White Vision Explained | WandaVision Theory

2 mar 2021
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Today J dives into the MCU to try explain the end credits scene from WandaVision Episode 8 where a reanimated White Vision is revealed! Also what is the deal with Pietro, What is Agatha’s motivation and what does it mean to be the Scarlet Witch??
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  • Final Predictions GO!

    SuperCarlinBrothersSuperCarlinBrothersMånad sedan
    • Hopefully his creation and freedom could lead to viv vision

      rockman mixrockman mix26 dagar sedan
    • Nexus isn’t talking about the Nexus of all dimensions, it’s the world internet hub that Nick Fury talks about in Age of Ultron... Idk what that means, but Nexus pretty much controls the Internet. When Tony Stark hacked into the Pentagon on a dare in high school, Nick Fury contacted Nexus. True story, watch Age if Ultron again and look for it. If you guys try to make a video about the commercial Nexus, hopefully this helps. Its in Oslo

      Jacob SigmonJacob SigmonMånad sedan
    • Nexus isn’t talking about the Nexus of all dimensions, it’s the world internet hub that Nick Fury talks about in Age of Ultron... Idk what that means, but Nexus pretty much controls the Internet. When Tony Stark hacked into the Pentagon on a dare in high school, Nick Fury contacted Nexus. True story, watch Age if Ultron again and look for it. If you guys try to make a video about the commercial Nexus, hopefully this helps.

      Jacob SigmonJacob SigmonMånad sedan
    • I knew it was Agatha all along before the episode

      The R Kids Kids GamingThe R Kids Kids GamingMånad sedan
    • I got an amazing theory... Just let me think of it first

      Jacob SigmonJacob SigmonMånad sedan
  • Well obviously they are both mutants, the stone just happens to increase those mutants powers

    Carlitos APCarlitos AP18 timmar sedan
  • Crystalline projection, if I'm spelling it right, means projecting crystals. So i think Agatha was lying

    Rhonda WelchRhonda Welch4 dagar sedan
    • I heard projection instead of possession, which alters the definition. It now means, being possessed by crystals. So Agatha still lying

      Rhonda WelchRhonda Welch4 dagar sedan
  • Patrick Rothfuss shaking in his boots knowing the guys are coming for him😂😂😂

    alanna gilmorealanna gilmore4 dagar sedan
  • 7:37 boom, you looking for this lol war machine am i right

    Oliver KayOliver Kay5 dagar sedan
  • 6:38 yes just yes

    Oliver KayOliver Kay5 dagar sedan
  • Hey guys, big fan love your videos! I’ve recently thought about a Hulk theory/question that maybe y’all can expand on. So not that I want Hulk dead, but what could kill Hulk pre Endgame? Would he out live the other members of the Avengers similar to Wolverine to his X-Men members? Would he slowly grow weaker over time? Then since the events in Endgame when Hulk and Banner are now one, what could kill him then? Does that change prolong his life any or make him any weaker?

    Tedy HarperTedy Harper11 dagar sedan
  • could you do a 'round up' or 'review' of Wandavision now its finished :)

    Alexandra GrimshawAlexandra Grimshaw12 dagar sedan
  • I like your shirt J!

    Emma BurnardEmma Burnard16 dagar sedan
  • Lol we didn’t find out anything

    Garrett PolkGarrett Polk18 dagar sedan
  • Video starts at 1.51

    Rakib HasanRakib Hasan23 dagar sedan
  • When are you going to review the final episode @SuperCarlinBrothers?

    Michael DaCostaMichael DaCosta23 dagar sedan
  • And we never DID find out what Agnes's motivations were... Unless I didn't get something in the last episode :P

    Super KoszatniczkiSuper Koszatniczki25 dagar sedan
  • "they have to give darcy something to do" well.. she got stuck in traffic? ahahaha

    Kayla RossKayla Ross26 dagar sedan
  • **Possible Spoilers** I feel like, with the "Scarlet Witch" title being Wanda's now and them revealing that she had powers already they were just amplified by Hydra and the Stone, they're slowly merging the comic lore with the MCU, since Disney owns the X-Men and Marvel now. Especially since, in the comics (if memory serves), the twins were adopted by the Maximoff's after Magnito's wife gave birth to them before she was killed. (I may be wrong, that's just my prediction)

    CJ TaylorCJ Taylor26 dagar sedan
  • Ps why no finale prediction for the ending.

    joshua leratjoshua lerat26 dagar sedan
  • Hmm mist of these are jokes 🤣 but some make yoy worry about humanity lol, I liked the end

    joshua leratjoshua lerat26 dagar sedan
  • Can the jimmy woo show pls happen

    Jack ButtermanJack Butterman27 dagar sedan
  • So Wanda is an avatar? Like how Rava inhabits the avatar like the Scarlett Witch inhabits Wanda. Interesting.

