Popcorn Culture Podcast Video Debut!

12 feb 2021
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Welcome to the POP!
Normally we face off in J vs Ben but on this show we join team up in conversation!
Today Ben and J discuss: Popcast inside jokes, our worst merch ever, NEW patreon tiers, the simplification lifestyle, two-monitor setup, mountain biking, meat smoking, sentimental items, and cross-threading.
Show Notes:
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Mercury is the closest planet: seworld.info/will/ia3Rqa3HpHaE2oU/video
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  • Watching this for the very first time, I never realized my favorite thing about the two of you being in videos together, is the random babbling ranting that will happen. Now I can get that for an hour straight whenever I want! Thanks, Brothers!

    xXTrueSeekerXxxXTrueSeekerXx6 dagar sedan
  • not a fan of you guys sounding like radio hosts

    Carlos DinoCarlos DinoMånad sedan
  • I'm 15 and the only reason I could convince my boyfriend to come over was because we had Disney plus😂😂😂😂(this was be4 civic btw)

    Kenna ScottKenna ScottMånad sedan
  • Me over here still shocked that they don’t share a Disney+ account

    Sophia RomanowSophia RomanowMånad sedan
  • Is anyone else having difficulty streaming the podcast in the podcast app on iPhones!?

    Andrew D. GriffinAndrew D. GriffinMånad sedan
  • This is so fun to watch. I feel like my thought process is highly similar to Ben's. The way it goes to futuristic eulogy giving and such. And other potential markers of high functioning anxiety/future problem solving.

    HiddenEchoesHiddenEchoesMånad sedan
  • Guys u need to make a corny joke book!

    Louise BrownLouise BrownMånad sedan
  • BEN! You legitimately need to read or listen to Marie Kondo’s “the life changing magic of tidying up.” You sound like you would really enjoy and successfully utilize her system. (Sorry, I know I’m late to the popcast.)

    Sarah SchroederSarah SchroederMånad sedan
  • The 24 dislikes are people that call a group of jellyfish a smack, and don't want it changed!

    Epic NinjaEpic NinjaMånad sedan
  • So happy to become a little kernel im part of a theatre 🎭 🍿

    Lauren MillsLauren MillsMånad sedan
  • As Cosmo would say Corn 🌽 is nice

    christopher shieldschristopher shieldsMånad sedan
  • Is your podcast a reference to community with the “pop pop” phrase

    Ronerick 1Ronerick 12 månader sedan
    • They actually just realized that in one of the later episodes

      Freddy MengFreddy MengMånad sedan
  • J your socks are amazing and loving the beard Ben.

    Caleb TwistCaleb Twist2 månader sedan
  • I always thought the "see you in other life, brither" is a reference to gaming, like another video game life 🤷‍♀️

    Staci McCarthneyStaci McCarthney2 månader sedan
  • Ben's two monitor tangent reads so much like the ant-man scenes when the friend tells stories

    Rebecca WakinRebecca Wakin2 månader sedan
  • I love this🙂🙂

    Jenna MaryannJenna Maryann2 månader sedan
  • 80 percent of cycling is equipment and technique and only 20 percent physical fitness. So don't just give up.

    James FleetJames Fleet2 månader sedan
  • Thank you for bringing this to SEworld, I use SEworld's background play most often at work and this is a much easier way for me to access it ^^

    Sound TechSound Tech2 månader sedan
  • This is the second episode that I am listening to, the first episode aired one week later. 33:00 Now everyone will be sending Jonathan boxes and boxes of monitors. "Jonathan these are for you. Please don't share them with Ben." Ben comes into work, looks at Jonathan's desk, looks at his desk. "J! Why do you have 81 monitors and I only have one?!?" 59:30 So not a fan of Legos then? 1:04:00 I have my senior year of high school year book, plus a HUGE collection of DVDs, books, toys and games. It is crazy ridiculous. 1:14:00 Somewhere out there is a SCB fan who really wants you to autograph that broken monitor for them. I am not that person.

    Matthew WriterMatthew Writer2 månader sedan
  • I'm like Ben sort of pulled to the minimalist life but kids need toys with separate pieces to practice putting things together and problem solving skills...You could try rotating toys out so they have less to make messes with and prevent them from getting bored of a toy so fast.

    scenepunk09scenepunk092 månader sedan
  • Will the podcast on 2/19 be available for all to watch? It looks like one may have tried to be downloaded today but it shows as private, so I cannot view it. Thanks!!

