Will Sam’s Shield Have Powers? | Marvel Theory

11 feb 2021
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Today Ben dives into the MCU to discuss the upcoming show Falcon and the Winter Soldier, who will wield the shield, US Agent and if the Shield Cap brought back at the end of Avengers Endgame will have powers!
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  • What do you think? Will Sam’s New Shield have powers?

    SuperCarlinBrothersSuperCarlinBrothers2 månader sedan
    • Unrelated but I always called it The Battle of Hudson River in my head Unless I got confuzzled and the HQ was not on the banks of the Hudson. Whatever they should just rename it to "Battle of whatever lake or river the HQ was next to"

      Junonia the SilkWingJunonia the SilkWing16 dagar sedan
    • Have you ever watched My Hero Academia? (or Boku no Hero Academia, if you haven't, you should. it's sooooo good). I think it will be like One For All. The power gets passed on, with every successor adding strengths onto it. For example, Steve added strength. Sam might add psychic abilities. The next person might add a superpower.

      TianaTianaMånad sedan
    • You do realize you are describing Spiderman FFH.... with a shield... right? I hope they don't repeat this story. I feel that the new phases needs to distance from the previous ones to stand on their own

      Marcelo Nicolas GarciaMarcelo Nicolas GarciaMånad sedan

      Exkalibur16Exkalibur162 månader sedan
    • hey this is totally unrelated but you guys said you're starved for stuff to watch and theorize about and I realize you're more marvel people and so am I but young justice is a killer show with lots of room to theorize about. Hope ya see this and hopefully check the show out.

      Luke DaughertyLuke Daugherty2 månader sedan
  • Steve had plenty of time and knew where wakanda (the place with the vibranium) was, but also I would like to remind you that the Steve that left in the time machine was not the same Steve on that bench. Our steve went to a different timeline and the Steve that gave Sam the shield might not have broke his during his battle for earth

    Eddy REddy R21 timme sedan
  • Disney should start a new streaming service called ‘Disney -’ and just have Falcon and the Winter Soldier on there

    Jesse ModerwellJesse Moderwell3 dagar sedan
  • Jeez, I swear if your right, you must have seen the show.

    Matthew KidderMatthew Kidder6 dagar sedan
  • No!!! Sam simply lacks the strength to wield them. His body would crumble as his minds collapsed into madness!

    Fire 24Fire 2418 dagar sedan
  • M yoll neer.

    Karen ThomasKaren Thomas19 dagar sedan
  • i came here looking to see if the bros would talk about the episodes of falcon and the winter soldier... i wonder if thats gonna happen?

    Just MeJust Me19 dagar sedan
  • Cool!

    Robin PullmanRobin Pullman19 dagar sedan
  • The Falcon used his wings as bladed weapons?!?!? I totally forgot!

    Suzie AyersSuzie Ayers24 dagar sedan
  • i really hate that "Anybody could be Hawkeye"...

    ElionElion29 dagar sedan
  • They should get theorist to help them write. I’m pretty sure this theory is better than anything marvel can come up with.

    Amir JohnsonAmir JohnsonMånad sedan
  • In the comics, us agents ex friend and new friend was battle star. I hope so much that battle star is in falcon and the winter soldier.

    Reuben AgimudieReuben AgimudieMånad sedan
  • He told a joke immediately after the sponsor segment, that you can only understand by going back and listening to the sponsor segment. BRILLIANT! I'm gonna have to remember that.

    Cooper RutanCooper RutanMånad sedan
  • Sam questioning himself as sams prodigy will reflect the struggle Peter went through with his own self doubt when Tony chose him. I always saw Tony and Steve as different sides to the same coin so it only makes sense that their successors will have a similar story arch of finding themselves amongst the doubt

    Alice ReynoldsAlice ReynoldsMånad sedan
  • I want the loki show to fix the timeline problem. Where loki steals a way to hide yourself in a timeline without changing/ being detected and then randomly sees cap returning the stones. It looks like he's just going to go back to his evil ways and trap cap but instead steve wakes up on peggy's porch.