    Hanan HazardHanan Hazard27 dagar sedan
  • “Had his soul ripped out” ... it’s settled, comic Vision is a horcrux.

    Joseph HamJoseph Ham29 dagar sedan
  • Who saw Agatha explain for a brief moment that Wanda is destined to defeat the sorcerer supreme A.K.A doctor strange we also know she's in multiverse of madness

    Divyansh BarveDivyansh BarveMånad sedan
  • I still can't believe you guys have never made a video about "SHIELD" or "Agent Carter", two shows I loved! And now you are making a video for every episode of WandaVison. So much content missed. But I love this video, great job!

    C.G. SchroderC.G. SchroderMånad sedan
  • I was finally able to watch the final episode. So I came to watch your theories because I was afraid of spoilers earlier. They are super interesting. But did I miss it or did you never discuss the final episode in a "looking back" kind of way?

    Malvina FisMalvina FisMånad sedan
  • 11:40 vision: am i a joke to you?

    Mason MeadersMason MeadersMånad sedan
  • Is this the most recent one about WandaVision? No retrospective or deep dive for more hints? That's a bummer.

    Tony BoeseTony BoeseMånad sedan
  • 90's era white emotionless Vision from the original comics.

    Aaron LitzAaron LitzMånad sedan
  • Are you guys going to do a video on the final episode???

    savannah millersavannah millerMånad sedan
  • lol I noticed how there was no wandavision videos after the finale XD

    Seakay MargiadanaeSeakay MargiadanaeMånad sedan
  • Nice shirt!

    Indigo BlueIndigo BlueMånad sedan
  • I am actually glad I 1) Waited until every episode was out to start watching 2) Only watched your theory videos after I watched them all because I feel I would've been disappointed with the tvshow and waiting for all those answers. Instead, I am just wondering them now, but without being disappointed with what happened in the last episode. Although I would like very much if you guys did a video -now that is over- stating your opinion on what was laking, what surprised you, and what disappointed you.

    Glaucia HerzerGlaucia HerzerMånad sedan
  • See Wanda:see A Wanda:a Therapist Wanda:therapist See a therapist Wanda:create my own world and hold a whole town captive for my own good

    •fłøwerdust••fłøwerdust•Månad sedan
  • I finally got to watch WandaVision and I'm so happy to be able to watch your videos again.

    allemhallemhMånad sedan
  • Why are you wearing a BLM shirt?

    JT StonneJT StonneMånad sedan
  • the mind stone and the other stones were created by four primordial beings Death, Entropy, Infinity, and Eternity. So to assume Wanda can recreate a mind stone would be to assume she ahs the same power as these four beings

    Ilana SchneiderIlana SchneiderMånad sedan
  • If anythings gonna be as confusing as Wandvision is gonna be Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of MAdness thats gonna be mad

    Mia RoachMia RoachMånad sedan
  • Jimmy woo series where he works with white vision and teaches him about the world

    Ben OgleBen OgleMånad sedan
  • Idk if anyone’s gonna see this but, since reality vision like “morphed” into white vision, and white vision came from outside the hex, is vision still alive?

    Addie GraceAddie GraceMånad sedan
    • Yes

      Satsujin-Sha The witch KingofWolfs.Satsujin-Sha The witch KingofWolfs.Månad sedan
  • Correct me if I’m wrong but could Wanda just reanimate Vision without hurting all those people and could live happily?

    Ava JoyAva JoyMånad sedan
  • Honestly, I think y'all's predictions would have made a better finale than what we got. There were lots of feels, but it kind of... felt like a let down? With all the potential for the multiverse opening and something bigger happening behind the scenes, it all just sort of fell flat for me when it turned into a redo of the end of the Hulk from 2003, where they're fighting in the clouds and the evil version is shouting, "Give me all your power!"

    Catherine WolfCatherine WolfMånad sedan
  • “He’s white!” Um.. Sir, he’s always been white...

    gabriela martinezgabriela martinezMånad sedan
  • We need a sorting Wandavision characters into Hogwarts house video!!!!

    Nora Jane PalmerNora Jane PalmerMånad sedan
  • maybe wanda will reform the mind stone, being that thanos said in endgame the infinity stones were reduced to atoms

    davidv2002davidv2002Månad sedan
  • So the Scarlet Witch is pretty much just the Phoenix Force from X-men?

