Did WandaVision Cure Superhero Burnout? | Popcorn Culture

26 feb 2021
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Ben and J discuss: GMA Stickers, being into comics, WandaVision, superhero burnout, weightlifting, Facebook photos, and annual predictions.
Spoiler Notes: Wandavision spoilers through Episode 7 - 24m-37m ish
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  • The ONLY Star Wars watch order: Rogue One, 4, 5, 1, 2, Clone Wars(optional), 3, 6. You should also watch Rebels and The Mandolorian. Everything else is skippable!

    Shawn4815162342Shawn481516234214 dagar sedan
  • I do not think power escalation is needed. You do not need to have more powerful and more powerful villains.

    Dame SayoDame Sayo21 dag sedan
  • my sister's first mcu film was infinity war. she then watched every other film and a year later watched end game in the cinema. seems crazy to me

    Esther HaywoodEsther Haywood29 dagar sedan
  • 33:08 - Timeout. Vision CANNOT run fast, or move at super speed at all. That's never been a part of his power-set in the MCU, and I don't really know if is in the comics but I don't think so. (Anybody know?) Yet, suddenly in Wanda's fantasy world he can move and run super fast. Didn't that strike anyone else as weird? I took it to mean she was combining her grief over Pietro with her grief over Vis, by adding Pietro's powers to Vis as well. I gotta just stick with that theory for now because zero explanation was given.

    A MA MMånad sedan
  • Hey Jay I looked into downloading albums from Facebook and found it is pretty simple (at least on my account it worked). Browse to your profile by clicking your own name. Go to Photos > Albums. Open the album that you want to download. Click on the three dot menu next the buttons that say "Grid View" and "Feed View". Click the download Album button And viola! You now have you album downloaded and are ready to tidy up your Facebook account.

    James StokesJames StokesMånad sedan
    • I noticed that you can also do the same thing by clicking on the three dot menu when you hover your mouse over the album when you are on the album overview page.

      James StokesJames StokesMånad sedan
  • the more I hear people talk about the Agnes "reveal" I think maybe I missed the point. Maybe it's because I kept hearing Cinema Sins talk about 'clearly it's Agnes' for several episodes, I kinda felt that the whole reveal was an extra-meta thing by the writers specifically for the fans who were deep diving. So they "reveal" that she's the bad guy and has been pulling the strings and has control over the whole thing and haha! you never got it but also wink wink nudge nudge we totally know you did and now we're confirming it...only to immediately unconfirm it in the next episode by actually confirming that the hex was 100% a Wanda creation. In the grand scheme, I get the sense Agnes was just drawn there by the magic and only started messing around when she realized she couldn't get the answers she wanted on her own. I never saw her as a bad guy.....just...thirsty for knowledge. I felt that if she had been able to get the details of the spell and all that that wanted from Wanda...she would have just left Wanda in the fake world and gone on to do mischief elsewhere.

    soshiangel90soshiangel90Månad sedan
  • I have watched all of the MCU stuff but I never read the old marvel comics so I went into wandavision with just MCU knowledge and I made it a point to not google ANYTHING about anyone and to not deep dive and I enjoyed the show so much with out having to do that. I only broke down and googled after the series finale to answer questions that weren't answered in the show.

    soshiangel90soshiangel90Månad sedan
  • I would like to point out that I googled GMA and at "green mal" the 3rd suggestion was Green Mallard Association

    soshiangel90soshiangel90Månad sedan
  • Bro I'm from mississippi and I watch you guys every day from harry potter to popcorn lil kernel yuh yuh

    Ben JonesBen JonesMånad sedan
  • i was so happy when i realized that i’ve been a fan for so long that i knew about the green mallard association beforehand

    Varsha ShankarVarsha ShankarMånad sedan
  • I love watching theory videos about my fandom. My husband who enjoys much of the same fandoms I do does not like hearing theories and deep thinking scenarios/Easter eggs. BUT we both enjoyed WandaVision just the same.

