

    thismomentinmylifethismomentinmylifeMånad sedan
  • I agree with Ben, the guest is typically the subject on shows with guests. 😁

    HiddenEchoesHiddenEchoesMånad sedan
  • Will you guys vlog again? J I’m not rushing cause there could be stuff going on with like your kids and stuff so I’m not pushing it 😄👍🏼

    Smoky CobSmoky CobMånad sedan
  • As someone who uses LEGO for youtube videos, i agree

    Mcnerd 213Mcnerd 213Månad sedan
  • Istg TikTok is the most toxic app. Idk what side of TikTok y’all are on but even before I was on it I would hear about how toxic it is. It’s extremely addicting so I can’t seem to get off but I’m positive it would benefit me majorly if I stopped using it

    Khathy NguyenKhathy NguyenMånad sedan
  • Who else is sad it has less than 1000 likes?

    MidlynxMidlynxMånad sedan
  • j and ben its been confirmed that grant gustin will be in the flashpoint movie as flash!You should make some videos on this!

    Projekt TakuProjekt TakuMånad sedan
  • No the Scare crow was OUTSTANDING in his field! 😂😂😂 not excellent.

    JC FreemanJC FreemanMånad sedan
    • Much better punchline!

      P McswainP McswainMånad sedan
  • The whole Tiktok part is so true. I got chicken pox last the beginning of the pandemic. I downloaded Tiktok to see what all the hype is about...and in what felt like 20 minutes on the app - I was actually on there for 3 hours straight.

    Wendy ChenWendy ChenMånad sedan
  • Loving this therapy session

    Chloe TuveraChloe TuveraMånad sedan
  • glad you film these now, i prefer to watch rather than just listen. i like my eyes and ears to work as a team

    Arran DanielArran DanielMånad sedan
  • 17:37 the James Bond car from Goldeneye. Cool car but the Aston Martin DB5 will always be the Bond car.

    Mike CornetMike CornetMånad sedan
  • 16:47 when the closing scene of Men In Black defined the philosophy of a generation

    Josh RobinsonJosh RobinsonMånad sedan
  • host=content subject=topic/guest

    Racerratt 66Racerratt 66Månad sedan
  • Am i the only one with the attention span of a squirrel that clicked off after the first 10 minutes Great podcast tho I kept listening even though i wasn’t watching

    PinPointPinPointMånad sedan
  • “Vin Diesel yet to join the MCU” Me: HE IS GROOT

    Jessica CJessica CMånad sedan
  • Are we gonna talk about how bad the ending of Wandavision was???

    Savannah AndersonSavannah AndersonMånad sedan
  • Ben is just explaining what anxiety feels like

    Hideki AraoHideki AraoMånad sedan
  • I have an question. If supers from the incredibles keepet reproducing, one day everyone would be a super. so here’s my question, are the humans from Wall-e supers ??????

    MichaelMichaelMånad sedan
  • I was thinking GOT the whole time, it breaks my heart a little that Dan and Dave fumbled the storyline so bad at the end 💔

    Jordan LextonJordan LextonMånad sedan
  • ben looks nice in glasses

    NerdyneddNerdyneddMånad sedan
  • Imma end this debate now: the guest is absolutely the subject

    rainingtreesrainingtreesMånad sedan
  • Omg I also recently watched Into the Woods and it was my first time. Agony has been on a constant loop in my head for at least a week

    mercyxmutualmercyxmutualMånad sedan
  • I was very confused as to why say vin diesel isn't in the mcu. Did y'all forget he's groot or didn't know?

    Runic_FirebirdRunic_FirebirdMånad sedan
    • @Anabel Dimova yeah I remember the joke it was funny. Just oddly worded in here

      Runic_FirebirdRunic_FirebirdMånad sedan
    • he’s referring to a joke they made in a previous episode that fast and furious would join the mcu so he’s referring to the physical vin diesel not his voice

      Anabel DimovaAnabel DimovaMånad sedan
  • I kinda enjoy that Disney release once a week episodes. I love bingewatching... but it's great to talk about shows to people and know u cant easily spoil it :)

    KateMiles44KateMiles44Månad sedan
  • I think the 2000s creation will be Minecraft/hytale

    Andrew CherryAndrew CherryMånad sedan
  • Ben is the host cause he holds the conversation ☺️

    Heather PetersonHeather PetersonMånad sedan
  • You were supposed to use a filter on your phone to prevent incoming calls from kicking you off the internet. The ISP should have provided these for you.

    Bonn AfideBonn AfideMånad sedan
  • Thanks Buzzy B for using my corny joke! I also forgive you for dropping the ball on the punchline, and thanks Jazzy J for totally redeeming it.

