What Is Agatha’s Plan? | WandaVision Theory

25 feb 2021
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Today Ben dives into the MCU to try and decide what Agnes’ aka Agatha Harkness’ evil plan truly is and why she needs Billy and Tommy to carry it out! Plus who will be the ‘Luke Skywalker level’ cameo?? What are Monica’s powers? Is Doctor Strange involved?
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  • Will the twins be rescued or are they part of a larger background plot??

    SuperCarlinBrothersSuperCarlinBrothersMånad sedan
    • Shaggy Rogers me too

      Avalyn EsparciaAvalyn EsparciaMånad sedan
    • Saving the twins will be Doctor Strange 2 plot. They told you Wandavision it its tie in.

      JCinLapelJCinLapelMånad sedan
    • ???

      Mike McQuaryMike McQuaryMånad sedan
    • I’ve tried so hard to get into Wanda vision but I can’t I just don’t get it so I’m gonna have to pass sorry 😞

      beryl gilliganberyl gilliganMånad sedan
    • Wanda didn't even steal the visions body, but I think I just found your video later than the newest episode.

      Steel HornSteel HornMånad sedan
  • is it just me, or is anyone confused on how vision and the kids are using their powers if wanda created the entire westview setup?

    Vishwa ChagantiVishwa Chaganti3 dagar sedan
  • Dont forget about film theory who also had that theory.

    Joshua MarsdenJoshua Marsden6 dagar sedan
  • Lol watching this waaaay later 🤣😂

    joshua leratjoshua lerat26 dagar sedan
  • Up top

    Maddox PenningtonMaddox Pennington28 dagar sedan
  • 1:47 AGAIN! Stop spoiling a major show that this is not about without first giving a spoiler warning. I'm losing faith in you guys.

    PhoutianPhillPhoutianPhillMånad sedan
  • And yes that song is really catchy

    Miss KatMiss KatMånad sedan
  • WANDA DIDNT STEAL HIS BODY Im pretty sure at least.

    Miss KatMiss KatMånad sedan
  • This video didn't age well

    Joshua MawuliJoshua MawuliMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/tv/3sznuotAs2ohg_U__Jzj_Q.html

    theory mantheory manMånad sedan
  • Ima just say i called the last episode i mean people kept saying that agetha and wanda are going to fight cause their powers are similer but so were white vision and hex vision

    Divina MonzonDivina MonzonMånad sedan
  • So Stan Lee is a Nexus Being then, obviously?

    Nae WatersNae WatersMånad sedan
  • Are those books in Dr Strange locked away in hexes??!!

    00juls0000juls00Månad sedan
  • I feel like we need a tshirt with “say hello to the star of the show” and a bunny silhouette...and then of course in the fine print “demonic bunny devil”

    00juls0000juls00Månad sedan
  • I’m just here for my promised high five. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I got the Spy Kids joke...🙋🏻‍♀️

    00juls0000juls00Månad sedan
  • The actress who plays Agatha also plays Doc Oak in Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

    Sean CollinsSean CollinsMånad sedan
  • I kinda want to see "Spider-man: Home, Home on the Range" now.

    Chris ConcannonChris ConcannonMånad sedan
  • It's funny how many little things they got right but also how many big things they got wrong.

    C.B. CookC.B. CookMånad sedan
  • Who's that girl next door, living in the haunted mansion? You'd better learn my name, 'cause it's Ashley! She knows the darkest spells, and she brews the meanest potions You might be the ingredient I seek! Don't let yourself be fooled by her innocent demeanor You should be afraid of the great Ashley! RIGHT??

    XeroOXeroOMånad sedan
  • Su evas su pleh nam dam a si poolf.

    Lacey ShadowsLacey ShadowsMånad sedan
  • I have a feeling this question will be lost in the void, BUT what evidence was there that Agatha wanted the twins?

    Prentice NelsonPrentice NelsonMånad sedan
  • Anyone else really want them to do a review of WandaVision like they do for Movies?

    Emily SwansonEmily SwansonMånad sedan
  • What a disappointment, I thought he was going to say "the hex out of the rest of us" at 5:55...

    T'Pyn TavykT'Pyn TavykMånad sedan
  • Watching this and seeing yey Disney+ have released their finale, Interesting to see If all your theories continue to be spot on:)

    AngelFrosthiaAngelFrosthiaMånad sedan
  • Wait.. Nicholas scratch is a character in Sabrina chilling adventures too

    Mouza LootahMouza LootahMånad sedan
  • Here's a beauty of a theory I had the other day... In the Civil War comics, Spidey goes public with his identity and things go very badly. Who does he turn to in order to fix things? Dr. Steven Strange and Mephisto. We already have it confirmed that Dr. Strange is appearing in No Way Home, could they be setting up a similar story arc? If so, Peter has to also sacrifice his relationship with MJ in the comics to seal the deal, but with no MJ really present to the same extent in the movies, what else might be given up?

