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12 mar 2021
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In episode 66 of the POPcast, Ben and J discuss: fashion notes, Mickey Mouse mugs, personality spikes, Coyotes, J vlogs, waking up early, napping, and Fred the Cup!
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  • Wow I DEEPLY identify with Ben's nervous/anxious energy... I grew up super spiky in a family of orbs and learned when to just not share my spikes but kept them strong and sharp regardless 🤣 always a weird process deciding which to share and when

    Bluetoyou82Bluetoyou8213 dagar sedan
  • Where are my other 7 people from AZ

    Angie KouryAngie Koury15 dagar sedan
  • Where in Vermont do you go? I live in Vermont and I never hear people outside of Vermont talking about it?

    Tate StubbsTate Stubbs18 dagar sedan
  • the idea of mickey as a concept being what you like reminds me of how i view comic characters like Batman and the Robins. Batman as a concept is a comfort character for me rather than any specific iteration of the character.

    Bradie DeanBradie Dean25 dagar sedan
  • I'm late to this but just be yourself Ben! You can't please everyone it makes me so so sad to think you're trying to make yourself smaller to fit into everyone's world view. We love you, spikes and all ❤️

    Lottie McPhillipsLottie McPhillips25 dagar sedan
  • It’s called drip cause your jewelry is ice and your outfit is fire, and the fire makes the ice *drip*

    JustTheFailureJustTheFailure28 dagar sedan
  • I love that you guys create a safe space for people to just be fans of their own thing & enjoy everything about it along with y'all (I love Harry Potter!) 🤗

    Stephanie ScottStephanie Scott29 dagar sedan
  • I am loving how this is set up

    Brandon MendelBrandon MendelMånad sedan
  • My wife caught Covid in Disneyland Paris, so I wouldn't be surprised if you guys really did catch Covid in Disney World. Especially considering one of the strains presents itself like flu.

    bert vandenwyngaertbert vandenwyngaertMånad sedan
  • Ben needs to get the Kachina jersey for the Az Coyotes.. Best one they have!!

    Brandon MendelBrandon MendelMånad sedan
  • "Aggressive pajamas" is THE best description of that . . . If you're offended by someone showing a picture of a fish, I suggest therapy. Where do you think food comes from? How do you think people eat? Now you should always end the show with "Be Spikey"

    stecky87stecky87Månad sedan
  • I need a shirt that says "Embrace your Spikes"

    Tainalys OrtizTainalys OrtizMånad sedan
  • Listened on spotify. Then had to find the video to see the outfit.

    Candyce MonroeCandyce MonroeMånad sedan
  • I feel like Ben speaks to my soul I feel so similar to him. Ben don’t be insecure you have the coolest personality

    Jacqueline EllisJacqueline EllisMånad sedan
  • Ben did in fact say 66

    Jacqueline EllisJacqueline EllisMånad sedan
  • J and Ben: talking about hockey Me, a hockey player: aw gee thanks guys

    Karen DoeblingKaren DoeblingMånad sedan
  • So I only recently started listening to this podcast and I just have to say J and Ben are really good at getting back on track after going on tangents. With so many podcasts, tangents completely derail the conversation and it ends up being very meandering. But this is good stuff! I've been a fan of the channel for a couple years now and decided to check out the last few podcasts and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself 🙂

    Aaron MartinAaron MartinMånad sedan
  • Embrace your spikes and go full hedgehog. To reference the Bible, don’t hide your light under a bushel.

    Kilthan2050Kilthan2050Månad sedan
  • Photos are put in black and white is to save money on printing

    Kilthan2050Kilthan2050Månad sedan
  • Mice and rats are great pets. Easily tamable and trainable. Rats are as intelligent as dogs. My wife’s pet rat will ride around on her shoulder while she does chores around the house. Gambian punched rats have been trained to find land mines and to flag them to help clear mine fields and save lives. Rats and mice are cool

    Kilthan2050Kilthan2050Månad sedan
  • “Let your spikes show” I love that! As a fellow spike hider I didn’t realize I needed this pop so thank you for reminding me that it’s okay to like things! You guys are so awesome I love listening to your popcast! Keep it up!

