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26 mar 2021
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Ben and J discuss: Disney Socks, Professional “Wrestling”, misspellings, Pokemon cards, finding friends from before social media, Diablo 2 again, billion dollar ideas, cell phones, and Mars.
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  • Speaking of the sims hogwarts founds series, what happened to that?

    timberIIItimberIII3 dagar sedan
  • Late to the party, but my million dollar idea was wireless charging. Thought of it as a teen then 2 weeks later commercials everywhere. Haha

    Makayla SwensonMakayla Swenson10 dagar sedan
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one afraid they'd forget where their seat is . . . Please don't dab.

    stecky87stecky8713 dagar sedan
  • Any Little Kernels who are also Critters? Every time J closes out with 'Pop Pop' all I can think of is Beau about to hit something and saying "Pawp Pawp!"

    Andrea CutlerAndrea Cutler14 dagar sedan
  • Pokémon cards: it’s funny I am watching/listening to this right now. I am trying to learn and teach my daughter how to play currently. How could we really be the only sentient being alive? That’s a question that has bothered me for the longest time.

    Jared EllingsworthJared Ellingsworth15 dagar sedan
  • there is literally zero way i would go on that mars trip. well unless the people i care about could come. that’s because i don’t believe we go anywhere when we die, but we live on through the personal impact we’ve made on people. i don’t believe in that in such a literal way like coco, but i think it’s true.

    Cal RedwineCal Redwine18 dagar sedan
  • I remember when I was a kid, I always wanted to claim ownership of the planet Mars simply because I could. I mean, if no one else is there, then that means I claim so ownership even if I've got like five bucks right? But nowadays, I don't think I would want to go. It just feels too distant, and it would honestly seem like I'm dead, even if I got to talk to everyone who I would want to talk to everyday.

    Elsa RulesElsa Rules19 dagar sedan
  • Maybe the girl is a ghost? 🤣 I mean, if you haven't found her by now, it's possible!

    Elsa RulesElsa Rules19 dagar sedan
  • The “bounty” thing is very real. Once people at my church found out that I crochet, a whole bunch of ladies started gifting me their unused yarn. 🧶

    KerlyTheMusicalKerlyTheMusical19 dagar sedan
  • He misspelled phenomenon! 😂

    Matthew WoolseyMatthew Woolsey21 dag sedan
  • We have successfully rooted out the unfaithful popcorn and only the true kernels remain in the theater.

    Matthew WoolseyMatthew Woolsey21 dag sedan
  • Corny joke idea: How does Harry Potter get down a hill, running, JK Rolling (J.K. Rowling)

    Mr. BambooMr. Bamboo21 dag sedan
  • I love how they talk so seriously about Micky Mouse socks

    Potterhead ViolinistPotterhead Violinist21 dag sedan
  • J's old job sounds awesome

    Dan WoodlockDan Woodlock22 dagar sedan
  • There is a saying: "You don't invent a design. You recognize it, in the fourth dimension."

    Colaman112Colaman11223 dagar sedan
  • J's socks- These socks are amazing!

    saanvi tammanasaanvi tammana23 dagar sedan
  • There used to be a game on iPhone called alchemy where you would mix certain components and get something else and mix those and get something else and there was an insane number of results because of how you could mix everything and you had to find all of them and I remember googling them as a kid because there was no way you were going to be able to figure out everything and this kind of reminds me of that.

    E CE C23 dagar sedan
  • I wish these guys well with growing their popcorn podcast views. I honestly haven't watched one episode, but I am sure its aces! Good luck!

    Miss LadyMiss Lady24 dagar sedan
  • I truly think if you two haven't brung In the previous audience, you never could do this show I truly hope you continue to do your theory shows guys. I'm basically albino I'm cringing. Sorry. #HARAMBE

    Collin KisnerCollin Kisner24 dagar sedan
  • We need "first most advanced " tee shirts

    ariel myersariel myers24 dagar sedan
  • My mom won't get rid of her landline. The spam calls are a daily issue.

    shanice nowakshanice nowak24 dagar sedan
  • I’m pretty sure I saw Jim Gaffigan at J’s old work, I’m also pretty sure that my sister-in-law was confirmed as a minster there. I definitely missed Ben and J in Roanoke.

