The First Annual Strawberry Film Festival & Spirit Bears | Popcorn Culture

2 apr 2021
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In the 69th episode of Popcorn Culture, Ben and J discuss: emcees and deejays, Christmas Music, millennial retirement, the Arizona Coyotes, spirit bears, retelling stories, SCB office-isms, cosplay vs costumes, and the First Annual Strawberry Film Festival
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  • I haven't gone through the comment section but just so you guys know, you can get the C&C games like tiberium sun and red alert on the Origin store, not steam

    timberIIItimberIII9 dagar sedan
  • Spirit bear hands: they huge.

    Álvaro C.Álvaro C.9 dagar sedan
  • I’m actually from the area of Canada that has spirit bears. They are called Kermode bears (Ker-mode-ee) and they’re the mascot for my town and were on most of my sports jerseys growing up. We talk about them in our science classes a lot and I even learned a bit about them when I went to university. Spirit bears are not albino, they come from a recessive gene in black bears similar to blue eyes in humans. So yes, if two kermodes mated it is likely they would have another kermode. But two black bears carrying the gene could also produce a kermode bear. Also because it’s recessive some bears are not completely white and will be a bit patchy. They are rather rare and our temperate rainforest is the only place on earth they exist so it is illegal to hunt them. But one died of natural causes and its taxidermy is in our airport. I’ve seen a kermode 3 times in my life and Ben is right it is quite surreal to see them in all the green. But it being northern Canada, it is quite white for a large portion of the year when it’s winter. Anyways love the channel and this is the first of the podcast I listened to because I noticed you were talking about my home (tangentially 😉)

    m.w4m.w410 dagar sedan
  • Remember when they said Voldemort's, or more specifically, Tom Riddle's patronus (if he had one) would be a bear? So now would it be a spirit bear, or a regular bear?

    Kai MichaelKai Michael10 dagar sedan
  • I have a couple friends who cosplay, & they make as much of the costume as they can, & often commission what they can't make.

    stecky87stecky8711 dagar sedan
  • Spirit Bears are just albino Black Bears (I'm pretty sure) and in Vancouver Canada, there are Spirit Bear statues.

    Eden OrtonEden Orton12 dagar sedan
  • Your mistake is assuming anyone in our generation will be financially able to retire.

    RockBandRSRockBandRS13 dagar sedan
  • 1) the fact that their dad worked in TV, it makes sense to their current job. 2) my dad was the high school football announcer when growing up, so I understand parents being the M.C. for things. 3) I think we grew up in the same area, our parents would’ve been friends and we would just wave at each other and hang out because our parents were friends. Until we were old enough to make our own friends, and we would’ve drifted away from each other. I think we would’ve been tangential friends.

    Nate BlakelyNate Blakely13 dagar sedan
  • Video Idea : Why didnt Carl and Ellie adopt a child ?

    Ruhaan AggarwalRuhaan Aggarwal14 dagar sedan
  • I feel like with cosplay you don't have to hand make/craft everything. The community is so accepting and welcoming. I miss cosplaying at comic cons and other events, since that has been put on a halt due to Covid. But usually I'll peice together an outfit, but I didn't actually hand make the peices. An example would be, I dressed up as eleven from stranger things. I bough the dress, jacket, wig, and socks individually. None of it was crafted, yet I still peiced together and made the outfit to my liking. I honestly think you're allowed to cosplay even if you bought a "put together" costume off of Amazon or something. As long as you're embodying a character from your interpretation. I hope this made sense, as well as cleared up Ben's question.

    MarieMarie15 dagar sedan
  • I remember when you guys talked a lot about the Pixar theory, also Pixar is just looking at us and saying, how will they fit this into the theory. It’s one big game of chess, every time a new movie comes out, you have to add it to your theory. Like planning ahead and some does something you didn’t thunk they would to so you have to fit it into your plan.

    Hippo BoiHippo Boi15 dagar sedan
  • RE: cosplay... Cosplay is such an enthusiastic, forgiving , welcoming, and diverse group. Look into Adam Savage and his love for cosplay. You guys would be so welcome to that community, no matter who you play, or how you source the costume.