    Brittany HernandezBrittany HernandezMånad sedan
  • just emagen a bifrost summening shield

    Jakke HaesJakke HaesMånad sedan
  • so your saying sort of like how kan cestes unlocks the full memory of BD1 and maby there are some upgrads on this shield tha he will unlock or something

    Jakke HaesJakke HaesMånad sedan
  • I went to like but I already had. We should enable to give likes to each part of the video we like.

    Glaucia HerzerGlaucia HerzerMånad sedan
    • 4th like

      Glaucia HerzerGlaucia HerzerMånad sedan
    • Counting the likes if that was a thing, I would be on 3

      Glaucia HerzerGlaucia HerzerMånad sedan
  • 2:59 you’re funny

    RedK5RedK5Månad sedan
  • that's just not how time travel works in the mcu right? cause steve couldn't go back and give the thor of his universe anything because that past would become his future and the present would now be his past which now can't be changed by his new future.

    Jakub KonečnýJakub KonečnýMånad sedan
  • sam already have superhuman strength watch that guy double kick a helicopter

    dwight wilksdwight wilksMånad sedan
  • I love this theory.

    Isaac BooneIsaac BooneMånad sedan
  • Yay, now I finally understand the full title of "Fidelity Fiduciary Bank"!

    David GutharyDavid GutharyMånad sedan
  • Here's my theory: Sharon Carter will be the new Captain America. Because the only way she can be related to Peggy is if she's Peggy's granddaughter/great-granddaughter. And from Endgame we know Peggy and Steve end up together and have kids. Then she would be genetically related to Steve and have some of Captain America's superpowers (a little cringy given the Steve and Sharon history, I know). But why else would they involve her character in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? The whole show is going to be about: will it be Sam or Bucky, but no, it will really be Sharon.

    Megan WestMegan WestMånad sedan
  • Bucky should be the next captain America. He basically has the same powers

    sam hincheesam hincheeMånad sedan
  • Haha "have been having a Bah-LAST" he says 🤣

    TWSTF 8TWSTF 8Månad sedan
  • You guys know how the ending with Steve isn’t consistent with the way time travel is explained in the movie? Like, going back in time should have taken him to an alternate timeline, since you can’t change your past through time travel. Well, we know that the Loki show will involve the Time Variance Authority. What if in Loki, the TVA visits old Cap living with Peggy and is like, “hey you can’t be staying here this isn’t your timeline,” so they take him back to the present or very recent past in his own timeline, and perhaps the shield even came from them.

    Maxwell BlackMaxwell BlackMånad sedan
  • “Leave your thoughts in the towel section” the words of supercarlinbrothers

    Kristine AponteKristine AponteMånad sedan
  • It's so funny, cause Sam was one of my favorite characters from the captain America films. I loved his and Cap's interactions and that... Cap had a legit loyal friend again who was just a solid guy without tricks and betrayals or brainwashing.

    HiddenEchoesHiddenEchoesMånad sedan
  • 4:01 yes i did. I'm probably one of the only few people that knew that lol.

    Jack’s Good To EvilsJack’s Good To EvilsMånad sedan
  • Didn't Steve just bring back an old version of the shield with him from the timeline he came from? It's just the traditional shield.

    kanitta ckanitta cMånad sedan
  • What if the new shield is adamantium and that’s how we get a nod to the x-men and mutants then later on they bring the x-men or all of the mutants?

    Aaron JohnsonAaron JohnsonMånad sedan
  • I feel the same way about sam at the moment, he is a side character that hasn't been given much development and he has no powers that we know of. I will still give the show a try as wandavision was much better than I expected.

    Kawaiiskye HighlightsKawaiiskye HighlightsMånad sedan
  • @SuperCarlinBrothers, Pls read. I think you forgot about Natasha in age of Ultron, She holds it and uses it properly and knows how to use it. So is she worthy and come to Bucky and the falcon and she can have the shield? Because in your other video “Is Natasha really dead” you theorized that she isn’t dead so she is still alive and knows how to wield the shield.