    33- Surya Raju33- Surya RajuMånad sedan
  • Fun fact: In English, the spell of a witch is called a hex. In dutch hex or heks is the word for witch

    GoblinGoblinMånad sedan
  • Please react to the finale!!!!!! I was sooo confused and disappointed by it

    Brookiee_the_WookieeBrookiee_the_WookieeMånad sedan
  • Name of the wind is my favorite series and It made me happy you used it for this video.

    thor mairsthor mairsMånad sedan
  • Do a disneyverce theory again for Rays and the Last Dragon

    Alpha GangAlpha GangMånad sedan
    • Please I need to know

      Alpha GangAlpha GangMånad sedan
  • I’ve been binging Super Carlin Brothers videos and I just realized you guys have no videos about ‘Meet The Robinsons’ 😭

    KJKJMånad sedan
  • So in the most recent movie, everybody thinks the on teacher is crazy because he keeps blaming witches. And then in very next release, the problem is... Witches. Well played Marvel.

    Nathan SNathan SMånad sedan
  • Does that mean that Captain Marvel is a witch as well?

    BluffmarsterBluffmarsterMånad sedan
  • 12:40 This cracks me up!! LoL so true

    Chad YountChad YountMånad sedan
  • Jimmy and Darcy definitely need their own show. That would be my new favorite show!

    R ShelhartR ShelhartMånad sedan
  • Arthur: but what is the purpose of a rubber duck. #duck in a cup

    HarryHarryMånad sedan
  • Nexus isn’t talking about the Nexus of all dimensions, it’s the world internet hub that Nick Fury talks about in Age of Ultron... Idk what that means, but Nexus pretty much controls the Internet. When Tony Stark hacked into the Pentagon on a dare in high school, Nick Fury contacted Nexus. True story, watch Age if Ultron again and look for it. If you guys try to make a video about the commercial Nexus, hopefully this helps.

    Jacob SigmonJacob SigmonMånad sedan
    • Of course, you don’t have to read it, or only took me 5 days watching every movie looking for an answer

      Jacob SigmonJacob SigmonMånad sedan
  • now.......... when are we getting the wuniverse

    Malik Mansaray 9Malik Mansaray 9Månad sedan
  • We didn’t need captain marvel before. Now with Wanda having more power there’s definitely no need for captain marvel.

    Clifford KClifford KMånad sedan
  • Hah! Bohner.

    GenericDPSGenericDPSMånad sedan
  • Lol sounds like yugiyo

    Keke CKeke CMånad sedan
  • Dude......

    Daughter Of dislestiaDaughter Of dislestiaMånad sedan
  • Eh, they're just ret-conning Wanda's origins to make mutants a thing so they can bring in the X-men.

    Annie NunyabizAnnie NunyabizMånad sedan
  • I call "white vision" albino vision instead. What do you all call him?

    Avalyn EsparciaAvalyn EsparciaMånad sedan
  • BLM is racist

    Emerald KrownEmerald KrownMånad sedan
  • I’m so confused, I thought Wanda was a mutant, right? But now they are saying she’s a witch. Please reply if you know.

    LorSanLorSanMånad sedan
  • The ad on this was for Wandavision

    ParadoxicallySweetParadoxicallySweetMånad sedan
  • I think the mindestone awoke a dorment X-gene in Peitro makes more snese right?

    Jakke HaesJakke HaesMånad sedan
  • So your theory is that the scarlet witch is basically like the Phoenix force (what Jean Grey of the X-Men taps into) a living force of nature that can choose who can access its vast powers.

  • 13:24 I hate how well that aged.

    MushroomFusion245MushroomFusion245Månad sedan
  • I think I have a theory but its a bit far fetched and I'm not exactly sure if its possible but I'll try and explain the best I can, so we know that Agatha was a part of the Salem Witch trials after she met her husband Ralph a year prior to the Salem trials and she has a book on dark magic, What if Ralph himself could've been a sorcerer himself and could be part of the same organization Dr. Strange was in, I have a possible reasons why she has the book, ralph betrayed the organization and stole the book and gave it to Agatha and she has been using it to practice her magic, but the only thing that stop this from being the possible theory is the timeline of it all. please comment if you have more ideas on this theory

    Patricia maePatricia maeMånad sedan
  • Wow.. that last teaser scene at the end.. 2 wandas.. you guys called it!!

    LUKE NevilleLUKE NevilleMånad sedan
  • gosh this is so much cooler than what ralph ended up being

    Emma DelfinEmma DelfinMånad sedan
  • Prediction: the show will end by making people cry.

    Brandon HeyBrandon HeyMånad sedan
  • My prediction: Disney will take even more of our money.

    Daysen LeeDaysen LeeMånad sedan

    D LegionnaireD LegionnaireMånad sedan
  • Watched the finale last night and it was amazing!!!