    Nate BlakelyNate Blakely24 dagar sedan
  • I bet there was an uptick in google search's for spelling of the word phenomenon right around the 23 minute mark in this video lol

    Jake ShepardJake Shepard24 dagar sedan
  • Do you think Elsa is a changeling? Because she doesnt look like the rest of her family and she has powers that no one else seems to have.

    SnowySnowy25 dagar sedan
  • I have a request for you guys to do a theory on: Lin and Suyins dads? We already know from that one episode that Lin’s dad is called kanto, and there are contenders for suyins dad in the comics: satoru the inventor and sun the lavabender, I have a feeling it leans more towards sun since he is the SPITTING IMAGE of opal, but it’s also likely it’s satoru since he and suyin have similar hair.

    Indigo ToxinIndigo Toxin25 dagar sedan
  • Ben, love your fun facts! Watch the documentary on the coywolf if you haven't already. One of my favorite animals and they get no recognition but are bada** evolution survivors. Worth a watch.

    Magen SmithMagen Smith25 dagar sedan
  • Is there a reason why there’s no falcon and winter soldier content?

    Matheus De MatosMatheus De Matos25 dagar sedan
  • 🤣 didn’t even know it was a typo til you guys talked about it

    JoeGoldfish GamingJoeGoldfish Gaming25 dagar sedan
  • I sent you guys and email, but I seriously seriously want to talk to you guys about one piece. It is PERFECT for you two and you should really check it out. especially with the insane budget Netflix is putting into the live action adaptation. Be nice to have you guys ahead of the curve, ... or behind the curve with the rest of America seeing as its more popular than harry potter, GOT, and the MCU overseas.

    Viva La VivariumViva La Vivarium25 dagar sedan
  • Maui is a demigod so who’s his dad * demigod= Half god*

    Dark_Little_SecretsDark_Little_Secrets25 dagar sedan
  • I'm too dumb to notice u misspelled phenomenon I didn't realize till you pointed it out

    Abigail HeberleAbigail Heberle26 dagar sedan
  • Y’all should do a “reacting to old videos” video 😂

    Khushi PuriKhushi Puri26 dagar sedan
  • I am very proud of the fact that I , a 15 yr old girl, do in fact know what a car phone is

    Hope GraceHope Grace26 dagar sedan
  • I once saw a theory that aliens discovered earth hundreds of millions of years ago, but all they found were big scary lizards with no tevhnology, and have since decided not to bother returning

    Georgia WardleGeorgia Wardle26 dagar sedan
  • You played me with "phenomanon" and I love it

    Emlyn BarndenEmlyn Barnden26 dagar sedan
  • I told my dad the corny joke and he replied, "Well, I bet when Ben met his wife he was gobsmacked!"

    Allison SpearsAllison Spears26 dagar sedan
    • a real life dad joke

      Derpy DerpDerpy Derp21 dag sedan
  • I legit didn't notice the misspelled title until 47:04 (nothing happened then, that's just when I noticed.)

    Preston CPreston C26 dagar sedan
  • Ya know, the whole "what if we're the first" and "what if we're the last (or at the very least exist long after the first) is very interesting, and doesn't actually scare me. In some ways, it's just nice to think we're not alone.

    Mary MohrMary Mohr26 dagar sedan
  • You should take the patrons quiz

    Watermelon StudiosWatermelon Studios26 dagar sedan
  • I did not notice the typo in the title till half-way through the video xD

    Melanie RoyMelanie Roy26 dagar sedan
  • Looking for misspellings in all your new video titles is quickly going to become MY new hobbie xD

    kira Campbellkira Campbell26 dagar sedan
    • 'hobbie'

      Cassie RoseCassie Rose26 dagar sedan
  • Goldberg was life

    Joe SnyderJoe Snyder26 dagar sedan
  • 😂 So glad you remembered to misspell a word. I didn’t even notice until you said you were going to do it.😂

    Steve DaltonSteve Dalton26 dagar sedan
  • Ypu mispelled Popcqrn Cnlture

    Sound TechSound Tech26 dagar sedan
  • Happy birthday

    Cathy VeileCathy Veile26 dagar sedan
  • Please bring back the Founders series!!