    Tim ParsonsTim Parsons15 dagar sedan
  • Tiberian Sun is available on origin as a pack of command and conquer games . Really cheap here in the UK

    Joe HallidayJoe Halliday16 dagar sedan
  • I know these are different things. But every time they said spirit bear, I kept thinking of the sea bear circle from SpongeBob

    Christian WilsonChristian Wilson16 dagar sedan
  • Ben! In reference to your thoughts about our generation in retirement homes, tiktoker dez.thelez has a whole series on this. 🙃

    ChallengerQuillsChallengerQuills16 dagar sedan
  • I first learned of spirit bears from lockstin.

    shadowforce4shadowforce417 dagar sedan
  • concerning music I think you might want to check out PMJ covers that take modern electronic sounding songs and they put vintage spins on them using traditional intruments and music styles. Black bears: are a general term but black bears come in many many shades and colors. different shades of browns, golds, blacks, and yes white. It's not albino because that's a chromosomal thing. It's literally just their coloring just like people. That Coyotes jersey is the old logo (it's way more fun than the new one. I have spent 24 hours total (2- nightmarish 12 hour shifts) cleaning Coyote stadium. It stank in all literallness, but I might still have a friend... Would you settle for a sticker in one of the janitor closets? XD cosplay: I make cosplays and costumes on my channel, I'd love to make a pockety cloak for you.

    Eileen NestmanEileen Nestman17 dagar sedan
  • camera focus is a bit odd. alot of focus on foreground so the faces look out of focus. Great content though! just working on the tweaks!

    Tristan ReederTristan Reeder17 dagar sedan
  • My spirt animal is a spirt bear, 😂 best qoute of 2021

    Brody KBrody K17 dagar sedan
  • Guys, as a cosplayer, you can totally 100% buy each and every piece from someone/somewhere. Or you can build it all or do some combination of it.

    kstorymkstorym17 dagar sedan
  • The cosplay community is so welcoming. It's such a fun time and a big piece of my old life I'm missing right now. It's a very safe space to just be yourself and have fun spreading positive vibes.

    Zachary ZZachary Z17 dagar sedan
  • Could u pls start making video on Percy Jackson .....PLEEEES

    Ashwini ShanbhogueAshwini Shanbhogue18 dagar sedan
  • I dont know if you guys will ever see this but Jason Isaac's (lucius mouthoy) is hosting a Harry Potter quiz on the 11th of April 7PM GMT on tiltify for charity its completely free but thought people might like to know.

    Callum HallCallum Hall18 dagar sedan
  • Hey I beg you to build a falcon and winter soldier therey or anything give me something to love to death😁

    Davis OrtonDavis Orton18 dagar sedan
    • Also I am a really big phinias and ferb fan and I would love to see you guys find something ps love your work

      Davis OrtonDavis Orton18 dagar sedan
  • Related to that, bingo!!

    Meko CampuzanoMeko Campuzano18 dagar sedan
  • Ben what is your Mickey Mouse piece of clothing. J has his shirt but what’s yours?

    Alicia NoelAlicia Noel18 dagar sedan
  • Again C. McPhail here. A little Harry Potter fact. I traveled to Scotland and visited Ayre where my father was born. Whilst there, there was an old bus decaying is an unknown persons yard. It said “McPhail’s Busing.” According to my father, my great-great grandfather “Dugald McPhail” started a busing company in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. It was disassembled once busing became Nationized in Scotland. I completely forgot about that, until one of your videos. I didn’t see it until the video was a year or so old. Just thought you’d be interested that this was a point that was some what true in Harry Potter. I was told this in 1977.

    Daniel Le BlancDaniel Le Blanc18 dagar sedan
  • My name is Catherine McPhail. I wrote a YA fantasy novel about a decade ago, featuring-Spirit Bears. I was born in Canada 🍁 🇨🇦 Grew up around Native peoples and was inspired by their myths.

    Daniel Le BlancDaniel Le Blanc18 dagar sedan
  • Day 1 of saying Mangert so J cant forget

    Kyfig 43Kyfig 4318 dagar sedan
  • Starting in about 20 years someone should start remaking retro games/ and consoles specifically targeted at senior citizens (not that a bunch of other people won't buy it as well). That could be a huge money maker

    Laura DoanLaura Doan18 dagar sedan
  • Spirit bear hands!!

    Cathy VeileCathy Veile18 dagar sedan
  • My cosplays are all stuff I bought from Halloween stores that I sewed accents onto to turn them into the character's outfit. No need to reinvent the wheel.

    Kristen DavisKristen Davis19 dagar sedan
  • I have a video idea that not many have focused on. In this article jk Rowling says that some witches choose to stay on the material world rather than move on to the next dimension. And that next dimension seems interesting.

    Chaitanaya NathaliaChaitanaya Nathalia19 dagar sedan
    • And you could also add when Harry's parents and Sirius came when he fought voldemort. And also you could add things from the whole article

      Chaitanaya NathaliaChaitanaya Nathalia19 dagar sedan
  • Hey guys Ive been on a podcast binge recently since I'm studying along for college tests and other school stuff, but I think It would be cool if you checked out Podzilla they also talk about pop-culture but their audience is a lot smaller and I think it would be cool if some of this community went and checked it out. This isn't a promotion for them I just think since it's on similar topics that people would like to check it out.