    Dan RaygorDan RaygorMånad sedan
  • I listened to this podcast while showering........ I'm fine having entertainment

    Crazy PandaKittyCrazy PandaKittyMånad sedan
  • So basically horton hears a who Referring to the possibility that the popcorn trophy had a earth in it

    Crazy PandaKittyCrazy PandaKittyMånad sedan
  • I'm 38, fast approaching 39. I think my mid life crisis is going to be emus. I'm moving to the desert with my family in a few days, and by the time we buy some land, i'll be around 40. I think starting an emu farm seems like a good mid life crisis.

    Kilthan2050Kilthan2050Månad sedan
  • I know we all do it but it is just fum to notice how much you say 'like' when you have a conversation.

    Shuja NaqviShuja NaqviMånad sedan
  • Ben's topic-guest conversation is accurate, when you search for a talk show episode it list the guest therefore is the topic.

    Zach PoppZach PoppMånad sedan
  • same I have not been bored for months, like right now I was just listening to this podcast while playing Minecraft while at a beach house.

    Caleb CorreaCaleb CorreaMånad sedan
  • I tried to explain dial up to my daughter once 😅 when I got to the part where I said if someone called you would get kicked off, she said, “why didn’t they just use their own phone?” And I 😓🥲

    Samantha AljabariSamantha AljabariMånad sedan
  • Re: The first topic about J jot needing advice, if you watch all their videos and listen to the podcast, you come to realise that J is always more confident, and Ben is constantly referred to as the 'people pleaser'

    Ryan ChoongRyan ChoongMånad sedan
  • Ben - I hear you on the ongoing anxiety!

    Diana AnisiDiana AnisiMånad sedan
  • Sounds like Ben is just an anxious person and J isn’t. Totally get it, I am too.

    Shelby SawyerShelby SawyerMånad sedan
    • Thought the same thing! Sounds like Ben has anxiety

      Jacob LebeufJacob LebeufMånad sedan
    • Exactly, same here!

      Denis BrahimajDenis BrahimajMånad sedan
    • Same

      Anna JosephAnna JosephMånad sedan
  • Why does J not wear shoes?

    Alexander WhiteAlexander WhiteMånad sedan
  • This week's conversation was awesome. And Final Fantasy X!!!!! "ANIMA, FEEL MY PAIN!" I like Ben's idea of halting technology invention and maybe spread whats there so there's more even access. Well done Ben and bro.

    Togeedah Petersen-SafodienTogeedah Petersen-SafodienMånad sedan
  • Hey ben and jay, I was watching one of Jay's videos and you were sponsored by audible. You mentioned the book 'the name of the wind' which I just finished and I really loved. I was wondering if you had any other audible suggestions, similar too that book and its sequel. Love your guys channel, keep up the theory's and give me on about what is in the box!

    Etha AffholterEtha AffholterMånad sedan
  • Vin Diesel is in the MCU. He voices Groot

    olivia jenningsolivia jenningsMånad sedan
  • Im shocked everytime i am reminded that J is older than Ben

    Doug WaferDoug WaferMånad sedan
    • Ben just acts more older brother-y

      PinkajouPinkajouMånad sedan
    • @Anna Joseph haha probably just the beard making Ben look older to me

      Doug WaferDoug WaferMånad sedan
    • Why? just curious

      Anna JosephAnna JosephMånad sedan
  • does ben have anxiety?

    Isabel HamannIsabel HamannMånad sedan
  • Who in the world chews Jolly Ranchers?

    Stuff And ThingsStuff And ThingsMånad sedan
  • Liked the talk about hinging versus week to week tv, I knew Netflix had ruined tv for me when game of thrones was on and I couldn’t binge it, I knew I’d like it but decided to wait untill the last series was about to air and then binge watched the entire series online and only had to wait one week for the season finale of series 8, and I know everyone hated it but I liked it more I think because watching it back to back I didn’t have time to theorise and Danys being a great conqueror but poor ruler with a hint of madness wasn’t a surprise to me, interesting how binging a show and watching week to week can affect how you see the story

    chrischrisMånad sedan
  • ahhh where did ben get the mickey jeans!?

    Amy ConcepcionAmy ConcepcionMånad sedan
  • Ben that’s called anxiety

    olivia jenningsolivia jenningsMånad sedan
  • I wonder which brother Tyler Carlin goes to for advise? On the next episode we'll find out Jay goes to Tyler for advise.

    TC SwentkoTC SwentkoMånad sedan
  • This is the first episode where you can really tell just how much Ben looks up to J

    Diya VatsavaiDiya VatsavaiMånad sedan
    • I melt every time I see them act so much like brothers

      Pablo GonzalezPablo GonzalezMånad sedan
  • First topic sounds a lot like anxiety and BOY DO I RELATE 😂

    A SalasA SalasMånad sedan
  • Benjamin, what a fashionista you are!!!