    Nathation EmpireNathation EmpireMånad sedan
  • @supercarlingbrothers I have a suggestion for a video that would interest me and I think other Marvel lovers would like it aswell. - Thanos are able to lift/resist Thors Hammer same with Hela. What does that say about the Marvel universe? What is the definition of being "worthy" as so on. I think you guys can run with the thought. 😊

    Leonardo ToumaLeonardo ToumaMånad sedan
  • Have you ever watched My Hero Academia? (or Boku no Hero Academia, if you haven't, you should. it's sooooo good). I think it will be like One For All. The power gets passed on, with every successor adding strengths onto it. For example, Steve added strength. Sam might add psychic abilities. The next person might add a superpower.

    TianaTianaMånad sedan
  • I believe Bucky would have been a better fit for the shield.

    Deb BaruaDeb BaruaMånad sedan
  • The sincere paul curiosly grab because june separately whistle amid a soft fortnight. wiry, probable squash

    Ebenezer SamEbenezer SamMånad sedan
  • Nobody: Ben's Shirt: I AM GROOT!!!

    Thathsara AmarasingheThathsara AmarasingheMånad sedan
  • If the plot really happens as you said, it will have a familiar ring-Spiderman far from home

    Noel YangNoel YangMånad sedan
  • I know I'm late, but two things: "The people of Wakanda gave Cap a shield and it didn't look like that"- there was an invading alien army approaching the border, they most likely did not have time to make one and simply gave him something they had in an armory. Second, they are kinda the masters of vibranium. I'm sure if he rolled up to alternate timeline T'challa, they could/would make him a new one during peace time easily. To say vibranium is a limited resource only applies if he solely went back to the 40s. All that to say, it would be cool to see an Odin-powered Cap shield

    RaiderGrafRaiderGraf2 månader sedan
  • By going back in time cap creates another universe so the cap we see at the end of eg is a different cap whose shield might not have broke and who could be more close to falcon than in the main mcu universe.

    GreJk953GreJk9532 månader sedan
  • He probably took the shield from the frozen Cap in the timeline where he married Peggy. With his knowledge of all the future threats up to and including Thanos he could give Earth such a huge advantage that taking the shield wouldn’t be a problem.

    Nate WindwoodNate Windwood2 månader sedan
  • Disney is woke af so Sam will have the shield even though Bucky should be the one with it and the successor

    jeast417jeast4172 månader sedan
  • Oh yeah Ben anyone can shoot an apple a mile away while blindfolded, that is totally something Hawkeye can do and we’ll probably see his insane archery skills in the show to inspire his daughter

    Golden SaberGolden Saber2 månader sedan
  • Yeaah i thought sam becoming falcon was weird and then him getting the shield, like what why

    Paige LarsonPaige Larson2 månader sedan
  • Watch the show ending in them giving the shield to Morgan

    rachel.doremirachel.doremi2 månader sedan
  • Something I wanted to bring up: USAgent is a character from the comics and is actually a well stablished hero in his own right. The difference being that while Cap is a patriot, he's also the first to tell the government to stuff it if they step out of line, while USAgent is very much a "follow orders" guy. What I hope is that the show goes with that, and rather than make him a villain, he'll be more of a well-intentioned government agent (or puppet even) that only works against Sam and Bucky because clashing ideologies rather than mustache-twirling schemes.

    Juan MorenoJuan Moreno2 månader sedan
  • theres a lint on your shirt

    Glen Randall CanlasGlen Randall Canlas2 månader sedan
  • probably not lightning... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... .... ... ... BUT MAYBE

    Mia RoachMia Roach2 månader sedan
  • What if they made a movie based ALL on what captain America did when he time traveled since there’s so many questions.🔥🔥

    Alien Gamer13Alien Gamer132 månader sedan
  • I can believe Cap got a new shield made by the norse dwarves, I don't think it'll give Sam powers, honestly too far out in left field, mostly because one would then have to assume Cap enchanted it or one of the dwarves did and that doesn't make much sense to me.