    Jacqueline SchneiderJacqueline SchneiderMånad sedan
  • Facebook's general settings have an option to download a copy of ALL your data, which does include photos, but fairly low resolution copies of them.

    Vital SparkVital SparkMånad sedan
  • Ben: Tune out, spoilers ahead Me: *Doesn't tune out* Ben: *Spoiler* Me: Alright, I have no idea what that means. Also, I have no idea who Lex Luther is. I'm very out of the loop when it comes to anything to do with superheroes.

    Colaman112Colaman112Månad sedan
  • You realize Wakanda has world ending technology, but don't realize Hank's Pym-Particles and Quantum tunnel, are way more dangerous! Ant-Man's movies have world-ending problems.

    Craig GoetschCraig GoetschMånad sedan
  • 1.) What I did, is I decided to start listening to the pop in November, so I went back and listened to EVERY EPISODE before listening to modern ones. I'm finally caught up and I love it 2.) I would say take screenshots of the pictures in the album and then you can delete it, that way you then have the photos back in your cloud storage and they aren't posted

    Adelaide SiegersAdelaide SiegersMånad sedan
  • I wouldn't say it cured super hero burnout because of the timing. We had a year with no superhero movies & we finally get something new that's part of the MCU story that is also very good. It also spent time on & developed a character that the movies didn't spend enough time on. It delved in a way the movies couldn't/wouldn't. I do agree that if Kevin Feige hadn't seen that weird could be successful w/Guardians, Ragnarock wouldn't've happened.

    stecky87stecky87Månad sedan
  • I’ve been watching for a while & all I want to know is why it’s the towel section??? 😭

    Jordan GrosshartJordan GrosshartMånad sedan
  • Quick question, why do they wear headphones, what are the headphones used for?

    waterdrinkerwaterdrinkerMånad sedan
    • To hear themselves and each other

      Ash ZAsh ZMånad sedan
  • I have only watched a few mcu movies Antman, Black Panther, and maybe one more that I cant recall right now, which i enjoyed. I have also watched all of the xmen movies and I loved all of the sitcoms that were referenced in the show. I freaking LOVE WandaVision and i don't want it to end. I did have to do some research so that my brother and I could have fun discussions. Now i feel like I want to watch all of the mcu movies.

    Marcia LabooMarcia LabooMånad sedan
  • The real way to revamp superheroes is The Boys on Amazon

    L. A. WardL. A. WardMånad sedan
  • I went into WandaVision with no clue about the MCU. I am enjoying it. But I can tell I was missing background info. I could tell Wanda was powerful and enough of the story to enjoy it. I am currently "doing my homework"

    Trisha McManusTrisha McManusMånad sedan
  • I was someone who missed age of ultron because it came out when I was In college and never felt like I needed to watch it, this show actually made me go back and watch it as well as rewatching a lot of the other movies. I already watch recaps and theory videos like yours but it definitely made me want to try to go back and look for myself. Maybe I wouldn’t have dedicated this much effort if not for the... currently state of the world... but I would’ve probably still gone back and watched that second avengers movie at the very least.

    MeganMeganMånad sedan
  • The editing at 32:15-32:27! Chef's kiss. So epic.

    Kellie HornKellie HornMånad sedan
  • "On the topic of ducks",What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?

    GiggidyGiggidyMånad sedan
  • I really love the intro! Great podcast :-)

    Morgan WarnerMorgan WarnerMånad sedan
  • I don’t watch a lot of marvel. But with this show I deep dived because I was so into the mystery. So I watch so many videos discussing the episode, saying theories, and showing Easter eggs. I absolutely love it

    Esmeralda VigilEsmeralda VigilMånad sedan
  • what i do as someone who doesn't do the homework on the show, i just watch the episode and then watch your guys' theories. it's a fun game of me just guessing whether you'll be right or wrong. I don't need to know who agatha is to enjoy her. Maybe she'll be like loki or this and that and that all comes with the new marvel phase which im excited about