    Stefan JentoftStefan JentoftMånad sedan
  • Here's what's really throwing me for a loop. For as convincing as Agatha was in talking about trying to break Wanda out of her depression, if that was the main goal, why stop Monica talking to her when progress was actually on the verge of being made? I think that moment has way more significance than we currently realize or understand...

    Stefan JentoftStefan JentoftMånad sedan
  • I think like I’m the end maybe the twins are going to fight Agatha showing how powerful they really are..also are you gonna do a video about Spider-Man whatever it is now called, so basically the third on e

    Manci MesterManci MesterMånad sedan
  • Wandavision put the whole fandom and all of its theorists in confusion and that was Marvel's plan.

    Lacey CookLacey CookMånad sedan
  • UP TOP!

    Jonah SmithJonah SmithMånad sedan
  • 12:32 its called Spiderman No Way Home officially

    Alastair MoodieAlastair MoodieMånad sedan
  • Cool. Upon doing some research of my own I learned that Agatha Harkness is a supporting character in the Fantastic Four world as well. Is she our first step to a Fantastic Four appearance in the MCU?

    TreyTreyMånad sedan
  • Bettany and Cumberbatch have shared scenes in Creation!!

    Danny DonnellyDanny DonnellyMånad sedan
  • I personally think it's all going towards the Young Avengers story line. Wiccan and Speed don't recall their life as Wanda and Vision kids, go into different families and when they meet in the Young Avengers, realise they are twins and slowly find out about their birth and parents. After all, they are setting everything up for it. The Hawkeye series, Ms Marvel series, Cassie Lang being recasted for the new Ant-Man movie, Ironheart being announced at Disney's Investor Day, the Loki tv-show giving the possibility of Kid Loki to show up, Harley Keener showing up at Tony"s funeral could be hinting at him becoming Iron Lad (although Morgan Stark and Kang the Conqueror are also both possibilities), America Chavez being introduced in the next Doctor Strange movie... We're really just missing Billy and Tommy for all of them to be set up. Agatha has them and MCU will probably use her to set up Wiccan and Speed to Young Avengers in a very similar way they do in the comics.

    linguistylinguistyMånad sedan
  • Agatha all along has been stuck in my head for almost 2 weeks now.

    Lucas BustilloLucas BustilloMånad sedan
  • I actually was thinking that Ralph is Mefesto.

    Roary HayesRoary HayesMånad sedan
  • Ghost rider!

    Captain GalaxyCaptain GalaxyMånad sedan
  • I don't think Dr Strange would be a "Luke Skywalker level" cameo. It would be cool but not crazy. Plus Paul Bettany has worked with Benedict Cumberbatch outside of the MCU

    DollaramaDollaramaMånad sedan
  • the rabbit is actually an evil guy? the Thundermans

    MSKMSKMånad sedan
  • Wanda didn't steal vision

    SugarKane51SugarKane51Månad sedan
  • Didn’t anyone see Wanda take the pill after the commercial

    Sleep LifeSleep LifeMånad sedan
  • Theory: the Luke skywalker level cameo is Loki, because why not?

    Alex WoodAlex WoodMånad sedan
  • im 100% expecting a wandavision j vs ben after the series is done

    Jakub KonečnýJakub KonečnýMånad sedan
  • Wait, so The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and the MCU are connected?!?!

    MirrorCityMirrorCityMånad sedan
  • Love the videos but I’m here for the beard 👀

    Jay RupleJay RupleMånad sedan
  • scb making relevant theories that make sense: marvel: *sadistic chuckling in the background* ha you thought *adds plot twist*

    Isabela MarquezIsabela MarquezMånad sedan
  • Have you watched Episode 8?

    Miyu SawaiMiyu SawaiMånad sedan
  • Omg is Hayward actually Mephisto?

    Joshua MorganJoshua MorganMånad sedan
  • Wanda - White, Vision - See - Wanda Vision to see white... Agatha = Good Peter/Peitro - Rock - Stability Haywood : Enclosed Wood Dotty : Mildly insane or eccentric ... I suspect Dotty ...

