Ben Gets Glasses | Popcorn Culture

19 feb 2021
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Ben and J discuss: corny jokes, The Bachelor(ette), seating charts, Virginia Tech Football, Ben’s Best Summer, intentionally mismatched socks, and what we call ourselves.
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  • The popcorn bucket is the true host of popcorn culture

    Michelle McCrearyMichelle McCreary7 timmar sedan
  • About the orchestra thing. I'm not in band but coming from a choir perspective I know we are are grouped together to help us with our pitch. It makes it easier for us to here each and stay on the same note.

    Totally Crazy StudiosTotally Crazy Studios12 dagar sedan
  • As someone who has done chorus all my time in highschool if altos were mixed with sopranos we would get off tune because sopranos had the melody so it was easy to get it mixed up. If altos werent all together then we would end up singing the melody and get off tune. Same for the tenors and bass singers. Having everyone in sections keeps the harmony together because if we have the wrong tune in our ears while trying to sing the correct notes its easy to mess up. Im assuming that is also the case with instruments. So many things is going on when your doing a performance its easy to mess up. Like try listening to a popular song and singing the lower notes or something the none common melody in the song. You would mess up and sing the melody like the singer because its what you hear so you try to mimic it Edit: No I always take my shoes off immediately when I get home. I would walk around barefoot or with socks all over the place if I could. I live on campus and if its late at night I will just walk downstairs to get like food i ordered or something with just my socks on.

    LivGeneralLivGeneral16 dagar sedan
  • Yes, that's exactly what seating charts are for.

    Professor J SargeProfessor J Sarge17 dagar sedan
  • Btw it would change the sound if the instruments were moved because some instruments such as flutes and clarinets are quieter then other instruments such as trombone or trumpet so flute and clarinet would be less likely to be heard if some of them were in the back and it would probably still affect them if they were just scattered too

    Maya SimpsonMaya Simpson18 dagar sedan
  • Just got mine last week

    Anna BrownAnna Brown18 dagar sedan
  • I played flute throughout Jr. High and High School, and in my district, if you were in band, you were in all the bands (marching, concert). We didn't have an orchestra. Anyway, yes, you can't hear the flutes during marching season, but some of us would play piccolo during marching season. It may be the smallest instrument, but that sound will cut right through due to its high pitch. So, that's the way the flute music comes through in a marching band.

    Jn MsksJn Msks22 dagar sedan
  • Where did Ben get those glasses?

    Brandon KmiecikBrandon Kmiecik27 dagar sedan
  • What is Ben looking at off screen the entire podcast? lol

    Dan JeffersonDan Jefferson28 dagar sedan
  • I’m team free feet. I don’t like wearing shoes and only wear socks at home and in bed if I’m freezing otherwise no socks to bed and I wear slides/slippers around the house and only so I don’t get my feet dirty. I even prefer to wear slides driving.

    AndreenAndreenMånad sedan
  • I thought the pebble would want to "rock" somebody's world

    Sam CannonSam CannonMånad sedan
  • on the first day of high school a girl from my middle school always got the bus with me and she knew my name but I forgot hers so I avoided using her name for 2-3 weeks until I finally had to ask :/ (it was Emma)

    Larissa WuLarissa WuMånad sedan
  • Why's there one private video?

    Zach WZach WMånad sedan
    • In this playlist of popcorn culture

      Zach WZach WMånad sedan
  • Ben in vogue fan fiction

    Caleb TwistCaleb TwistMånad sedan
  • Where I live, you never keep shoes on inside the house. Except maybe if there's a party or something and people go in and out all the time.

    Colaman112Colaman112Månad sedan
  • I thought j didn’t wear shoes

    Ashley ShortAshley ShortMånad sedan
  • Hi Carlin Brothers! My aunt is a teacher and she invited her class to come to the ceremony when she got married but she did not invite them to the reception because thats a lot of money lol! At the time she was a second grade teacher and she had like 12 kids and whoever their chaperone was to come see the ceremony it was super cute honestly you can tell they all really loved her as a teacher!

    Amanda HowarthAmanda HowarthMånad sedan
  • As a teacher I seat for behaviors. That's literally the only consideration. If u can't behave I have to move you...or everyone.