    Jess wJess wMånad sedan
  • Reasons why pikachu and mickey mouse are popular: go search up mother's basement why sonic the hedgehog's aesthetic is genius (or something like that). It's not particularly that it's a mouse but how it's designed Also I think I'm doing revenge sleep right now ;-;

    Despicable PenguinDespicable PenguinMånad sedan
  • Anyone else still like the original power rangers shows

    Shadow AndersonShadow AndersonMånad sedan
  • Speaking of fashion, I want to see #bensjacket

    Colleen GColleen GMånad sedan
  • as to covid, yes, i live in wa and there were several cases locally (nearish everett, where that "first" case was) from dec & jan that were traced back to as covid. also everyone i know, including myself, had a crazy wild flu type sickness in jan. my grandma also died in the hospital from sudden onset similar symptoms in nov 18

    Bryce JamesBryce JamesMånad sedan
  • ben-phon, "yes yes yes yes yes yes yes...."

    Bryce JamesBryce JamesMånad sedan
  • How I think of it is that Mickey was first designed as a cartoon for Walt, so I think he is a character, more than an icon.

    Brooke VBrooke VMånad sedan
  • Not gonna lie, I relate so much to Ben's fear (I guess?) over sticking out and being called a certain thing because for a while it was always negative. I became the quiet observer type of child. I was always scared to join in, scared to be humiliated and became scared in general. It took having my friends, who are unashamedly themselves, that I began feeling comfortable even being myself.

    Eh-reel YtelEh-reel YtelMånad sedan
  • Sounds like you are conflating going to bed and falling asleep... in my case not at all the same.

    Meko CampuzanoMeko CampuzanoMånad sedan
  • Execute Episode 66 lol

    HaunterOfKantoHaunterOfKantoMånad sedan
  • Honestly, I relate to what a lot of what Ben said about being a people pleaser. The thing I've tried to remind myself is this: I don't exist in this world to please others. I don't. I can help them, make their lives better, bring them joy, but I do not exist for my every move to please someone else. I have hobbies that most people would find weird, or odd, or pointless but I do those things to make me happy. My hobbies and likes/dislikes are not for them. As long as it harms none, there is nothing wrong with it, and its their problem if they can't get over it.

    Mary MohrMary MohrMånad sedan
  • Mickey Mouse is the Coca Cola of the fanverse. Its been everything to everyone at some point.

    NIKAIANIKAIAMånad sedan
  • My fandoms are all pretty much out in the open..... kotlc, hp, star wars, pjo, hunger games, disney, marvel, and then one day I had to explain what a fandom was to a friend........

    Mary DolanMary DolanMånad sedan
  • There's a channel here on SEworld call popcorn culture that has a backlog of the podcast and I don't know if that's you guys or not. I'm assuming it's not and I was going to report it but just in case I wanted to check first.

    TheSMarie42TheSMarie42Månad sedan
    • it’s theirs :)

      wy sketchwy sketchMånad sedan
  • I recently started watching this and I was wondering what happened to episode 15?

    Aaron JamesAaron JamesMånad sedan
  • It is a drip, it doesn’t drip. 🤣

    Logan_ IrrelevantLogan_ IrrelevantMånad sedan
  • Ben is lucky he doesn’t live in Australia 🐍 🐍

    Kern LKern LMånad sedan
  • I’m an audio listener who needed to know what the fits this week are

    Natalie fNatalie fMånad sedan
  • I want what J is wearing legit I love that and I want it so badly can anyone help me with that 😂

    JakeJakeMånad sedan
  • I’ve been to an Arizona Coyotes game. They are not the best. 😢

    Riley DunhamRiley DunhamMånad sedan
  • Loved this episode so much, thank you guys 😊 u r becoming my spike 😉

    Anastasia PhilAnastasia PhilMånad sedan
  • FYI sometimes rapid flu comes back negative first but the flu test that takes longer comes back positive 🙃 happens ALL the time

    Brittany SorgenBrittany SorgenMånad sedan
  • My hidden spike is not my fandoms of Star Wars, comics both marvel and dc, lotr, hp, got, tmnt. But the one I always hide... pro wrestling.