    Samantha RandallSamantha Randall26 dagar sedan
  • You guys should watch All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

    Winston QuarteroWinston Quartero26 dagar sedan
  • Wrestling and pokemon that is my childhood lol

    Matthew FanningMatthew Fanning27 dagar sedan
  • I’m way to bad a spelling to notice the mis-spelling of phenomenon in the title, so much so I had to google it to see if it was mis-spelt

    Oliver CoxOliver Cox27 dagar sedan
  • Would you brothers be interested in getting into the persona series

    Nick PantherNick Panther27 dagar sedan
  • John cenas one of the only ones who could beat the guys attacking him and any outside interference. Did it to the wyatts and nexus lol

    jminers1234jminers123427 dagar sedan
  • Id only go if i can pick the 25 and make it my family and friends. Ofc we would die fast since the gene pool would be limited😆

    Marielle PihlbladMarielle Pihlblad27 dagar sedan
  • Marvel theories please 🙏

    Javier SarmientoJavier Sarmiento27 dagar sedan
  • i didn't even notice the typo in the title of the video until they pointed it out lol

    Carla NicoliniCarla Nicolini27 dagar sedan
  • Sure.

    BRTD 2005BRTD 200527 dagar sedan
  • i want to play J on the PTCGO now

    XxAXEL95xXXxAXEL95xX27 dagar sedan
  • You misspelled "phenomenon" Edit: I'VE BEEN HAD

    TheLamsLadyTheLamsLady27 dagar sedan
    • it- it doesn’t say edited-

      avery trexelavery trexel16 dagar sedan
    • fake

      Eoghan McCaugheyEoghan McCaughey26 dagar sedan
  • Haha they did it. Phenomenon.🤣

    Shuja NaqviShuja Naqvi27 dagar sedan

    William GillispieWilliam Gillispie27 dagar sedan
  • Yummy

    dragonlover3dragonlover327 dagar sedan
  • Yay, I love Popcorn Culture!

    TH3 MIN3R 3000TH3 MIN3R 300027 dagar sedan
  • phenomenon. I've been tricked, I've been backstabbed, I've been quite possibly bamboozled.

    Yin04Yin0427 dagar sedan
    • I wont like your comment just because you have 69 likes

      André MonizAndré Moniz16 dagar sedan
    • happy april fools day?

      OutOfTheBlueBloomingMoonlightOutOfTheBlueBloomingMoonlight21 dag sedan
    • You’ve been had

      Ethan ThompsonEthan Thompson24 dagar sedan

    LiamLiam27 dagar sedan
  • Great job misspelling phenomenon J! Exsellent work!

    Emily ChengEmily Cheng27 dagar sedan
  • Yeah I am so excited

    KKs’ Corner!!KKs’ Corner!!27 dagar sedan
  • Happy 50th birthday geek teach🎂 i'm almost there, I'm right on your heels. I don't feel old though. I do have a couple years 2 go. I can no longer say I am in my early 40s, I just say 40s. I will not say I am in my late 40s. LOL I will just make the jump to 50. And of course I will live for a few years and stay 49 for a while. LOL. I am #4638 on the list of people that could someday go to Mars. I passed all the physical tests very easily, I am very athletic for my age and in great shape. The mental tests were a little difficult but I know how to roll with the punches. Hopefully someday my number comes up. I love those theories about who we are and where we come from and everything else that goes along with the big question. We could be the first. We could be the 20th on earth, civilizations can rise and fall. The planet is 5 billion years old and time erases all. If you left an aircraft carrier in the desert there would be nothing left but dust and 50,000 years, probably a lot less time than that. They're very possibly could have been infinite numbers of civilizations that rose and fell and disappeared in the blink of a cosmic eye, that blink could be 1 million years or longer. Another interesting theory, sad to say, is that there are lots of civilizations out there and that we are in The infancy of our civilization and so on advanced in our present technology that they have no interest in us. An author I find very interesting I love his work is Graham Hancock, he has lots of books about ancient civilizations on earth. A great example is that the pyramids in Egypt have water damage on them which makes them much older than the establishment of archaeologists and scientist claim they are. I think of aliens were to come to earth it would not be good for us. If they can get here and we cannot get there that means they are far more advanced than we are. What happened when Europeans came to North America? How many native Americans are still living in North America, a micro fraction of how many were here 700 years ago. When a civilization discovers another society that is not on their level that civilization does not show them their tricks and advanced technology. They take them over and do what is best for themselves. Why would aliens be any different? This is my first time watching a popcorn show and I found it very fun and interesting. I love all the Harry Potter videos you guys put up. Especially the quizzes, they are always very fun to play along with.