    HumanHumanMånad sedan
  • B, J & T sounds like a very British pastime.

    waterdrinkerwaterdrinkerMånad sedan
  • I mean, I always end up watching the eps with J, so 🤷🏻‍♀️

    rachel.doremirachel.doremiMånad sedan
  • I think the reason they are separated by instruments for the conductor. The soprano, alto, tenor, bass sections are also separated I assume. I am not musically inclined, so, meh... idk...

    rachel.doremirachel.doremiMånad sedan
  • I was forsed to sit next to this person who hated me I also hated them and it was a well known fact in class that we hated each other and I still don’t know what Thay where trying to do because she kicked me every day!!

    MidlynxMidlynxMånad sedan
  • Can I listen to this on Spotify??

    MidlynxMidlynxMånad sedan
  • I had a coworker whos name was nicolaus and he HATED when ppl called him Nick! He was a nice guy and wouldnt say much about it, so I'd correct ppl all the time like oh he actually likes people to use his full name. But its hard when the name is long ppl get lazy and dont wanna say the full name constantly. Lol My name is Desera and for the longest time I hated when ppl would shorten it to Desi. BUT when i got to HS everyone started doing it and I gave up correcting ppl. lol Now Ill answer to almost anything.

    Desera BaileyDesera BaileyMånad sedan
  • Who says no to a VT football game?!

    Joe NappiJoe NappiMånad sedan
  • For the orchestra question, yes it does matter. Like J said, different instruments are just naturally louder and their sound carries better, thus why you need like the flute at the front and trumpets near the back

    Briann ABriann AMånad sedan
  • definitely with J on the shoes

    Jack JonesJack JonesMånad sedan
  • I mean in marching band most of the time you have woodwinds and stuff up front so you can hear them over the brass and drums.

    Nick AndrewsNick AndrewsMånad sedan

    DLG GamingDLG GamingMånad sedan
  • Wow J is wearing shoes today!

    Jacqueline EllisJacqueline EllisMånad sedan
  • It would disrupt the section ENTIRELY, it would be SO MUCH harder to play your part hearing 5 different instruments playing ENTIRELY differently part around you and not being able to follow the harmony you are playing... they section people off in order to most efficiently teach the music to each instrument. It would be DISASTROUS not to be seated together... as a musician, I’m a little disappointed in how lightly you guys asked this question

    Anna RushlauAnna RushlauMånad sedan
  • I want to be Bens G.O.B of the week one day

    kira Campbellkira CampbellMånad sedan
  • Ben looks like he's ready to use some power tools

    Hunter LeeHunter LeeMånad sedan
  • I got invited to my pre schools teachers wedding reception

    Lauren MillsLauren MillsMånad sedan
  • My teachers organize us for behavior but we always have to sit in the spot for contact tracing they will no where we are sitting in case someone gets exposed to COVID and we only get moved if we are talking to much

    Lauren MillsLauren MillsMånad sedan
  • I think it would make each instruments sound less strong if they were scattered. And In marching band your still with you instrument

    Lauren MillsLauren MillsMånad sedan
  • For a second there I thought the joke was “corny joke” get like popcorny

    Lauren MillsLauren MillsMånad sedan
  • Sonically it would make little difference, but it would be harder for a conductor to give direction to any certain section. In any symphony performance you are listening to the piece as interpreted by the conductor, not the piece as played by the symphony (hopefully - if not then mistakes have been made). And yes professionals still share stands. This way the higher chair continues to play as the lower turns the page.

    toanzhoutoanzhouMånad sedan
  • So first of all there are no saxes in a standart symphony orchestra. Mixing the position of the instruments would cause a whole lot of havock. 1. It would make it impossible for the conductor to give cues to a single group of instruments. 2. most of the time two people look at the same sheet of music, which reduces space taken by stands and so on. 3. Each group of instrument has a person who everyone looks up to and who is in charge of things such as bowing and so on. This would be really confusing, if you had to search for that person or even if he/she is seated behind you. 4. You would loose the asthetic of synchronised bowings, trombones usw. 5. Instruments like percussion are placed near the back so they are not in the way of other people when taken place and also they might be big and blocking the sight to the conductor. 6. The Sound would be harder to follow, because melodies would come from multiple directions. Of course the playing at the same time would be quite more difficult for the individual player. There are a couple of other things, but those are the ones I could came up with on the spot.