    Noctis AtraNoctis Atra2 månader sedan
  • I can't wait for it.

    deanandjo4everdeanandjo4ever2 månader sedan
  • It should have gone to Bucky

    deanandjo4everdeanandjo4ever2 månader sedan
  • my birthday is on march 18th!

    TurboTurbo2 månader sedan
  • A little meta goes a long way and I bet they're right that there will be the internal challenge with Sam doubting himself as 'Captain America,' and U-S-Agent being an external challenge. But like they chose to segue to the football aspect. It's clearly going to have underlying social themes. I think this theory video would've been a lot better if they addressed that aspect directly instead of just insinuating it and hoping that those who know appreciate it and those who won't like it don't notice.

    sslaugh 1989sslaugh 19892 månader sedan
  • Browsing the internet is just like going to the bathroom...because that's the best time to browse the internet...also, the internet is $#1+.

    kurtreznorkurtreznor2 månader sedan
  • Maybe the shield has the power to be unbreakable and return to the throwers hand. It makes sense that the dwarfs can’t get any vibranium (it did come from space in a comet crashing in wakanda so this is kinda a hole in the theory) but it’s just made of a run-of-the-mill metal that has the power to be unbreakable and or return to the throwers hand.

    Alex WoodAlex Wood2 månader sedan
  • “12 out of 10 is pretty good” Like Hermione getting 112 out of 100

    1992Shahar1992Shahar2 månader sedan
  • This is what I think about the shield...it's just a shield, but perhaps made by different material(s)?

    NewThaiboy9119NewThaiboy91192 månader sedan
  • I.....you-......Ben does know what Bucky is short for, right?

    Malcolm MuhammadMalcolm Muhammad2 månader sedan
  • Plot twist the broken shield is the 1 from iron man which is used to hold up the thing he uses to make the new element

    JosephyaknowJosephyaknow2 månader sedan
  • The full title should be "Captains America: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" as by the time the show is over they are sharing the mantle. I've been wondering what kind of nano-tech the new shield has ever since I noticed the unusual seam lines in the silver band and within the star. I'm certian that it opens and either changes size, becomes an iron-man esque suit, or just emits some kind of energy field akin to the other wakanda tech.

    Cy WilliamsCy Williams2 månader sedan
  • I LOVE SAM, but you’re right in the films he hasn’t had much development 😂😂. My head-canon filled in all the left out details tho. Thanks to the cast amazing acting, You can FEEL Sam and Steve’s bond that has grown over the years.

    Chamberlain MacChamberlain Mac2 månader sedan
  • Love ya Ben, but Bucky's full name is James BUCHANAN Barnes, not "Buckingham" -.-;

    Ro994Ro9942 månader sedan
  • Great video, Ben! In case you were wondering, the purple villain's full given name is Thanostopher.

    Ben CraneBen Crane2 månader sedan
  • What you're describing is essentially the plot from Far From Home. I hope they don't repeat the "Living in someone's shadow" plot too heavily.

    Graeme AppleyardGraeme Appleyard2 månader sedan
  • Dont worry, we all cried during the Battle of Earth

    tiernan emketiernan emke2 månader sedan
  • How cool would it be if Bucky put his bionic fist on the star, and it activated the notches in it. Also, Jane was never left alone on Asguard while Freya was still alive.

    Tico TranTico Tran2 månader sedan
  • They can make me believe voldemort is sindroms 4 cosin

    tiffany :3tiffany :32 månader sedan
  • Isn't it possible that when returning the Tesseract he ran into Howard Stark and upon realizing his sheild had been destroyed Howard offered the schematics then when returning Mjolnir Thor's mom offers a solution to create a new one. Seeing as she knew present day Thor was from the future and that she would die on that day im sure she knew Steve would be returning with the Aether and Mjolnir and offered her assistance since he is worthy of wielding Mjolnir, however this is probably too much to go into detail through flashbacks unless in Thor: L&T it is fit in or Sam flat out goes into detail about how Steve acquired it, its probably gonna be a boring explanation.