    Marie KernMarie KernMånad sedan
  • I’m watching popcorn culture while eating popcorn

    Ella the RavenclawElla the RavenclawMånad sedan
  • YEah i have fb and the only person that regularly comes up on my feed is my nana (seriously I'll have 80 notifications and 75 of them will be from my nana)

    david fitzpatrickdavid fitzpatrickMånad sedan
  • Ben, I understand your continuous void of problems and I think it’s because you’re a water sign. I am also and my other water sign friends agree. Sorry bud.

    Frost BiteFrost BiteMånad sedan
  • Ben’s anxiety is exactly it

    Sharon KeibSharon KeibMånad sedan
  • My name is Titus 😀

    The Search For AwesomeThe Search For AwesomeMånad sedan
  • Wow I am so much like Ben

    DragonyxDragonyxMånad sedan
  • I told myself I'd only watch this AFTER studying for my test. That didn't work out too well 😂

    Diya VatsavaiDiya VatsavaiMånad sedan
  • 45:33-45:45 but I spend most of my time on my phone and I still say this every day.

    Kaleb KochKaleb KochMånad sedan
    • I felt that

      Crazy PandaKittyCrazy PandaKittyMånad sedan
  • As someone who lived through a dad who had a major midlife crisis ran off to Arizona with a women taking all the money in the bank including mine and my sisters collage funds when she was one year away from going to collage. And having a husband that just blew up a 27 year marriage at the beginning of a pandemic who switched jobs and is now couch surfing. I think your views on midlife crisis is not correct & insults those who have had it destroy their life.

    Soul Purpose Energy HealingSoul Purpose Energy HealingMånad sedan
  • Bruh, I wished they kept talking about Wanda 😂 I need to know how they feel about the finale!

    Oli. YOli. YMånad sedan
    • they film these on thursdays i believe so i don’t think at the time this was filmed, they had seen the finale yet

      Anabel DimovaAnabel DimovaMånad sedan
  • WANDAVISION SPOILER ALERT SCB I NEED WANDAVISION ANSWERS. Just watched the last episode and immediately came to your channel in hopes you had a video up to explain all my question marks. Like what's going to happen with Wanda now?? Is she destined to destroy the whole universe like Agatha said? What happened to White Vision??? Are he and Wanda going to get together now that he has all the memories of Vision?? To what level is he actually Vision now with the whole Ship of Theseus scenario?? Is Agatha just in her own little hex world for all eternity now even though the hex itself has been destroyed?? WHO IS THE GREEN ALIEN AND WHAT ARE THEY LOOKING AT IN THAT LAST SCENE????? SCB WE NEED ANSWERS

    clara louiseclara louiseMånad sedan
    • but first they need to make a video on the fact that grant gustin will play the flash in the new flashpoint movie

      Projekt TakuProjekt TakuMånad sedan
  • Rhet and link fell off

    Jacob ShantzJacob ShantzMånad sedan
  • OH MAN The dialup days...when we were on the internet no one could call the landline! When people would call it would just be white noise.

    RJ RingRJ RingMånad sedan
  • This episode is way too relatable my dad has an ancient jeep cherokee that our old neighbor gave him and he recently got a used sports car

    Brennan ForsbergBrennan ForsbergMånad sedan
  • literally in the middle of class- does that stop me from watching? never

    Kyla CampbellKyla CampbellMånad sedan
  • Ben wants that thumbs up from poppy

    Brennan ForsbergBrennan ForsbergMånad sedan
  • Im so annoyed, my attention span is so short I have to keep going back 10 seconds to hear what hey said. ADHD is a pain.

    abiandflowabiandflowMånad sedan
    • I'm sorry about that

      Diya VatsavaiDiya VatsavaiMånad sedan
  • 52:14 my mind thought of Minecraft when he continues his thought here

    Gavin SmithGavin SmithMånad sedan
  • Eye Spy a duck back there! Is there anyway a sticker can be HIDDEN in every video somewhere? That’d be a real fun Easter egg!

    Zach BensonZach BensonMånad sedan
  • have anxiety bro😔

    Nicholas BaldonadoNicholas BaldonadoMånad sedan
    • @gaby ward youre right, Im not a physician, just seems very similar to my own expereinces

      Nicholas BaldonadoNicholas BaldonadoMånad sedan
    • hmm let’s not diagnose people over the internet pls ☺️

      gaby wardgaby wardMånad sedan
  • Hey! I am in school. Will this stop me from checking out the Pop? Well, have we met?

    Mary DolanMary DolanMånad sedan