  • promotimg bandeli guys?

    Michael denneyMichael denney19 dagar sedan
  • I wanna buy one of their harry potter shirts but its sold out in my size

    Mako's Mythic MenagerieMako's Mythic Menagerie19 dagar sedan
  • Personally I have cosplayed many times across the last 8 years. In general if you order a cosplay online no one really looks down on you for it. Most people are just happy to see people in costume for things they enjoy or think look interesting, the only thing that is frowned upon would be entering a cosplay contest for creators and claiming you made it if you did not. Other then that they are not really any creative rules.

    matthew mendezmatthew mendez19 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact, the plural of any given Pokémon is the same as the singular. For example 2 Lucario is just that 2 Lucario, not 2 Lucarios.

    Jaguar866Jaguar86619 dagar sedan
  • There’s nothing wrong with buying a cosplay! Doesn’t matter if it’s $40 off Amazon, or hundreds of dollars commissioned from a professional cosplayer/artist. The only thing that’s wrong is competing to win in a contest with a bought costume, and/or passing the cosplay off as your own without crediting the artist you bought it from.

    Megan HMegan H19 dagar sedan
  • Gretzky was actually a Coach for them.

    Chris CascioChris Cascio19 dagar sedan
  • 35:25 that is literally the word for puppy in Danish! Hvalp

    BimCreativeBimCreative19 dagar sedan
  • Spirt bears are put on islands and lead people to magical places? So are the polar bears form LOST actually spirt bears?

    Kira RKira R19 dagar sedan
  • Funny episode - really enjoyed! Small note : everytime you zoom into J or Ben they are blurred & it was hurting the eyes. The focus of the cam was on the microphone arms & I wanted to rip my face off ... just letting ya know 🙃💢

    NIKAIANIKAIA19 dagar sedan
  • Cosplay can be anything! Store-bought, commissioned, thrifted, homemade, if you say it’s a cosplay- it’s a cosplay!

    ToodarlingToodarling19 dagar sedan
    • and as a cosplayer, If either of you decided to cosplay we would welcome you with open arms and fun socks!

      ToodarlingToodarling19 dagar sedan
  • Shane Doan is like Mr. Phoenix. Guy played there forever

    Brian BallBrian Ball19 dagar sedan
  • J! Ben! Brothers of the Super Carlin variety! The entire Command & Conquer set of games are on Origin, remastered and everything! I'm very excited to hear you mention Tiberian Sun, its was my favourite too haha.

    Tom RiddleTom Riddle19 dagar sedan
  • You guys should live stream the pop so that way everyone listening can also contribute to the conversation IDK weird concept just popped into my head

    Demon 999Demon 99919 dagar sedan
  • Can confirm that every time the word phenomenon is said, I sing the jingle and my kids continue the jingle.

    Trisha McManusTrisha McManus19 dagar sedan
  • Has someone already said that deejay is a word in use for disc jockey?

    Sarah Raines, performerSarah Raines, performer19 dagar sedan
  • @45:00 that happen to me today. My friend was telling a story to me once he finished my other friend showed up and asked what we were talking about. Then had to describe the story again once he finished that my brother was like watcha talking about and then my good friend came into the room. Once he said it literally 5 times his brother walked into the room and said, you telling them the story you almost got hit by a car in Vegas? And we all started laughing our little hearts out.

    its miller timeits miller time19 dagar sedan
  • 99th comment

    Jeremy RoundJeremy Round20 dagar sedan
  • My grandpa still plays videogames 🤗

    Challenge GirlChallenge Girl20 dagar sedan
  • You're fundamentally wrong in your understanding of cosplay. Cosplay isn't the costume, cosplay is the act of wearing a costume and roleplaying the character to some extent. It's a portmanteau of Costume and Roleplay. You can cosplay while wearing a Thor costume from Spirit Halloween the same way you would with a handmade costume that's 100% accurate to the movie version.

    Dipper GleefulDipper Gleeful20 dagar sedan
  • The older u get the slower ur reaction time is. So I can see a large elderly community but separate from the rest

    Puddlusky 101Puddlusky 10120 dagar sedan
  • I'm not in the pro gaming scene, but I do know that the ideal pro gamer is young. As you age apparently your reflexes necessary for competing diminish. There have been several pro gamers that have retired because they can no longer compete the way they used to. So the idea that there could be pro gamers in their 60s doesn't sound likely at all.