    Connor CulpConnor CulpMånad sedan
    • Same man.......

      Mary DolanMary DolanMånad sedan
  • I feel like every week the podcasts sound more and more like a therapy session

    Abby StaffordAbby StaffordMånad sedan
  • Does anybody think if the movie Soul connected to the souls in Coco?

    Jeffrey DucutJeffrey DucutMånad sedan
  • Ben, as a fellow spike-avoider, I want to thank you for speaking about this (and for the awesome metaphor!) I’ve been realizing the same thing about myself recently and I’m starting to see how much it’s robbed me of joy in my life. I personally enjoy you and all your spikes, they’re relatable and they make you a unique person! So let’s all get a bit more spikey and just embrace our fandoms!

    Madison RudeMadison RudeMånad sedan
  • hey king, it’s “the drip” not “it drips” it’s not an adjective, it’s a noun 😋

    Az McCormickAz McCormickMånad sedan
  • Heads up, the Apple podcasts audio is the same as last week. Possibly same issue on other platforms, not sure.

    Skyler BrownSkyler BrownMånad sedan
  • As someone who lives by the sea and fishing is commonplace here (both for fun and for actually eating the fish), it's mind-blowing to me that someone would ragequit on you because they found out you fish.

    Colaman112Colaman112Månad sedan
  • My dad's name is mickey so he has a lot of mickey mouse stuff but his favorite is his mug with mickey reading a newspaper about sport and it says I'm all ears

    Aiden TurnerAiden TurnerMånad sedan
  • That Mickey Deadmau5 fit 🔥

    Lauren OttsLauren OttsMånad sedan
  • Finally, an upload of the correct episode!

    SpelldaddySpelldaddyMånad sedan
  • Some of us pronounce it "ki-oats" instead of "ki-oat-eys"

    Zach WZach WMånad sedan
  • Ben in semi casual clothes while J is in Disney sweats is literally me and my bro. I'm the sweatpants wearer of the two 😂

    AoifeAoifeMånad sedan
  • I love listening to the pop because it reminds me of early SCB videos. It has that same vide of two brothers hanging out.

    Lois CooperLois CooperMånad sedan
  • I'm a kid so I know nobody said “drips”

    MidlynxMidlynxMånad sedan
  • ben's story about chopping wood made me so sad

    Melanie TraderMelanie TraderMånad sedan
  • I was originally listening to this episode via Spotify but as soon as Ben started describing Jay’s outfit I just had to come see it. Fashion icon level up.

    Victoria GillerlainVictoria GillerlainMånad sedan
  • I love how chilled j is today. PJ's, socks on with no shoes and looking like life is chill today

    ben coxben coxMånad sedan
  • I'm 30 years old and I'm proud to say that I'm still a fan of power rangers!!

    Kyle SchetzelKyle SchetzelMånad sedan
    • @Hey Ladies! The Show Starts Now! oh I'm well aware of sentai. ToQger is my favorite. But I prefer Power Rangers honestly.

      Kyle SchetzelKyle SchetzelMånad sedan
    • And even if it is/was frowned upon for 30 yr olds to love power rangers you can find the Japanese version on the internet somewhere it’s more for adults and really cool Super Sentai

      Hey Ladies! The Show Starts Now!Hey Ladies! The Show Starts Now!Månad sedan
  • You guys should do something on the new mighty ducks movie coming out :) fully love that show

    ben coxben coxMånad sedan
  • Ben for Namor!🐡🐠🐠 J for Cyclops!👁🔥

    Elvish PresleyElvish PresleyMånad sedan
  • Anyone know where i can get that MM hoodie in the UK?

    KarlKarlMånad sedan
  • Funny that this discussion, especially at the halfway point, is exactly what I'm going through right now.