    Benny RamlowBenny RamlowMånad sedan
  • Same with my dad, his name is James and people who don’t know him call him Jim or Jimmy, he hates it 😂

    Livster LoveLivster LoveMånad sedan
  • Shoes and tie all day until bed! My family makes fun of me.

    Michael Calkins [Basic HS]Michael Calkins [Basic HS]Månad sedan
  • Is that GOB of the week also the Master of illusions?

    Adam RabeAdam RabeMånad sedan
  • 42:14 I have those same socks!! One is white and red striped and the other is blue with white stars! 😱😁🥳

    Allies GalaxyAllies GalaxyMånad sedan
  • 13:07 yes it does matter. i’m in band and we did a test on this. it sounds worse every section scattered

    Allies GalaxyAllies GalaxyMånad sedan
  • As teachers we definitely know who likes who and who doesn’t. 😂 I personally do my best to seat my students near at least one person they like or work well with. 🤗 but yes, definitely have tried to play Cupid. 💘

    Kelly ShaverKelly ShaverMånad sedan
  • I wasn't in orchestra or band, but I was in choir, and we did "mixed formation" all the time. It was way more challenging because you couldn't always hear other people singing your part, but he payoff was that the sound was INCREDIBLE. It prevents the left-ear-phone vs. right-ear-phone effect and it blends so much better.

    Reagan WrightReagan WrightMånad sedan
  • "All Rocks Are Constanly Losing Courage" is a wonderful song title

    Alexia VAlexia VMånad sedan
  • Musician here, yes the instructions must be together! This way you can hear each other and tune to each other. For marching band they still try and keep the sections relatively together, even if we’re all moving around.

    Beth NielsenBeth NielsenMånad sedan
  • Why people tend to sit together in band is that it helps to hear your section while playing to tune and such, it also looks nicer, some people do share music, it helps the conductor, and I think it does effect the sound. I was in band and we once did an exercise where you sat next to a different instrument (I played low brass and sat next to a clarinet), from a musicians pov, this made us need to like trust ourselves while playing because it was harder to hear the others playing your instrument. I'm not sure if that makes sense but I'm currently at that part of the video and I couldn't help but comment why that is. This is coming from someone who was always in band and not a professional so I may be wrong.

    Lucy with DiamondsLucy with DiamondsMånad sedan
  • Sitting instruments in sections is to make it easier for the conductor to direct

    James WhiteJames WhiteMånad sedan
  • I usually side more with J, but I really relate to Ben on the shoe issue!!!!!

    Viperwick StudiosViperwick StudiosMånad sedan
  • Hey just a thought- if you guys could post the old podcasts on this channel but like with the SCB logo cause idk if I’m the only one but I like almost exclusive listen to podcasts on SEworld cause I like the comment section

    Victoria AlonsoVictoria AlonsoMånad sedan
  • ep7 of wanadvision

    Adam BigsbyAdam BigsbyMånad sedan
  • I just started listening to the podcast series after watching these and I'm laughing because you literally have the same conversation about shoes coming off and J's name in your pilot episode. You even share the same explanation verbatim haha seems like you have to explain it enough that you have it rehearsed.

    Steven AndersonSteven AndersonMånad sedan
  • Great podcast!!!

    Malte HansenMalte HansenMånad sedan
  • What if When The avengers let Loki free in endgame present day Loki got more powerful and Put a the town in an illusion to distract everyone for a secret plan

    ItachitheassassinItachitheassassinMånad sedan
  • Hey I’m u won’t read this guys but a book by jk Rowling is out called the icabog it’s really good I hope u will read it and maybe do some theory’s on it?

    Steven CarenduffSteven CarenduffMånad sedan
  • I have a Harry Potter question! Okay so I was listening to the deathly hallows and it said that Dumbledore had destroyed the stone in the horcrux ring. But later when Harry gets the stone from the snitch he is able to use it. Does this mean the Elder wand might still be able to be used?

    Victoria TowellVictoria TowellMånad sedan
  • I listen to my podcast at x2 speed so I had to change the video speed

    Siena PayneSiena PayneMånad sedan
  • Well you could easily do a mismatch sock section have one J one B or one with few of Js fave things and one with Bens fave things etc

    JustDannyJustDannyMånad sedan
  • Hi my name is Erin my older sister clare has been a fan of your channel for a while now, she is really kind and smart. If you would give her a shout-out it would make her so happy. (Also I got her some of your hot coco for Christmas and it is sooooooo good.)