    Jakub KonečnýJakub KonečnýMånad sedan
  • I think that wandavision was written well enough to be watched independently without the fandom

    Jennifer PadillaJennifer PadillaMånad sedan
  • Speaking of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, not sure if anyone’s mentioned any of this but I’m hoping is more touchy-feely... actually I would love it to be more about them dealing with mental health and maybe trying to get the Winter Soldier to rewire his brain and just that kind of stuff. NOW, I’ve discussed this a lot and my perfect ending for the show is The Falcon realizing he doesn’t want to be the next Cap and he actually thinks Bucky deserves it more, and finally Bucky accepts after dealing with feeling unworthy throughout the whole show.

    Genesis RodriguezGenesis RodriguezMånad sedan
  • My mum's been watching Wanda vision with her boyfriend she's seen all the films but doesn't really understand them but she's still enjoying the show each week. Even though it has to be explained 😂

    Bethany ScottBethany ScottMånad sedan
  • uh J I think you can download a fb album??

    ML IlejayML IlejayMånad sedan
  • No matter what else was happening in the story plot, Kathryn Hahn is too big of an actress to just be a quirky neighbor, so I knew she had to be *someone*, but I watch a lot of reviews too so I knew Agatha was in the air lol

    James Padilioni JrJames Padilioni JrMånad sedan
  • But... I like the fight bad guy superhero movies

    Emmy YanchukEmmy YanchukMånad sedan
  • When he said “you can use the flat side like a hammer” in reference to stormbreaker my first thought was “sure anything is a hammer if you try hard enough”

    SensibleMindedSensibleMindedMånad sedan
  • I feel like at this point, the people at Marvel are writting the movies in a way where they want people to hear a name and then look up that name, but also know they have to satisfy the people who WILL do the deep dive before hand or the people who grew up knowing this information

    Austin DAustin DMånad sedan
  • have you guys seen the The take video about Harry Potter being "bad" ???

    Skarbie WellSkarbie WellMånad sedan
  • I would love to see if they do anything with Howard the Duck. They had him in a few movies like they were hinting at it.

    jovee hekmatarajovee hekmataraMånad sedan
  • Superherp burnout? I don't compute... What is this? Never seen it😂

    Benjamin JørgensenBenjamin JørgensenMånad sedan
  • As an answer to your question at 22 minutes: yes. My mum has hardly watched any Marvel before, she had no idea who Wanda or Vision are, but she's watched all of WandaVision so far and loves it, she used YT to find out more about the characters, and now I can make her watch other Marvel movies 👍

    Lola HeysLola HeysMånad sedan
    • Also Endgame was the third Marvel movie I watched, so thankfully I watched Infinity War and Ragnarok first so I properly appreciated Cap picking up Mjolnir

      Lola HeysLola HeysMånad sedan
  • You can put the settings from "public" to "only me" on fb :)

    CptStarkCptStarkMånad sedan

    Sumayya WrightSumayya WrightMånad sedan
  • My 7 year old has only watched Antman and the Wasp and lived through the Infinity war gossip of the playground but she is very interested in the mysteries of WandaVision. She has my personality that leans into Fandom hard (Piggy on Roblox is her jam) but she creating theories about who is the villain (the TV show being black and white was off-putting to her) and only wants Wanda and Vision to live happily ever after. Clearly it is still gripping and engaging to an "unindoctrinated" participant.

    Stormborn 2016Stormborn 2016Månad sedan
  • There is a new trailer with clips from the final episode

    Obowsome BrawlstarsObowsome BrawlstarsMånad sedan
  • I designed a Pretty obvious shirt for you guys=

    Iceblaster49 GamesIceblaster49 GamesMånad sedan
  • Facebook DOES have a download album option, it is before you go into the album.