    David HedgesDavid HedgesMånad sedan
  • Last time on Agatha all along who’s been messing up everything it’s been Agatha all along who’s been pulling every evil string It’s been Agatha it’s been Agatha it’s been Agatha all along Just a little longer It’s building up momentum Oh, and I killled sparky too HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    Kieran FrancisKieran FrancisMånad sedan
  • If Señor Scratchy is Mephisto, can we have Dottie sing "It Must Be Bunnies?"

    Molly MattinglyMolly MattinglyMånad sedan
  • Considering Pietro and Wanda’s powers were given to them them trough experiments at hydra how does one of her kids have identical powers to Pietro?

    TurquoiseJessaTurquoiseJessaMånad sedan
  • It's really weird watching these after the next episode has come out! Seeing them get some bits so right and other bits so soooooo wrong :D

    artizakartizakMånad sedan
  • I think you guys should check out emergency awesome he has A LOT of comic book knowledge and BTS of this show

    VvampiraVvampiraMånad sedan
  • Everyone's commenting about how catchy "Agatha All Along" is and I am wildly confused because for whatever reason I cannot seem to keep it in my brain??? Like maybe I didn't listen to it enough times, but it's just not sticking for me??? XD Either way, I look forward to what you guys have to say about Episode 8!

    Violin CameosViolin CameosMånad sedan
  • 👋✋👋✋

    maya Judymaya JudyMånad sedan
  • Scrat? Like from Ice Age?!

    The Vault The Official ChannelThe Vault The Official ChannelMånad sedan
  • If Mark Hamill shows up in the finale, I’ll explode from happiness.

    The Vault The Official ChannelThe Vault The Official ChannelMånad sedan
  • I think that she’s planning to harvest the boys. Then, Wanda. To break loose Mephisto/Ralph.

    The Vault The Official ChannelThe Vault The Official ChannelMånad sedan
  • The BE Keeper is the hex adjusting the guy in the environment suit that was useless into the 60s time frame. The honey comb is one of the most commonly seen hexagons in nature. It is a symbol of prosperity and fertility in the bible and most witch covens.

    JCinLapelJCinLapelMånad sedan
  • Who is here after episode 8

    Ryantube GamingRyantube GamingMånad sedan
  • I had to rewatch the video because I was distracted by how many times his chair moved XD.

    Delauria TerrellDelauria TerrellMånad sedan
  • Agatha's book may be the Darkhold book from Agents of SHIELD....

    Felipe Andrés Vasquez TortFelipe Andrés Vasquez TortMånad sedan
  • The next episode parodies the modern power rangers you guys get ready

    2021 Trooper2021 TrooperMånad sedan
  • It's been Agatha all along!!!! I knew that Agnes was Agatha Harkness pretty much since the first few episodes. But I didn't think Agatha would have her own song! :))))

    Regina DaviesRegina DaviesMånad sedan
  • The kids are strung up

  • Maybe Hayward lied and Wanda never took Visions body. Maybe he has Visions body and is just looking for power to turn it on.

    Daniel DishonDaniel DishonMånad sedan
  • Maybe she doesn't need the twins. Maybe shes just a nosey witch trying to figure out how Wanda created such a big reality warp.

    Daniel DishonDaniel DishonMånad sedan
  • Agatha isn't a villain, Agatha is the hero we need, she's like link trying to wake the wind fish.

    Why so SeriousWhy so SeriousMånad sedan
  • Anyone else get an ad for wandavision during the video?

    Tayla CollinsTayla CollinsMånad sedan
  • I secretly hope that the cameo is Lil Sebastian from Parks and Rec, I can’t survive without that majestic pony

    Izzy JacksonIzzy JacksonMånad sedan
  • I think Paul Bettany was trolling us. He was referring to himself as the talented person he always wanted to work with

    Jh LabsdoorsJh LabsdoorsMånad sedan
  • As much as I love Benedict Cumberbatch I would be slightly disappointed if he turned out to be the big cameo Since, a) he doesn't really have Luke Skywalker level of pop culture value and b) you could have assumed from the very beginning that he would eventually show up

    SophSophMånad sedan
  • Unpopular opinion: Dr. Strange would be a disappointing cameo. Him appearing wouldn't be anything special, we've seen him appear in Marvel all the time. He's interacted with Wanda. The same couldn't be said for Luke Skywalker being a surprise appearance. It needs to be someone new, someone like Quicksilver actually 😂 Now THAT broke the internet.

    Black DragonBlack DragonMånad sedan
  • I still think the twins are the rabbit.

    Black Omega EntBlack Omega EntMånad sedan
  • I'm thinking Dr Strange is the gateway to the Nexus, to then play into House of M. Did anyone else notice one of the twins dressed up as Dr. Strange, and not his mom?