    YogYog20 dagar sedan
  • I had the pixar theory song stuck in my head all day every day for 9 days!!!

    its-bailey-btchits-bailey-btch20 dagar sedan
  • may i suggest strawberry shortcake for the strawberry film festival? she’s a berry bitty girl with berry big possibilities 🕺🏼

    Dear DeerDear Deer20 dagar sedan
  • ummmm I think you'll see the XBox set change within 10 years.

    B HavensB Havens20 dagar sedan
  • You don’t have to sew your entire costume yourself but you’re 0% likely to find everything that you need to create your cosplay well, there’s gonna be face paint wigs and/or some sewing no matter how many materials you find online, you can wear store-bought costumes if you want to cosplaying event there’s nothing wrong with that but it is more of a costume unless you build off of it

    Cookie And me 23Cookie And me 2320 dagar sedan
  • #masterhostben

    Kip SparksKip Sparks20 dagar sedan
  • #jisntcohost

    Kip SparksKip Sparks20 dagar sedan
  • Nice socks J

    Ninja BrixNinja Brix20 dagar sedan
  • I had 20 minutes pass without corny joke on my bingo card and I just barely got it

    Jonah SplittgerberJonah Splittgerber20 dagar sedan
  • 3:24 “this is our deejay....I’m afraid not” 😂😂

    Addison MayAddison May20 dagar sedan
  • I put on “super strawberry” lip stick and Strawberry Summer Escada perfume while listening🙈 get out of my head Jay and Ben 🍓🍓🍓

    Mikayla BatesMikayla Bates20 dagar sedan
  • Y'all's comments about cosplay were spot on at the end of the discussion! Cosplay can be anything from store bought to handmade... whatever you feel shows your enthusiasm for a character or show! Some people make amazing over the top costumes, some piece together a costume from things they already own as long as you are enjoying it and having a good time it's an acceptable cosplay!!! Totally unrelated topic... I was doing some online "Windows shopping" ...looking for giraffe print throw pillows... when I actually came across a giraffephant pillow!!! I kid you not! An elephant 's head on a giraffe's body!!! Now all I need to find is a grizzly-eagle-shark pillow!!!

    Shari SwartzShari Swartz20 dagar sedan
  • I don't like the cosplay community in general because there are certainly snobs who claim you have to make the costumes yourself, but to me putting on a costume and a persona are enough to call it cosplaying. I put together plenty of costumes from various pieces from different sources.

    TheCosplayCrafterTheCosplayCrafter20 dagar sedan
  • I live in Arizona and even I don’t know the names of any of the players on any of the sports teams.

    Kaleb KochKaleb Koch20 dagar sedan
  • Did you just say Fortnite is the most popular game ever? Have you even heard of Minecraft??

    Kaleb KochKaleb Koch20 dagar sedan
  • i feel like i can hear rain in the background and its amazing

    GloriaGloria20 dagar sedan
  • I think my best example for the cosplay conversation is that a few years ago, I went as Wanda (AoU) for Halloween. I could have gone online and bought a Scarlet Witch costume, but I actually went and put together a black dress with a red leather jacket, boots, necklaces, ect. And I think that counts. I didn't make any of it myself, but I made the COSTUME overall.

    AsexualbertAsexualbert20 dagar sedan
  • To answer J’s question about If two spirit Bears had a baby, whether they’d have a spirit bear or just a regular black bear, they’d always have a spirit bear, because the spirit bear gene is recessive. Let’s say the black bear gene is dominant B and spirit bear gene is recessive b, both spirit bear parents are bb, so their babies Will all be 100% bb (aka spirit bear)

    maja wmaja w20 dagar sedan
  • "shoot for the stars, maybe you'll hit the moon" I think you've got it backwards there Ben

    AsexualbertAsexualbert20 dagar sedan
  • By the time we're 65 retirement will be a relic of the past

    Daniel MorencyDaniel Morency20 dagar sedan
  • White Coyotès and where to find them

    Nigel WNigel W20 dagar sedan
  • Been loving the Pop discovered SuperCarlinBros last year being a Hp fan. As far as cosplay goes it depends on who you talking too. There are very toxic people that feel you have to look identical to the part if you want to cosplay it. Then there are others like me that feel if you dress up whether you made it or not and having fun that's all that matters. So feel free to order the cloak and dress up as Kvothe and enjoy portraying him

    James ArnellJames Arnell20 dagar sedan
  • Die Hard did this to Christmas songs, Christmas in Hollis, Run DMC....