    Jennifer OwensJennifer Owens2 månader sedan
  • J's socks are amazing

    Rebekah LRebekah L2 månader sedan
  • I’m in the military so I am absolutely psyched about my new promotion to colonel

    SliderSlider2 månader sedan
  • I brought the wrong headphones to work today so I couldn’t listen to anything on my phone, only computer. And I was so sad because I was planning on listening to your episode today. And it’s the FIRST one on youtube!!! I’m so lucky!!

    soxonboxonfoxsoxonboxonfox2 månader sedan
  • I would purchase one or three of those balls if they were autographed by you guys.

    Caitlin JohannessenCaitlin Johannessen2 månader sedan
  • I think there's a spelling mistake behind you... I believe it's supposed to be POOP POP (because you POOP about POPular culture)

    RosenbridgeRosenbridge2 månader sedan

    agoodlittlewitchagoodlittlewitch2 månader sedan
  • #BusyBee just sayin

    Mason OuryMason Oury2 månader sedan
  • You should make some kind of long distance future bet (For example, humans on mars or something) and the host/co-host position would flip depending on the outcome. Lol.

    Perry OakesPerry Oakes2 månader sedan
  • This set is toughhh

    Andrew BransonAndrew Branson2 månader sedan
  • Any COTC fans would disagree w/you about how great cornfields are . . . #teambuzzyb

    stecky87stecky872 månader sedan
  • So... Can you drop the link to watch you on Twitch @J

    Aja ClaireAja Claire2 månader sedan
  • we NEED popcorn culture inside joke merch!!

    Happily Ever After 71Happily Ever After 712 månader sedan
  • Ben gives me “middle child vibes”. I can relate so much to him...

    Stef HereStef Here2 månader sedan
  • Any time y’all mention Roanoke, I get so excited, because I live in Lynchburg. And it is so cool knowing that I live relatively close, to my favorite SEworldrs

    Nathan Stienbarger.Nathan Stienbarger.2 månader sedan
  • Fun fact: I stumbled on SCB back years ago, but just kept seeing J videos and the ‘see you in another life brother’ made me think maybe he had a brother who passed away. So I kept searching to find out what happened cos I thought it was so sad. Then I got hooked on SCB videos and realised it was just a thing he says 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Katherine Mackenzie-SmithKatherine Mackenzie-Smith2 månader sedan
  • *cue sound effect* THESE SOCKS ARE AMAZING

    Random DisneyRandom Disney2 månader sedan
  • Less things in life, great idea; one problem, you got married!

    Jessie Papa BearJessie Papa Bear2 månader sedan
  • Okay I'm not going to lie I really enjoyed this thank you for the content you guys are great

    YogibudsYogibuds2 månader sedan
  • Yeah little colonels!! I'll be off in the peanut gallery if ya need me 😜😂💯

    YogibudsYogibuds2 månader sedan
  • J sounds like he could be a sports brodcaster

    Dwreck RCDwreck RC2 månader sedan
  • Have you ever been stung by a Jellyfish? It feels like a smack.

    H.D. BrownH.D. Brown2 månader sedan
  • Favorite podcast of all time hands down

    SpaarkvarkSpaarkvark2 månader sedan
  • You guys should have the what's popping fade it. You look a bit scary at the start.

    MrJuliangrossMrJuliangross2 månader sedan
  • J, "those socks are AMAZING!" And I'm sure Ben's socks are amazing too.

    Avalyn EsparciaAvalyn Esparcia2 månader sedan
  • "Quiet Coyote" 🤘

    Avalyn EsparciaAvalyn Esparcia2 månader sedan
  • Sooo I work at a grain elevator holding a few million bushel of corn. Is that still a theater? Lol.

    Zach WZach W2 månader sedan
  • Is the name a reference to Community? Please say yes

    noga gazalnoga gazal2 månader sedan
  • Did Ben make up that entire story about smoking the monitor lizard on the spot? If he did, that's pretty impressive.

    Diya VatsavaiDiya Vatsavai2 månader sedan
  • I totally forgot that was from Lost! I loved that show, Desmond and Charlie were such cool characters

    A SalasA Salas2 månader sedan
  • Pb&j= popcorn, Ben and J

    Miss KatMiss Kat2 månader sedan
  • I’m just here for the hey brother and see you in another life brother explanation

    Tyler HomerTyler Homer2 månader sedan
  • I agree with Jay, when toys have multiple parts, there they will also be spread all over the place.

    Monique EastMonique East2 månader sedan
  • Yall should make a channel where you put these video podcasts. That way we have them all in one place.