    Bryan RotorBryan RotorMånad sedan
  • I’m an SCB fan but I just can’t do these podcasts. I would prefer to go straight to the topic and then talk about personal stuff.

    Yessenia HolmYessenia HolmMånad sedan
  • I’ve been listening to popcorn culture for almost a year now and this is everything I could want. Great job!

    SamsonSamsonMånad sedan
  • Ben have asked the question, my guess the quack of dawn! Now I'm going to go press play and see if I'm right

    Lahly BirdLahly BirdMånad sedan
  • I have 2 friends who have never watched any Marvel bc “they don’t like Superhero movies.” So I pitched this as a comedy and mystery that’s a celebration of sitcom TV. And they are both completely hooked on this show! Bc of it’s range and being able to watch at home, I think WandaVision is drawing in a lot of new fans

    Adam BucklerAdam BucklerMånad sedan
  • am i the only one who is wondering if jay and ben are brother from birth or are really good friends

    E TE TMånad sedan
  • So, I haven't been watching WandaVision but I was thinking about it and thought, what if the big "Luke Skywalker level cameo" at the end is footage of Stan Lee? If you think about it the actor who played Luke Skywalker was not able to physically play Luke at the age he would have been at that time however with editing technology they were able to still have him in it. The other one I think it could be would be Iron Man and having it revealed that he is not actually dead kind of like they did with Phil Coulson.

    HannahHannahMånad sedan
  • As a person that has Wanda vision as my interdiction to marvel universe. It’s pretty ok. Only thing that was weird was the woman who had been lost for 2 years and found in a hospital. Everything thing else I feel like is explained

    Eydis Ásta MagnúsdóttirEydis Ásta MagnúsdóttirMånad sedan
    • This is why watching the movies are important, especially Avengers: Age of Ukrainian, Infinity War, and Endgame. (Redacted) happened, and half of the entire earths population disappeared. Five years passed. Monica’s was one of the people who disappeared and when she came back she didn’t realize what even happened. Imagine closing your eyes, waking up, and finding out that 5 years passed. Her mother died from cancer during the time she disappeared.

      Musicluvr4Musicluvr4Månad sedan
  • Please talk about out I need a bigger Channel to talk about is its a pixar short that no one is talking about

    Bored ChildBored ChildMånad sedan
  • I honestly never felt superhero burnout myself. Are there a lot of them? Sure. But I'm fine as long we we keep getting good stories with them 😊

    James PwyllJames PwyllMånad sedan
  • Good to see Popcorn culture doing what they set out to do in the beginning, talking about movies and shows 😂😂

    BecksquadBecksquadMånad sedan
  • When they were talking about the toys being worth big money, I was like, "Dude are you consciously making a Toy Story reference, or just talking about it?"

    Mary DolanMary DolanMånad sedan
  • My best friend has watched endgame and that’s it, and she LOVES Wandavision! Sometimes she’ll ask me questions since she knows that I love the MCU, but she understands the overall show pretty well.

    Tess MeggisonTess MeggisonMånad sedan
  • I was introduced to the MCU right before Infinity War. I watched all the movies in order in 4 days leading up to the release of Infinity War. I've caught up with lore since then (mainly through your channel). Now for Wandavision, I never knew any of the sitcoms it was parodying (we don't have them in my country) except for the Modern Family episode but I thoroughly enjoy it. My sister who again does not know anything about the sitcoms OR the MCU watches Wandavision & loves it! In fact, my entire family loves the show. The only thing I've had to explain is some of the jokes that don't translate well into subtitles. My opinion is that Wandavision is still appealing enough to people who have zero knowledge of the MCU. It's also making so many people around me who I used to beg to watch the movies with me finally interested. 😜

    Niloofar DordahanNiloofar DordahanMånad sedan
  • Your voices are so GOOD I am now a little pop

    ChewJoshaChewJoshaMånad sedan
  • Well, pretty easy. Never heard of Agatha before ever. Saw your videos, so I knew about it before. But I got a lot of friends that don't and we/they all knew that theres been something strange about Agnes and that the knows more than she should and stuff, but (just like me) never heard about Agatha before

    CptStarkCptStarkMånad sedan
  • Can you talk about LUCA pixar just released the teaser- theres no way a movie like this will fit the pixar theory

    mariam aklmariam aklMånad sedan
  • Got to love the aladdin reference

    Breana L.Breana L.Månad sedan
  • I love the show and are super into it and doing the research also! Was always a fan but Wanda vision has really gotten me hooked!! Love all the characters too!!