    Patty Kenyon.Patty Kenyon.27 dagar sedan
    • I saw a theory once that aliens did come to our planets hundreds of millions of years ago, but only found big scary lizards with no technology and decided not to return

      Georgia WardleGeorgia Wardle26 dagar sedan
  • I want to play pokemon with you and you should not open the packs and trade for what you are looking for.

    Craig CollierCraig Collier27 dagar sedan
  • you can text you from mars, you wouldn't be dead

    I VI V27 dagar sedan
  • I didn’t even notice that the title had a typo until they pointed it out

    Kaleb KochKaleb Koch27 dagar sedan
  • The paul brothers who opened the packs has actually hurt the Pokémon tcg from a player perspective as it makes getting cards to play with harder and more expensive.

    Craig CollierCraig Collier27 dagar sedan
  • Half of my daily youtube videos are covering the world of professional wrestling! I follow you guys primarily for Marvel theories!

    Welcome BackWelcome Back27 dagar sedan
  • If you want to build a good deck you trade the packs for the cards you need.

    Flashpoint3373Flashpoint337327 dagar sedan
  • when you were talking about video game currencies, i was thinking of keys in tf2

    I VI V27 dagar sedan
  • You forgot the fact about coyotes in this episode btw … I think 💭 … 😅

    SoniaSonia27 dagar sedan
  • How do I leave a comment regarding the typo without leaving a comment? I've been had 😂

    Kevin AccettaKevin Accetta27 dagar sedan
  • J has the swag (Smile Wave and Greet) power, but Ben comes up with so many good ideas. I went back to watch my favorite episodes a while ago and found out that all but one were ben's

    Richard PenmanRichard Penman27 dagar sedan
  • High five from Ben needs to be on the bingo card if it isn’t already!

    AveryAvery27 dagar sedan
  • I want that fish shirt!

    Sarah Raines, performerSarah Raines, performer27 dagar sedan
  • Would J share his pokemon TCGO username for friendship purposes?

    Declan GallacherDeclan Gallacher27 dagar sedan
  • Unless it's for a bit, it's spelled phenomenon Edit: GAAAAAAH

    Max HohnMax Hohn27 dagar sedan
  • I’m legit a wrestling fan for years! When I was on Discord before I had to leave for a bit my nickname was tied to my favorite wrestler Becky Lynch.

    Josh RazauskasJosh Razauskas27 dagar sedan
  • Your guys' points around 53:56 really relate to the creativity TED Talk by Ok go.

    Diya VatsavaiDiya Vatsavai27 dagar sedan
  • Phenomanon 😂 I like what you did there! Is it bad I didn’t even notice until I got to 23:00?

    LoganJGLoganJG27 dagar sedan
    • Same here! I didn't even give it a second glance until they mentioned it!🤣

      Elsa RulesElsa Rules19 dagar sedan
    • Lol I didn't notice either 😂

      Diya VatsavaiDiya Vatsavai27 dagar sedan
  • Magnitude from community be like

    Luke WannerLuke Wanner27 dagar sedan
  • I saw john cena in the thumbnail and I thought they were going to talk abt the john cena/MHA thing

    Sadie HSadie H27 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know why I can't turn on auto captions? If it's not just on my end, I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate this feature!