    TokyoDeathGhoulTokyoDeathGhoul2 månader sedan
  • My personal theory is that the shield won't survive the MCU beyond the show. The reason I think this is because, as a part of the marketing for the new show they advertise not just who will get the shield as the big question but more accurately, WHAT will happen to the shield. Heres what I think will happen in the show. Sam Wilson (Falcon) will struggle to live up to the identity of Captain America, and as such Shield or Sword or WHOEVER will team him up with The Winter Soldier, or Bucky, as Bucky Barnes was the best friend of Captain America, and also the only other person who they know for a fact has used the shield before because of what happened in Civil War. Bucky will be given the job of teaching Sam how to use the shield and, more importantly, how to be captain america. As part of this teaching the 2 will also be grouped up together to take on whatever threats we see them fighting in the trailer. However, currently, until they can get a new captain america, they need someone to stand in and give the world hope as before this as we see in Peter's school detention, Captain America was used as a role model and inspirational figure. As such, in order to fill in the role of having a role model, they will hire the USAgent. However, the USAgent will actually secretly be working with the evil team, possibly Hydra, and as such will desire the shield for himself as Hydra tries to build the Dark Avengers (in the comics, a set of evil avengers that takes the public look of another group of even better heroes but actually is evil and trying to get rid of the actual avengers). As such, what I think will end up happening is Bucky and Sam get into a fight over who should actually have the shield or who is worthy, and the shield ends up in the hands of the USAgent, who goes on to be the villain of the series working for Hydra and as such trying to take down the Avengers in this case focusing on THe Falcon and Winter Soldier. In the end, the shield will end up destroyed as the ultimate moral is that no one can replace Captain America, but they should instead move on and be their own unique heroes. (though obviously, the USAgent will return later as a bigger villain as part of the Dark Avengers)

    Austin DAustin D2 månader sedan
  • Yeah your not alone. I think bucky would fit the role better than sam :/

    InfiniteNoteInfiniteNote2 månader sedan
  • You are not alone Ben... I'm right there with you

    HomelanderHomelander2 månader sedan
  • I just realized..... Is Sam just going to have the same development journey as Peter in FFH? Just ‘hey I want to be that awesome guy who’s dead/retired but I’ll never live up to him!’ ‘You don’t have to be the next _____, you’re you!’

    BerryPlaysBerryPlays2 månader sedan
  • I absolutely love this theory

    Doug HinmanDoug Hinman2 månader sedan
  • i mean the old shield defied physics, so maybe it already had powers

    Gio RGio R2 månader sedan
  • Please please please read some comics on Falcon, he's a great fit for Cap's mantel. Hes awesome but he does think a bit like Cap. He absolutely deserves being the next Captain America 🥰

    Valyeria's CornerValyeria's Corner2 månader sedan
  • "You close the door right?" Nope... It's only my wife and I. We're open about that stuff.

    CatgoatCatgoat2 månader sedan
  • Do more avengers

    Unsplattable anything you can think ofUnsplattable anything you can think of2 månader sedan
    • Do it

      Unsplattable anything you can think ofUnsplattable anything you can think of2 månader sedan
  • i think it is a play on the first movie, steve was not "worthy" in the eyes of the Capitan to be the super-soldier, even trying to place another stronger more "fit" character to take his place when he was talking to the creator of the superpower juice. I say it is a play on that because bucky is the "clear choice " but as the creator of the juice Jaja chose steve for his heart and potential, the Capitan chose sam for the same reason.

    Diego Del CastilloDiego Del Castillo2 månader sedan
  • This year is going to be a good one for any mcu fan😊

    MissSaCeMissSaCe2 månader sedan
  • *Ben;* You know who's going to make this all worse: *Me;* J Jonah Jameson!