    Evan HayesEvan Hayes2 månader sedan
  • Jonathan: "kids toys that come in like pieces, no good." Me with my 7500 piece big millennium falcon: 😅

    Wouter LansdaalWouter Lansdaal2 månader sedan
  • Simple solution for your balls... ;) ... Any orders on your store over a certain amount get a ball that is signed by both of you.

    Bryan RotorBryan Rotor2 månader sedan
  • So Ben is gonna get a tiny house?

    Crimson FoxCrimson Fox2 månader sedan
  • I feel the van life comments.... And everything that stemmed from that And also just about every person I talk to on a dating app I have either mentioned having Disney+ or they mention Netflix People have it in their profiles it’s a whole thing. Instead of taking someone home and asking if they want to watch something the question is now “well what are you binge watching right now.” Or in my case I own Disney+ because I love Disney movies because I’m a child at heart and also Marvel. I need my MCU.

    Melanie ButeraMelanie Butera2 månader sedan
  • So is it a current of Carlin’s? Aren’t podcasts like tv/news aired?

    Carrie HoodCarrie Hood2 månader sedan
  • Thank you so much J and Ben. You are such great role models for me as a upcoming parent!

    Nolan ThackrayNolan Thackray2 månader sedan
  • "Wherever Podcasts are sold or given away for free."

    CyloneAbsolCyloneAbsol2 månader sedan
  • Preeeesentingggg POPCORN CULTURE! Coming to you from Platform 9 3/4! Starring Jazzy J and Buzzy B!

    Liddy GoonLiddy Goon2 månader sedan
  • The other person is the Ed McMahon position.

    ChrisChris2 månader sedan
  • Your brother hasnt seen your home office set up? Fake news.

    Janey Red BrickJaney Red Brick2 månader sedan
  • Glad to see J also watches CGP

    Joey BlackJoey Black2 månader sedan
  • A cob of kernels!

    Sarah SpanglerSarah Spangler2 månader sedan
  • I will probably take alot of hate but after about 4 years of living, loving and enjoing your videos it is starting to look like your videos became more and more like telemarketing. To me it started to look like your videos are made just because a sponsor show up and not because you figure out some cool theory about HP or Marvel or Disney.I understad as a busnes you need to pay the bils but i think this chanel lost the charm that got me to sub in the first place!

    Petar HristovPetar Hristov2 månader sedan
  • Late to this, but I've been listening to this on Spotify a lot lately and it's nice to have a video version. I love listening to you two talk

    Director JakeDirector Jake2 månader sedan
  • J has two different socks on. 🇺🇸

    MarwieMarwie2 månader sedan
  • Nothing to do with this actually but I do have a petition for you guys. I love this community and I think it could be a helpful way to spread the message. SIA's movie Music just came out and it has had a lot of controversy, it was recently nominated for the golden globes and it is now out for the public. I know it is unlikely that you see this comment but if you do, I would like to ask you to help the autistic community by telling people not to watch the movie. There are many many autistic advocates, youtubers and influencers that have explained why this movie is harmful, but the information is niche, and when people see that an amazing singer such a s SIA directs a movie they will, understandably want to watch it. People outside the autistic community don't know much about what is going on with the movie. Some amazing creators that talk about this (in tik tok, yt, instagram, and/or twitter) are @PaigeLayle, @PrincessAspien, @TheAspieWorld and (mostly ) on instagram @Aspergirl, @the.autsticats (also on twitter) and plenty others. This is just a list of some autistic voices that I think are important in this debate, so if even one person here decides not to watch the movie it will have been useful. Again, I would love it if @SuperCarlinBrothers could help share this to spread the word. This movie is actively harming the autistic community and spreading misinformation, please help us at least lower its impact a little.

    Nath Dominguez MazhariNath Dominguez Mazhari2 månader sedan
  • its a toxin, not electricity that causes jellyfish sting, right?

    Tristan HallmarkTristan Hallmark2 månader sedan
  • So excited for this!! And the thing about who the host is is funny in every ep

    GryffinClawGryffinClaw2 månader sedan
  • First one of these seen. Always loved the SEworld channel never knew you had another show. All I can say is, I feel bad for Ben losing every trivia contest that it made my heart smile he gets some love with the one true host award

    Marcus DuBoisMarcus DuBois2 månader sedan
  • You guys should watch Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker rap battle

    JACK likes sk8JACK likes sk82 månader sedan
  • Remember how Ben would only wear brown shirts? It seems like green is the new brown 👀 but I think it's his colour 💚 Also seeing J recording the Pop in his socks makes it feel like I got together with family for Christmas and we're all just chatting and hanging out before we eat.