    Erin EarleyErin EarleyMånad sedan
  • Hi so I've been rewatching the HP and FB movies and I just came up with a theory... not sure if it's already been done or not, but here it is. Why does it seem that Dumbledore aged really quickly? Well what if the reason for it is because he sat wasting away in front of the Mirror of Erised? He himself told Harry in CoS 'Wizards have sat wasting in front of this mirror, for that reason it will be moved' what if he was talking about not just other wizards, but also about himself. Sat watching himself and Grindelwald when they were younger 🤷🏼‍♀️

    MissLolz93MissLolz93Månad sedan
  • Please watch Dark Crystal and its show they need more love its a Jim Henson and Frank Oz love child and Jim's daughters carried it on with a show that its season 2 got cancelled cuz no one watched it

    Bored ChildBored ChildMånad sedan
  • I also take me shoes off at work 😂 and Ben, outdoor street germs all over your house! ;)

    LauraLauraMånad sedan
  • Flappy bird is the app ben is thinking about that was made by one person

    Steve McEvillySteve McEvillyMånad sedan
  • 5:00 he’s talking about five nights at Freddy‘s

    Cookie And me 23Cookie And me 23Månad sedan
  • Don’t worry Jay, I don’t like shoes either! ( if I’m indoors their off!;)

    Golden Light PicturesGolden Light PicturesMånad sedan
  • day 1 of getting scb to do percy jackson theory

    Jamie HendersonJamie HendersonMånad sedan
  • I'm definitely the same as Ben when it comes to shoes.

    EmEmMånad sedan
  • Could be pretty cool to have some type of giveaway or something for the kernels where you get the chance to be a G.O.B. at one of the football games !

    Seth DaviesSeth DaviesMånad sedan
  • Answer to the question to the musically inclined In an absolutely perfect world, moving the instruments wouldn’t really change too much since everyone would just be playing perfectly, but in our reality, humans are not perfect, and guaranteeing that all the instruments within each section are blending their sound well is very hard when you aren’t right next to them to hear them. Sometimes as a practice thing, we would scatter randomly around the band room and play our parts just to help US Open our ears to other things, and it wasn’t awful

    Joey BlackJoey BlackMånad sedan
  • Next video ideas: -(ATLA) what would’ve happened if Aang never ran away when the fire nation attacked

    aaliyahyaaliyahy2 månader sedan
  • Next Quiz you should do it Opposite where J wears shoes and Ben doesn't wear shoes and see how well you do.

    GotelcGotelc2 månader sedan
  • I can’t speak to the effect of the placement of instruments in a band, but as far as a choir goes it certainly changes the sound. When I was performing with the region choir last year (back when we could perform) our director intentionally had us jumble around for a specific song because she liked the way it effected the sound to better match the tone of the piece.

    AveryAvery2 månader sedan
  • A bunch of people have already said it, but yeah: it's less to do with sound and projection and such and more to do with the performers themselves. A flute, for example, doesn't tend to play same notes as a sax, from my limited experience and memory. Therefore, put the performers with their sections, and you tend to alleviate that issue.

    J.A.S HawkinsJ.A.S Hawkins2 månader sedan
  • Girls is Ben’s Middle School: I dwell in darkness without you! Same girls next day: it went away.

    MorsecodeZMorsecodeZ2 månader sedan
  • Is that Rode podcast interface in the intro @0:04 the same Darcy has on her sword desk when she’s taking notes in Wandavision at the end of episode 1?

    Kyle WoodardKyle Woodard2 månader sedan
  • My first grade teacher invited her whole class to her wedding all the girls were flower girls and all the boys were ushers and her fiancée used to come to the classroom all the time we even made birthday cards for his birthday she made us hide and surprise him with all the birthday cards I’m not making this up

    Christina McClungChristina McClung2 månader sedan
  • Oh, Ben don't be that guy that wears glasses that they don't need to wear

    stecky87stecky872 månader sedan
  • It depends on what you're talking about, if you scatter them around the whole auditorium, it allows the audience to connect more to the music, but if you're talking about just mixing the players' seats so that they're not with their respective parts, it would just make it harder for the players to hear their part and fix tuning issues, and wouldn't change the overall sound.