    ShokyReviewsShokyReviewsMånad sedan
  • I can see in js face he knows how wrong this is stick to harry potter plz dont encourage the problems of the world

    shane pierceshane pierceMånad sedan
  • Historically, coyotes were most commonly found on the Great Plains of North America. Their range now extends from Central America to the Arctic. Except for Hawaii, coyotes live in all of the United States, Canada and Mexico.

    Paras ChauhanParas ChauhanMånad sedan
  • What did the astronomer say to his beloved constellation? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . You're very spatial to me.

    Paras ChauhanParas ChauhanMånad sedan
  • Expected/invited snakes? Totally chill Spontaneous snakes? No chill. No clue of deadliness ranking & not actually a parselmouth. Size means nothing - baby snakes will use their whole venom supply instead of having the control to reserve a stash, so they're actually more dangerous. Good luck describing it with vivid enough detail to get the correct anti-venom!

    SlytherincessSlytherincessMånad sedan
  • Catherine Le Blanc here, Sweetie (Ben). Your brother is right. No matter what you do or what you say. Someone, some where will find offense. You are blessed that you are surrounded by a supportive family. Love the dynamic synergy between you and J. Part of why I love watching the two of you. Older women here, but a kid at heart. Probably old enough to be your Mum. Bless you both

    Daniel Le BlancDaniel Le BlancMånad sedan
  • J & Ben:asking if arctic coyotes exist Me:straight to google (they do exist)

    Wedding List 123Wedding List 123Månad sedan
  • Dear god, that Power Rangers story :D I've been feeling the same way about it (from around 38:40 onwards) However, Instagram brought back my love for it in a big way, so much so that I was less ashamed for liking it because I knew it would come off as childish to others. Instead I embraced it since it's a huge part of my childhood and played such a big role in my life in general, so... thanks for sharing that story!

    The_JokesterThe_JokesterMånad sedan
  • Ben should start his own Pokemon Play Through on the Gaming Channel!! It would be really fun to watch him play since he doesn't know as much about Pokemon and he would have to learn on the way.

    Ryan ChoongRyan ChoongMånad sedan
  • He said 66!

    Ty SealTy SealMånad sedan
  • J nice Hamilton reference👍🏽

    Keena BallardKeena BallardMånad sedan
  • Jay really doesn't do half measures does he. That outfit is so fun.

    Sky RiderSky RiderMånad sedan
    • *J

      Emily ChengEmily ChengMånad sedan
  • It's a Disney Clothes War

    Keena BallardKeena BallardMånad sedan
  • J outfit is killer 😁☺️

    Keena BallardKeena BallardMånad sedan
  • Ben looks so dapper!

    Keena BallardKeena BallardMånad sedan
  • You guys uploaded last week's audio for this week on spotify and apple. Just so you know

    Daniel BoreDaniel BoreMånad sedan
  • I’ve been teaching English in Japan for the last eight years and it is super common here for students to just crash out on their desks during lessons and often times teachers don’t bother them or try HARD to wake them up. It’s super understandable seeing as, from Junior High School age, they join ONLY ONE sports team/club activity that they have to commit to for their entire three years (each in JHS and SHS). They have practices basically every morning and every day after school, not to mention weekends also. I feel so bad for them because the expectations to train hard at club and then to stay focused all day through lessons is pretty extreme. Most students also go to cram school most evenings after their school club activities 😩 What always baffles me is that they don’t even play games/matches every week. So it really has me wondering whyyyy all the practice time?🤔 Sorry for the random story, but Ben talking about knocking out on his desk during the last free 15 minutes of English class compelled me to share ✌🏾

    mozza145mozza145Månad sedan
  • I am just here to say that A113 has been found in Monsters Inc. While I didn’t find it, I hope you guys just make a video about it.