    Laura AmosLaura Amos2 månader sedan
  • hey guys, could you like make a theory about cars two. about how it happened but without all spy skit, the races happened and a lot of cars broke down and mater and MCween had a fight. but instead it of remembering it like it was, mater tells one of his storys and makes up everything about the spy stuff. because I love the first cars movie and strongly like the 3rd but I don't want the second one to cannon. it would be cool to se you guys give your take on it cause your so great. Franssesco also takes about that his dreaming when mater flashes by him with the rocket, so that could be a hint to it all being imaginary

    Eddi BydénEddi Bydén2 månader sedan

    Gabriella ClaytonGabriella Clayton2 månader sedan
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Tyler doing the podcast before?? What ever happened to that I'm sooooooo confused

    Nick AndersonNick Anderson2 månader sedan
    • @Liddy Goon ohhh right!!! Now I remember

      Nick AndersonNick Anderson2 månader sedan
    • He wasn't on Popcorn Culture, but he does have his own podcast called Bacon and Eggs. :)

      Liddy GoonLiddy Goon2 månader sedan
  • "Wherever pods are cast?"

    Nadia MatulichNadia Matulich2 månader sedan
  • FYI The Roanoke Star is still is the largest man made star

    Comic Mike RossiComic Mike Rossi2 månader sedan
  • THIS IS GREAT !! I love the production. That lighting, the set up. So good.

    Raidyn BrodhagenRaidyn Brodhagen2 månader sedan
  • To be honest Ben it was probably the temputure Ouside

    Iridium FalconIridium Falcon2 månader sedan
  • Oh wow! And me always wanting one of those youtube Balls i see in your background. I have been waiting to buy one together with a Lockhart themed shirt if one is ever made.

    Thais PitchARTThais PitchART2 månader sedan
  • Where ever popcasts are casted

    Carter HansenCarter Hansen2 månader sedan
  • "Hey brother" happy Valentine's day scb

    Prince ryanPrince ryan2 månader sedan
  • hey i listen to the audio and was really excited for this video thing. But some people dont want to watch an hour long video, so maybe make a Pop Highlights? -Your 18th biggest kernel

    Adam L.Adam L.2 månader sedan
  • I love the podcast format its so nice and cosy. Just listened to this on my walk and now I’m watching it 😙

    kookieskookies2 månader sedan
  • It might be nice to add timestamps for topics.

    Kaila VogtKaila Vogt2 månader sedan
  • For the end of the pop, what about: "Wherever pods are cast"

    Ragnhild SkjeldnesRagnhild Skjeldnes2 månader sedan
  • The double meaning thing is called a double entendre (On-ton-dra)

    Keegan BretzKeegan Bretz2 månader sedan
  • Why did you have to move the popcorn I’m going insane looking at it

    Starlord256Starlord2562 månader sedan
  • If you didn't have wife's i would propose to you both. Don't know what kinda polygamous ness that would be but I love y'all.

    Josh GreenJosh Green2 månader sedan
    • Also that would make you brother husbands ×2

      Josh GreenJosh Green2 månader sedan
  • I drive a Ford Taurus 🥲

    Jonathan Ansley MusicJonathan Ansley Music2 månader sedan
  • The best childs toy is an empty box

    Rhonda CarterRhonda Carter2 månader sedan
  • Should be "a jar of jellyfish". And "a cob of kernels".

    PhilBagelsPhilBagels2 månader sedan
  • I'm not saying I just imaged them sitting at opposites end of a little black table with nothing on the walls... but that's what I imagined. Man, this is a lot better

    Mary MohrMary Mohr2 månader sedan
  • I was expecting for the howl to transfer to the video version... that’s my favorite part of listening on the podcast side.

    Cara SparksCara Sparks2 månader sedan
  • These socks are amazing!!!

    Jacob WillingsJacob Willings2 månader sedan
  • I've been an SCB fan for almost 3 or 4 years now. I've listened to the podcast on Spotify since the first episode, and I've been waiting for J and Ben to do a video version of the podcast....so excited for the video version cause seeing the expressions on y'alls faces makes it all so much better!!!

    super_natural_womansuper_natural_woman2 månader sedan
  • Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper Relaxing Listening to this doing stuff.

    TheHAROLDSShowTheHAROLDSShow2 månader sedan