    Matt WyckoffMatt Wyckoff20 dagar sedan
  • Hey I have a question regarding the snap in Infinity War. Why did the whole suits of the people who disappeared disappear too?

    Atomic NikoAtomic Niko20 dagar sedan
  • You need to like this video aysap!😁🤣

    Jaslyn AdersJaslyn Aders20 dagar sedan
  • Yep. Spirit Bears are real. Ever read the book ‘Touching Spirit Bear’?

    Heather AshleyHeather Ashley20 dagar sedan
  • Lots of upvotes for an unfocused nearly unwatchable Podcast!! Oh wait.... =)

    Matthew TaylorMatthew Taylor20 dagar sedan
  • Ben should be the Master Host and Jay should be the Apprentice host. Only two there are.

    Cody TaylorCody Taylor20 dagar sedan
  • I can't get you into the Coyotes locker room but I can get you into the King's minor league team, Reign, locker room :)

    Erica FrancoErica Franco20 dagar sedan
  • Finally ben and i both beat j on that last quiz!

    Keefer Big MickKeefer Big Mick20 dagar sedan
  • I feel like Im the only one that hasnt been able to get into these podcasts I feel like the topics and things that you guys discuss are just too inside-joke/personal-interest for me to get, OR they just not as interesting as I hoped for some reason. Well, I guess less really is more for me.

    Joseph NnajiJoseph Nnaji20 dagar sedan
  • I just want to know what these guys are thinking of the new, open world Harry Potter game (hopefully) coming out next year 🧐

    Karly FriesKarly Fries20 dagar sedan
  • Just a side note, when they go close-up the guys aren't in focus. The mic stand looks phenominal but J and Ben are slightly blurred.

    Jonah MagnessJonah Magness20 dagar sedan
    • there was a note at the start of the episode, so i think they're aware

      CamCam18 dagar sedan
  • WOWOWOWOW... SCB really blessed us with daily content this week. AMAZING!

    Jared SanabriaJared Sanabria20 dagar sedan
    • Wow yeah you're right. I guess we'll be getting that for a while now!

      AsexualbertAsexualbert20 dagar sedan
  • Do I have to reset my bingo card every episode or can I use the same one?

    pikach133pikach13320 dagar sedan
  • So youre saying we need to start making games that appeal to older generations? Im up for some brainstorming.

    Joshua WoodsonJoshua Woodson20 dagar sedan
  • Can confirm that whenever I hear the word phenomenon the first thing that pops into my head is that jingle

    bunnylover 1515bunnylover 151520 dagar sedan
  • Socks are cool

    DaBabyDaBaby20 dagar sedan
  • ugh i already watched this on the popcorn culture channel. oh well. i’ll watch it again.

    Abigail LewandowskiAbigail Lewandowski20 dagar sedan
  • There's a book called 'Touching The Spirit Bear' by Ben Mikaelsn, it's good book P.S. y'all are awesome

    Clara MottClara Mott20 dagar sedan
    • I might have stollen the copy I was given in middle school and might still have it bc we saw a video about the author and he talked about being dyslexic and yeah I like telling stories and am dyslexic so.. I just sorta kept it?

      Storytelling SnekStorytelling Snek20 dagar sedan
    • @Asexualbert yeah me too

      Clara MottClara Mott20 dagar sedan
    • Honestly, I was expecting that that was how they were going to end up on the topic

      AsexualbertAsexualbert20 dagar sedan
  • I've been loving this podcast. more than the usual episodes

    Aw350m3 H3R0Aw350m3 H3R020 dagar sedan
  • Maan i love fridays, its the start of the weekend and popcorn culture release a new episode xD, best part of the week ^^

    DecemberDecember20 dagar sedan
  • I’ve been hoping to make myself a name of the wind cloak for so long!!!! I’ll make one if you make one 😉

    Eliot ChildressEliot Childress20 dagar sedan
    • @Allex Calyber if we all do it we can bring back cloaks

      Eliot ChildressEliot Childress20 dagar sedan
    • Ooh that’s such a good idea!!!

      Allex CalyberAllex Calyber20 dagar sedan
  • Allready 34 commets? thats not a whole lot but still!

    Annalisa HooperAnnalisa Hooper20 dagar sedan
  • Tangentially related to the cosplay conversation. I would love to hear Jonathan and Benjamin's take on Disney Bounding outfits.

    Candyce MonroeCandyce Monroe20 dagar sedan
  • Jesus died for you was buried and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures. If you confess with your mouth Jesus is lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. please repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.

    Jessica CheramieJessica Cheramie20 dagar sedan
    • Oh, according to the scriptures. I'm sold!

      Sa MosSa Mos20 dagar sedan