    RedRoseSeptember22RedRoseSeptember22Månad sedan
  • So sad most of it was wrong

    IO bucksIO bucksMånad sedan
  • The hysteria known as The Salem Witch Trials began in February 1692 and lasted through May 1693. Sarah Goode, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba were some of the first to be accused and were tried on March 1, 1692. June 2, 1692, is the accusation, trial, and conviction date for Bridget Bishop, one of the only people throughout the trials to be accused, tried, and convicted same day.

    Jocelyn HaleJocelyn HaleMånad sedan
  • When white vision went away after red vision brought back his memory, should we think he could've gone to the place where he died in wakanda or what?

    Gemma ForesterGemma ForesterMånad sedan
    • @Matildo1212 sorry

      Gemma ForesterGemma ForesterMånad sedan
    • Dudeee spoilers

      Matildo1212Matildo1212Månad sedan
  • "ripped his soul" Is this Harry Potter?

    Shivanksh99Shivanksh99Månad sedan
    • "you a witch wanda"

      Projekt TakuProjekt TakuMånad sedan
  • Ur a little late to tell me abt candid i got braces allreddy

    Jeanne ThreinenJeanne ThreinenMånad sedan
  • If the mind stone chose Wanda, maybe the stone was manipulating thanos and Loki to take the stone to earth to ground her new chosen fate

    Kik AzKik AzMånad sedan
  • I wondered how much backlash Disney would've gotten if they made white vision black vision instead, and then I realized that they would just call him night vision

    PjandBoltPjandBoltMånad sedan
  • *spolier alert* * * * * * I just came back from watching the Finale and oh my gosh!! You guys never cease to amaze me! You guys CALLED IT about Wanda being the mind stone! We literally here her tell Vision "You are a piece of the mind stone that's alive in me" 🤯 Y'all also called it about white vision being the vessel to bring vision back! He gave white vision all his memories and he says "I am Vision" so he is technically back. AND you called it on there being TWO Wandas! Like...I just can't..you guys are awesome. Keep it up!

    Jesenia LuquinJesenia LuquinMånad sedan
  • Anyone else here sobbing after episode 9? No? Just me?

    Kristina MaddenKristina MaddenMånad sedan
  • Just visiting from the future to say we haaaaave seen Ralph

    Marlene ReesMarlene ReesMånad sedan
  • oh, you read name of the wind?

    Caleb WallCaleb WallMånad sedan
  • "That makes you a scarlet witch" NAILED IT!!!!!!

    Meatly notthatmeatlyMeatly notthatmeatlyMånad sedan
  • Watching this after Episode 9!

    Jacqueline SchneiderJacqueline SchneiderMånad sedan
  • Thought while watching the WV episode: "Wanda survived because she's a mutant and the others weren't. Hello crossover!" Thought while watching this video: "...or Ralph IS the book."

    Rebekah ShoemakerRebekah ShoemakerMånad sedan
  • Wanda: I can manipulate reality Pietro: I can go zoom zoom

    Nichole KlemchukNichole KlemchukMånad sedan
  • what episode did white vision first appear?

    porpTUBEporpTUBEMånad sedan
  • Watching this after the finale just adds to my disappointment. Evan Peters, the cameo, the Ralph reveal. They didn’t even give Darcy that much screen time like come on!!!

    Giulia GirgentiGiulia GirgentiMånad sedan
  • Honestly i regret watching these videos before finishing wandavision, now I’m kinda sad

    Loretto RipettiLoretto RipettiMånad sedan
  • 1:54 you're welcome

    Robert Anthony BermudezRobert Anthony BermudezMånad sedan
  • Wow somethings are off😂

    Luuk KalisvaartLuuk KalisvaartMånad sedan
  • I didn’t watch to the end yet but I rlly hope u had a blooper of u not catching the duck

    Leah AbrahamLeah AbrahamMånad sedan
  • What if we get Sabrina x MCU multiverse

    Mouza LootahMouza LootahMånad sedan
  • Wrong...

    Bryan GutierrezBryan GutierrezMånad sedan
  • Jay: If something tops wandavision we're in for a real treat me: well the falcon and the winter soldier is coming out in 15 days

    Lola WoolleyLola WoolleyMånad sedan
  • To be frank, I don't think Wanda used a "probability hex", I think that was just Agatha digging and trying to figure out where her powers came from. Throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks.

    CSI GunnerCSI GunnerMånad sedan
  • Who is here after the finale?

    Zachary KunzZachary KunzMånad sedan
    • Yes sir

      NintenVlogzNintenVlogzMånad sedan