    Alexa CorreiaAlexa Correia2 månader sedan
  • Band question: it would sound different because there would be so much chaos that the conductors would quit and then it would sound VERY different

    Red dwarferRed dwarfer2 månader sedan
  • J should definitely pull the “I’m older and therefore I am the host” card. It’s a shallow argument but isn’t this why we are here.

    Red dwarferRed dwarfer2 månader sedan
  • I believe the app Ben was thinking of was actually Flappy Bird.

    Tigger's LapTigger's Lap2 månader sedan
  • I love it when you guys talk about things that you don’t know about and ask how things work but also speculate on how you think it works . Always a good laugh

    Dalton DerrickDalton Derrick2 månader sedan
  • My second grade teacher invited all of us to her wedding, but only to the hors doeuvres and ceremony.

    SpelldaddySpelldaddy2 månader sedan
  • We know why J doesn't take the scenic route; J doesnt wear shoes while recording

    Gloria AGloria A2 månader sedan
  • As a British person, the thought of wearing shoes in the house is just repulsive. There was also a maths teacher at my school who never wore shoes and it was very very weird

    Georgia WardleGeorgia Wardle2 månader sedan
  • The placement of different instrument groups matters for sure! The timbres of different instruments are placed strategically. If the flutes were behind the percussion, you might not hear them. Also, many professionals still share music! When I write for orchestra, I might say “first stand” meaning that I just want two players to play that particular part. Also, the conductor needs to know where different instruments are! It would be impossible to give a cue to instruments that are randomly seated. Thoughts from a music teacher and recreational composer. 🎶

    Tricia GloriosoTricia Glorioso2 månader sedan
  • What do you call a Russian man with 3 testicles? Who'dyanickabollockov

    Georgia WardleGeorgia Wardle2 månader sedan
  • Middle school teacher here and et me tell you, making a sitting chart is like strategizing a battle plan ! You have to separate the trouble makers, pair up good students with others in difficulty, accommodate kids with glasses in the front, those who need a lot of help somewhere you can easily reach them... and then there are the enemies, the bad influences, the loner kid you are trying to help make friends... it can be a nightmare with some groups ! But I'm not gonna lie, if we notice crushes that we approve of, we can be tempted to play Cupid ^^

    Solenn G.Solenn G.2 månader sedan
  • Please make Game of thrones content too.

    Arham JainArham Jain2 månader sedan
  • I mean if ben is the one true host, J is the G.O.B.

    penelope rat-stormpenelope rat-storm2 månader sedan
  • my teachers always put me next to my crush... i have always wondered if it was intentional

    penelope rat-stormpenelope rat-storm2 månader sedan
  • conductor needs to be able to signal to a whole section in unison and also players should be tuning to the other people in their section. your whole flute section should ultimately end up sounding like one loud flautist and so on and so forth

    JaeJae2 månader sedan
  • Bands/orchestras sit in sections for the performers sake. Mixing is rehearsal exercise for some occasions, but it helps to sit in sections. Now the flutes can hear the flutes and stay in tune and make sure they're not breathing at the same time (big no-no). They can keep track of their parts together and make sure they play everything EXACTLY the same way. In summary, the seating is for the performers, not the audience.

    ThePrequalThePrequal2 månader sedan
  • My brother’s name is Johnathan. But I have never called him that. I’ve always called him Bubba.

    Lois CooperLois Cooper2 månader sedan
  • I also prefer to not wear shoes. If I can not be wearing shoes, I don’t. Especially at home or in the car.

    Lois CooperLois Cooper2 månader sedan
  • I was going to comment "you forgot the corny joke" but you got there eventually hahaha. Nice work The One True Host (Ben).

    Rees HopperRees Hopper2 månader sedan
  • I remember in 8th grade my engineering teacher switched our seats and the night before, I wished on a star that I would be put next to my crush, and the next day I got put next to my crush, and that is why I believe in wishing on stars

    JustTheFailureJustTheFailure2 månader sedan
  • I am an instructional assistant in a 3rd grade class and I play Cupid with the starting chart! 💘 STORY TIME: I monitor and talk with the kids at lunch and I overheard a boy telling his friends he liked this girl and that girl telling her friends she Ikeda that boy, so when the seating chart was being made I advocated for them to sit next to each other by saying that I thought they would work well together. They have been sitting next to each other and young "love" (or whatever it would be called between 3rd graders) is budding😊

    Sarah CallahanSarah Callahan2 månader sedan