    ArinInQuotesArinInQuotes27 dagar sedan
  • Ben should host a play of portal/portal 2. I think you guys would love that game and it's a good game to "watch"

    Haley DodaneHaley Dodane27 dagar sedan
  • Ben's jaw hit the floor after the corny joke, because the punchline was a jawbreaker

    Green AnsatsuGreen Ansatsu27 dagar sedan
    • I have never loved a comeback joke so much

      Derpy DerpDerpy Derp21 dag sedan
    • You are a genius

      PinkajouPinkajou26 dagar sedan
  • I still have a lot of Pokemon cards, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Magic Cards, Pirates Constructible Strategy Game, and Star Wars Pocket Models Game.

    wolftitanwolftitan27 dagar sedan
  • I don't get why you spoke so much about wrestling and then didn't include it in the thumbnail... Seemed obvious to include idk

    August Stenum DeschlerAugust Stenum Deschler27 dagar sedan
    • @Togeedah Petersen-Safodien there’s literally only pikachu and the coin looking thing there’s nothing else on the thumbnail

      Ethan CampbellEthan Campbell26 dagar sedan
    • I don't know if you're old enough, but John Cena was a huge wrestler nearly 20 years ago. So he is the one on the thumbnail. Maybe he is too old for you to recognize as a wrestler. If you read the other comments, you will see others who recognized him as well.

      Togeedah Petersen-SafodienTogeedah Petersen-Safodien27 dagar sedan
    • @Togeedah Petersen-Safodien I can’t see it either what are you talking about

      Ethan CampbellEthan Campbell27 dagar sedan
    • If you look at the thumbnail, then there is a wrestler behind Pikachu.

      Togeedah Petersen-SafodienTogeedah Petersen-Safodien27 dagar sedan
    • Where? I don't see it

      August Stenum DeschlerAugust Stenum Deschler27 dagar sedan
  • You guys misspelled "phenomenon" (which I legitimately didn't notice until you guys mentioned it at 23:08 😂)

    Diya VatsavaiDiya Vatsavai27 dagar sedan
    • literally same

      Derpy DerpDerpy Derp21 dag sedan
    • I wouldn’t have know if it was wrong 😂 I can’t spell 😬

      Lucy BuckleLucy Buckle22 dagar sedan
    • @Tiago Seiler I believe you were the one who whoosh'd. Unless you're joking, in which case it was me who did.

      Colaman112Colaman11223 dagar sedan
    • Me neither😂

      Hope GraceHope Grace26 dagar sedan
    • SAME XD same same

      Sound TechSound Tech26 dagar sedan
  • Phenomenon*

    Josh BJosh B27 dagar sedan
    • 23:00

      Ryan DaileyRyan Dailey27 dagar sedan
  • Listened to the Pop on apple podcasts very early this morning, and I was SUPER excited to join the premiere to see everyone’s reactions to the misspelling in the title. Unfortunately, I missed the premiere, but the comments on the VOD are good enough 😂

    Fera TerrasFera Terras27 dagar sedan
  • Another great one

    Malte HansenMalte Hansen27 dagar sedan

    Jared SanabriaJared Sanabria27 dagar sedan
  • Oh my goodness! My brain goes into overdrive when the rabbit hole topics come up. Galaxies, beings, and sun's oh my!

    Trisha McManusTrisha McManus27 dagar sedan
  • "Everyone that would listen... which was Alice" is the kind of relationship energy I'm trying to find

    Laura DoanLaura Doan27 dagar sedan
  • I didn't even notice the typo 🤣

    Archetypal AriesArchetypal Aries27 dagar sedan
    • Me too

      Elena LopezElena Lopez27 dagar sedan
    • Same!

      ParadoxicallySweetParadoxicallySweet27 dagar sedan
  • I was so bothered by the misspelling of phenomenon in my notifications, only to find out I've been had.

    RhombicosidodecahedronRhombicosidodecahedron27 dagar sedan
  • Has this podcast existed before they started uploading to SEworld within the last month or so?

    Ian JosephIan Joseph27 dagar sedan
    • It's a little over year old

      Ida SänttiIda Säntti24 dagar sedan
    • Or just go to their podcast channel on yt Popcorn Culture

      August Stenum DeschlerAugust Stenum Deschler27 dagar sedan
    • Yes. You can find it on Spotify.

      Togeedah Petersen-SafodienTogeedah Petersen-Safodien27 dagar sedan