    _ Sprolioli_ SprolioliMånad sedan
  • But who TF is Dottie?

    Andy DAndy DMånad sedan
  • I thought it was confirmed that Wanda didn’t take Vision, but Hayward convinced Monica that she did.

    William LewisWilliam LewisMånad sedan
  • Oh I can’t watch go watch the new episode

    Hosanna ChristensenHosanna ChristensenMånad sedan
  • Well probably not gonna get a late fee for losing it in the Multiverse, you'd get charged outright the cost of the book at that point. And god knows what a book like that costs. College textbook level pricey there lol

    MauxMauxMånad sedan
  • I KNOW WHAT MONICA’S SUPERHERO NAME IS GONNA BE! She had multiple names in the comics, but I think she is going to go by Photon because that was her moms nickname. Remember how Captain Marvels was Avenger. Anyway go to episode 4 and skip to 4:27.

    Pure JoyPure JoyMånad sedan
  • Y'all need to be more punctual with watching this magical show. This video came out the same day the new episode did. I mean i get it if you're doing this on purpose for people who are behind but seriously.

    RinRinMånad sedan
  • I reckon the cameo is Deadpool, would work with the sitcom theme and who doesn’t love Ryan Reynolds

    The FM GafferThe FM GafferMånad sedan
  • Wanda shall lobeth the holy hand grenade at the count of 3 at senior scratchy

    Frank SnyderFrank SnyderMånad sedan
  • I think that agatha is jist craving more knowledge about magic so she wants to study wanda and the kids idk

    Rei BatsuRei BatsuMånad sedan
  • Can we stop with Mephisto as well pls? Disney likes their Chinese money too much, they're not gonna introduce a devil type of character

    EdithEdithMånad sedan
  • suprise suprise, it WASN'T Agatha all along

    EdithEdithMånad sedan
  • Also, who's Agatha?

    Aria PimentelAria PimentelMånad sedan
  • That's a big white bord

    Aria PimentelAria PimentelMånad sedan
  • Oh my. You did this video before episode 8.

    Twenny XCIXTwenny XCIXMånad sedan
  • The missing book was actually the one that kaecilius stole at the start of doctor strange. Apparently this book has been missing for a few hundred years and it was Agatha who stole it then Great theory though 👌👌👌

    juebarnes gamingjuebarnes gamingMånad sedan
  • okay but paul bettany and benedict cumberbatch have worked together in the movie creation that came out in 2009

    Sophia HerbertSophia HerbertMånad sedan
  • I think the twins will die or not come back , until the Young avengers ( cause Billy and Tommy have there own separate family’s) and then Wanda will see them again one time , and will help Billy with his reality manipulation, And them a secret wars which will focus on his boyfriend (Who is also in the comic s hulkling/Teddy) as a sort of Infiity saga build up

    Princess MatthewPrincess MatthewMånad sedan
  • I just want OG Pietro to show up ;-; Even if he dies in the end of the show. I just want him back. He looked so cool.

    King LeonidasKing LeonidasMånad sedan
  • I dunno if anyone's noticed but I'm really appreciating that Ben's beard is getting progressively more wild and unkempt going with the insanity of these weekly theories😂

    Connor BPConnor BPMånad sedan
  • When the coronavirus was released I had a idea for a new Spider-Man movie Spider-Man staying home

    YoshiMagicYoshiMagicMånad sedan
  • **raises hand**

    Grace HolbertGrace HolbertMånad sedan
  • What if seńoir scratchie is mephisto (ralph) in disguise

    JackWhite ProductionsJackWhite ProductionsMånad sedan
  • How come this video wasn’t uploaded after Friday’s episode? Some of Ben thoughts are now wrong

    ChrisChrisMånad sedan
  • Dont tell me that the beekeeper is Mephisto...

    TheMegaOnyxTheMegaOnyxMånad sedan
    • That could be... but that would mean there are two beekeepers even though we’ve only seen one

      Game SquadGame SquadMånad sedan
    • @Game Squad fascinating... I still belive that Beekeeper is Mephisto, and the one you said is an another one...

      TheMegaOnyxTheMegaOnyxMånad sedan
    • @TheMegaOnyx The beekeeper was a sword operative that got transformed going through the hex

      Game SquadGame SquadMånad sedan
    • @Game Squad Such as?

      TheMegaOnyxTheMegaOnyxMånad sedan
    • @TheMegaOnyx you’ve missed some stuff

      Game SquadGame SquadMånad sedan