    Natalie Dorton-GoatleyNatalie Dorton-GoatleyMånad sedan
  • I bet the Luke sky walker like cameo for Wanda vision is falcon and the winter soldier

    Logan WittliefLogan WittliefMånad sedan
  • I am watching wandavision with my roommate who has only seen one MCU movie (Captain America: The First Avenger). She got through the first two episodes OK, but after that we kept having to pause it so I could fill her in on MCU backstory. She seems to be enjoying it, but I definitely think it is very confusing as an introduction to the MCU. It has sparked her interest, so after this weeks finale we are planning to go back and watch all of the Marvel movies.

    Lori LarsonLori LarsonMånad sedan
  • I have friends who don’t like watching superhero movies but love Wandavision. One way they put it is it’s a great show about a woman processing an immense amount of grief but done in a way that isn’t too in your face and is still entertaining and the superhero aspects are more lighthearted to the point where a newcomer isn’t immediately overwhelmed

    Natalie WilliamsNatalie WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Jay to save your Facebook albums just set them to private like the "only Me" option to view so you don't lose them

    Jomarie SantiagoJomarie SantiagoMånad sedan
  • I am a little late to this but I just binge watch Wanda vision and I am ready to hear your thoughts!

    Denise KDenise KMånad sedan
  • You can use Shutterfly to download whole albums OR all photos from Facebook.

    Malia NewhouseMalia NewhouseMånad sedan
  • Imagine going to go buy something off facebook marketplace and you get to the meet up spot and it's jay and Ben 🤣

    Zach WZach WMånad sedan
  • A lot of people say we had no MCU thing since FFH, but I keep thinking, what about Agents of SHIELD? I only watched season 7 and I liked it very much, so in my case, I had Agents of SHIELD throughout the hiatus. But WandaVision is getting REALLY good!

    aqua bluaqua bluMånad sedan
  • Really enjoying the POP, keen for more episodes!!

    Jayden KohlerJayden KohlerMånad sedan
  • It's been Agatha all along!!

    Marwan MarwanMarwan MarwanMånad sedan
  • My mom has never watched an MCU movie. I might be able to test this.

    BadgerBadgerMånad sedan
  • Antman and the Wasp has very high personal stakes instead of world-ending stakes. If you are invested in the characters, the stakes work.

    RAMavyRAMavyMånad sedan
  • episode 8 is the best no doubt

    Joshua BosleyJoshua BosleyMånad sedan
  • So I starting watching SCB from the beginning, and I love when y’all tell stories and I recognize them from the pop.

    Lois CooperLois CooperMånad sedan
  • To answer the question: If you don't know the MCU is it still fun? The answer is yes- I am watching with my mom who knew nothing of the MCU, she is relying on me to fill the blanks, and I watch these channels that explain what I just watched. And now she is watching the MCU, but still she enjoyed it beforehand.

    ambiej123ambiej123Månad sedan
  • 22:32 Keep up with Deep Dives.... caused no one I have watched even guessed WHITE VISION. It is still Us just theorizing. I love you guys letting us in on the Deep Cuts.

    DykeZukiDykeZukiMånad sedan
  • I’m pretty sure the people at Marvel are watching you guys 😁

    Anouk SurmenianAnouk SurmenianMånad sedan
  • Really like this set up guys

    T BunatingT BunatingMånad sedan
  • J&Ben, I think that Hayward might be the mcu devil you were talking about in the past two or three videos

    Derpy DerpDerpy DerpMånad sedan
  • As someone who works from home now, I fully support and appreciate the shoes optional attitude J!