    Avalyn EsparciaAvalyn Esparcia2 månader sedan
  • In Spider-Man homecoming Tony made a another prototype shield for Cap, so he just went back and grabbed that

    Obi CapObi Cap2 månader sedan
  • I think that falcon and the winter soilder will be about sam grappling with caps legacy and trying to live up to it, but in the end sam will give away the shield and the name to another character the government wants to give it to and becomes falcon, now that would be character development! Edit: I wrote this before I watched this video, and now im just waaaay more sure about it

    Francis GFrancis G2 månader sedan
  • What if Old Man Cap witnessed Sam being Captain America in a different timeline, and he knew that Sam must be Captain America in this timeline, that’s why he decided to make him a shield

    MonicaMonica2 månader sedan
  • But the shield doesn’t make cap he is awesome just because he is

    Roni Ben-ShirRoni Ben-Shir2 månader sedan
  • anyone else think that the abc series "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." could give us some insight on what went on between "The Avengers" and "Infinity Wars"

    Desmond BenjaminDesmond Benjamin2 månader sedan
  • A Cap shield made of uru? That'd be cool. "Whosoever flings this frisbee, should he be Worthy shall have the powers of bending physics"

    Victor PenaVictor Pena2 månader sedan
  • Did they ever mention what kind of supply of Pym Particles Steve had with him? They were rationing them the first time through because they didn't have anyone who could make more, but by the time Steve went to set the timelines straight, they could have had Hank manufacture quite a lot. So that would mean Steve would have easy access to Howard Stark, vibranium from Wakanda, and the forge at Nidavellir, all at the same "time".

    JokesInBase13JokesInBase132 månader sedan
  • did ya get ever think cap entrusting shield to Sam was for Sam to find next cap

    Miss Amanda's worldMiss Amanda's world2 månader sedan
  • I don't think Sam should end up with the shield. He has his own style and unless he gets superpowers or is can fly around his Falcon suit it would seem more like deconstructing him instead of building him up. Sam needs to prove himself worthy, to himself, then decide that he doesn't need the shield.

    Br1330Br13302 månader sedan
  • So... Another Far From Home

    Alexander WuAlexander Wu2 månader sedan
  • In the comics, Cap's shield is made of a unique mixture of vibranium, adamantium, and an unknown substance which was implied to be uru, the substance Mjolnir is made from.

    NoJusticeNoPeaceNoJusticeNoPeace2 månader sedan
  • "Thanoposis, Thanoshis."

    James BaconJames Bacon2 månader sedan
  • I feel like you’re overthinking this, he went back in time and he could’ve gotten a shield at any time in his new life considering everyone knows who he is and would make him a new shield, I like the theory though.

    EliEli2 månader sedan
  • Is anyone else going to mention the fluff on his shirt at the beginning or?

    EmberEmber2 månader sedan
  • who gets excited about the intro tho.....

    Hannah SalazarHannah Salazar2 månader sedan
  • i’m guessing When captain America was in the past he retrieved his shield from the past or Wauconda scientist could’ve made a new one or Zuri so yeah

    Mr BrokeMr Broke2 månader sedan
  • Okay please do a video explaining this... It is kinda weird that in the new episode of Wandavision, Pietro has a second where he appears as dead by Wanda. However, this Pietro is from a different universe, so why did she see his dead body in stead of imagining MCU Pietro, because they have already said within the show that he is not MCU Pietro... Pietro from the MCU is dead, not pietro from X-Men. Could Pietro be Mephisto messing with Wanda? Also X-Men Apocalypse is set in the 1980’s, and Pietro showed up in the 80’s episode of Wandavision, coincidence? I think not! Also another thing to add which is weird about X-Men Pietro, is that he is aware of everything that is going on. He constantly shows that Wanda cannot or will not fully control him like the rest of Westview, like when he says “it’s not like your dead husband can die twice right?”. Is there a possible answer for this other than Pietro being some sort of Rouge set by Mephisto or whoever is helping/controlling Wanda, because surely she cant be doing this ALL by herself, and in the comics Billy and Tommy are born via Mephisto.

    The Avocado WhispererThe Avocado Whisperer2 månader sedan