    Harmen StudiosHarmen StudiosMånad sedan
  • Lol I love the opening conversation but I feel it is my responsibility as a teenager to clarify that a good outfit doesn’t “drip” a good outfit is “drip-y” 😂😂😂

    Kate LawsonKate LawsonMånad sedan
  • Pokemon and Power Rangers fan since the beginning and still going strong, My sun spikes are flairing.

    Pokemon NPKPokemon NPKMånad sedan
  • The mix of the audio feels a little hard

    BentStudiosBentStudiosMånad sedan
  • if you level it up to 100 you can hyper train it in the battle tower and it maxes the ivs

    JacobJacobMånad sedan
  • When Micky gets angry they call him Michael

    Puffy SciencePuffy ScienceMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/j3qauaqopmxmkps/video

    ChiiHellsingChiiHellsingMånad sedan
  • hey guys leave my coyotes alone! Our goalie scored from in the goal box across the ice.

    ChiiHellsingChiiHellsingMånad sedan
  • Perfect ditto got u covered my guy

    John MorrisseyJohn MorrisseyMånad sedan
  • Hi guys, hope this message gets through to you. I listen to the pod through Apple podcasts and today’s release over there is a repeat of last weeks episode.

    Daniel BaughDaniel BaughMånad sedan
  • You guys are amazing😭

    Tea QvarnströmTea QvarnströmMånad sedan
  • I am one of the 8 people in Arizona and that was my exact reaction😂😂

    Mackenzie TaylorMackenzie TaylorMånad sedan
  • Ben's discomfort over sharing his authentic self really hits me. I was a painfully shy kid and I never wanted to stand out for being different. I hit a certain age and now I don't care what people think. I drive a bright yellow car because it makes me happy. I have things like a lifesize BB-8 in my living room, among tons of other nerdy decor. I grew out my hair to it's natural color. I started going grey a long time ago and now it's silver. I think it's awesome. I used to look at someone's choice of clothing or hair style that I didn't necessarily like and think a little negatively about it. Now I just think, they are putting themselves out there and if it makes them happy, that's awesome. Whatever brings you joy!

    JennibeeJennibeeMånad sedan
  • J's outfit is also in the colors of the pansexual flag, which is also cool!

    ArinInQuotesArinInQuotesMånad sedan
    • i noticed that as well!

      Kate OberholzKate OberholzMånad sedan
  • Heu, for the record, I was very interested in your perfect IV hunt. Good luck brother, ever been shiny hunting?

    spadesjrm13spadesjrm13Månad sedan
  • Are you guys doing your kahoot quizzes tonight?

    fairytail_geek .animefairytail_geek .animeMånad sedan
  • I'm a furry and people hate on Furries everywhere and it makes me so sad. thank you guys

    AetherPupAetherPupMånad sedan
  • So I'm a counselor, and I've been listening to The Pop for a while and Ben makes me sad the way he talks about himself and others. It's like there is such a need for affirmation and approval from other people and fear of being rejected. Which seems crazy to me, because I love J and Ben! Ben, love who you are man. You don't need other people's approval in life. Be you, because no matter what you do, there will always be a group of people who hate you and will never like you. Forget about them. Live your best life and keep up the good work!

    Matt BaileyMatt BaileyMånad sedan
    • I have to agree! I understand exactly that pressure as a kid, to an extent. I got made fun of for liking Pokémon instead of Yu-Gi-Oh by three bullies in particular, only for those who did like it to come out of hiding in high school. I didn't stop watching it because I stood out anyway, but it wasn't fun feeling alone. Ben, I for one LOVE that you fish and chop wood! Those are amazing skills, and it's worth it to be proud of them! I for one would be happy to join you anytime! But regardless, keep being you! There's a bunch of us who love how fun and amazing you are, and we don't care what any haters say! Hold true to your likes and embrace your spikes!!!!!😄

      Elsa RulesElsa RulesMånad sedan
  • I mess with the jacket but instead of camo all black

    Richard HarrisRichard HarrisMånad sedan
  • Guys! The pop on spotify is from last week 😳. Love from mexico 🤩🤩

    Reyna Arguelles FloresReyna Arguelles FloresMånad sedan