    Adam RabeAdam RabeMånad sedan

    Ani CastroAni CastroMånad sedan
  • Hi, I’m someone who is completely brand new to the MCU! Because of the magnitude of Marvel, it’s nearly impossible to not know the big things about the universe. Things I didn’t understand, I asked my friends or did a quick Google search. I binged all the episodes last night. It was fun and smart and toed the line well of being entirely for the superfans but also entertainment for newcomers.

    Muffy UnderwoodMuffy UnderwoodMånad sedan
  • SEworld doesn't want me watching this. It keeps randomly pausing and then when I unpause it it restarts (I closed and restarted the app and it still persists). I am 2.5 minutes in and have already had this happen 3 times. I'll come back to see if it wants to behave itself later as I do want to listen to this.

    Hunter RowlandHunter RowlandMånad sedan
  • I wasn't very excited for phase four but watching Wandavision has changed that for sure! Releasing it first might not have been the original plan, but I'm kind of glad its what we got, because it appears to be toe-dipping into the multiverse storyline they're setting up, whereas Black Widow and FATWS are really just reboot vehicles for old characters with new actors, which would have felt like more of the same.

    Heylin's WorldHeylin's WorldMånad sedan
  • First time watching this series and gitta say its good and as for the outsider looking in its all about how open the community is to letting people in on the joke

    blindSam HareblindSam HareMånad sedan
  • We should get a super carlin brothers video where they sort the fast and furious characters into the Hogwarts houses.

    Illya PopovIllya PopovMånad sedan
  • I’m watching all the marvel movies in cinematic order I’m on Ironman 3 atm

    beryl gilliganberyl gilliganMånad sedan

    CodeNameWhiskeyCodeNameWhiskeyMånad sedan
  • It’s my friends birthday in a few days and me and him are huge fans of popcorn culture and super Carlin brothers so I decided to make him a 3D model of the popcorn culture studio.

    Annabeth ChaseAnnabeth ChaseMånad sedan
  • They should review the new Tom and Jerry movie

    AnnDee PorterAnnDee PorterMånad sedan
  • I came here to say that I have only watched Iron Man and thoroughly enjoy WandaVision without knowing anything. I am following. It stands on its own because Marvel Studios is doing a 10/10 giving me just enough exposition

    Rebecca BeaulieuRebecca BeaulieuMånad sedan
  • The duck joke made me think of the Duck Pond @ VA Tech. I love that J is a fellow Hokie.

    Beth FlandersBeth FlandersMånad sedan
  • Yes you can download albums. You go to Facebook settings, then under the heading “Your Facebook Information” there’s an option to download your information and then you just select photos and videos.

    Stephanie VargasStephanie VargasMånad sedan
    • Also if you go to delete your account it’ll give you the option to download all your data first. And you won’t delete your account by accident, they pop up to ask you if you’re sure like five times.

      Anna GeretzAnna GeretzMånad sedan
  • I love the fact that Ben chose the ONLY fast and furious character who is an avenger AND has a direct part in Thor's weaponry LOL!!! 😂

    Steven RobertsonSteven RobertsonMånad sedan
  • WandaVision is the classic case of talented, skilled, creative people allowed the freedom to do what they are good at.

    zeedar412zeedar412Månad sedan
  • I haven’t seen any of the Marvel movies/series but I have watched every video you have made on them and enjoyed them all!

    amandaleehopesamandaleehopesMånad sedan
  • Honestly, J, making your albums private is probably the better choice, even if you were able to download the whole album at once. Because what are the chances that those photos would get carried over to your next computer? To me, as long as you can make them private, I'd just see facebook as cloud storage without a storage limit!

    Molly StegmeierMolly StegmeierMånad sedan