Draco Deserved To Be Redeemed | Harry Potter Theory

16 mar 2021
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Today J dives into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to discuss how everyone’s favorite Slytherin, Draco Malfoy, SHOULD have been redeemed!
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  • Are you happy with the state of Draco's redemption?

    SuperCarlinBrothersSuperCarlinBrothersMånad sedan
    • nope.

      Lucas ThompsonLucas Thompson2 dagar sedan
    • @Embo Mebo YEAH They Should've kept it in that would've been an AMAZING Character ARC. Bcause NOT ALL Slytherin R BAD Take Professor Snape he was A GOOD GUY ALL THIS TIME.

      Rachel SouleRachel Soule8 dagar sedan
    • @Olivia Sundeen although I don't really like Dramione, many times I think it's more of a self-insert than an actual belief that they'd be a good couple, but I totally agree with you,. I think his redemption in the fic and the forgiveness from the other side must take some time and be realistic for it to work though, not to make up stuff like "oh Death Eaters are actually the good guys y'all". And as for the Ron thing, I'd say this is more of a movie problem than a fault of the book, as the directors gave all of Ron's good qualities to Hermione and just used him for comedic relief

      413 Venøm413 Venøm8 dagar sedan
    • @Wendy Gedeon he's a child, he was a bully sure, he did believe the wrong things, but the world isn't divided into good guys and Death Eaters. James was a bully, Sirius was a bully, Snape was a bully to his STUDENTS, Dumbledore raised Harry like a pig for slaughter, redeeming a child who didn't know better, if done right, is totally justified. Even Harry in the last book felt sorry for him after he saw the vision of him being forced to torture someone or get tortured himself. And it wasn't even only his own life at stake, it was his family's too, so what would You do in his position? We're talking about a war, an incredibly corrupt Ministry even before Voldemort, and the will to just survive throught it all, judging these people by the moral standards of our time and age doesn't make much sense. Just because Draco was a bad person doesn't mean he can't do better or redeem himself, out of all the other Death Eaters (not counting Snape), he's the best choice for exactly that

      413 Venøm413 Venøm8 dagar sedan
    • Let's give Draco an award, the "not-as-much-of-a-jerk-as-you-could-have-been award" 😏

      Jow27Jow2713 dagar sedan
  • Draco definitely deserved redemption. He wasn't really a bad guy. He had to put up a front for his father and Voldemort. It couldn't have been easy for him.

    Stephanie DavisStephanie Davis7 timmar sedan
  • How do wizard children learn to read and write with no elementary school?

    Justin HarnessJustin Harness18 timmar sedan
  • I mean, in a way, this makes Draco more pure/innocent than Harry and co. He never killed anyone. The others did. Make of that what you will.

    HallonHallon18 timmar sedan
  • You should do a “what if Voldemort killed dumbledore 9 months earlier” video

    Jason GreenJason Green23 timmar sedan
  • This was one of my first reactions upon finishing Deathly Hallows. Draco needed a redemption arc. It's nice to know that well over a decade later the rest of the world is catching up to me.

    WatchPartyWatchPartyDag sedan
  • I personally think there should have been a scene in the fight of Harry and volde where volde had Harry pined down and is about to kill him but then *EXPELIARMIS* Harry looks over expecting so see Ron and hermiony but then “come on Potter” *draco pulls Harry off the ground*

    HexifiHexifi2 dagar sedan
  • Does it count as Crabbe's line if it was actually Ron Polyjuiced as Crabbe in CoS?

    Erin DavidErin David3 dagar sedan
  • In my rewrite of the series I will settle ALL of this, please settle down.

  • Hahaha you finally did it

    Alma CsudayAlma Csuday5 dagar sedan
  • I still think draco deserves azkaban. Willingly or not he became a death eater and was solely responsible for letting death eaters in the castle. In the eyes of law that deserves punishment. Plus one book of redemption doesn't nullify six books of evil deeds.

    Pranav PothanisPranav Pothanis5 dagar sedan
  • this says it all!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Gwenna GGwenna G6 dagar sedan
  • Why doesn’t anyone talk about how teddy lupin is born in book 7 and the last chapter is called 19 years later so it’s 19 years later meaning that teddy is 19 but still, they say he is on the train. But why? He can’t be at hogwarts! He could maybe be 18 at school because of birthdays but he can’t possible be 19! So why is he on the train! And why doesn’t anyone talk about it?

    JD - 06NP 790904 Thomas Street MSJD - 06NP 790904 Thomas Street MS8 dagar sedan
  • In the book, does Harry not stab the diadem with the fang and then Ron kicks it into the fire? If that does happen, then Crabbe didn't destroy the diadem, Harry did with the fang. The fire may have destroyed it faster, but was not the ultimate cause of destruction, the stabbing with the fang was.

    Bryan WatsonBryan Watson8 dagar sedan
  • I just want to say that when Draco offered to help Harry in the philosophers stone he was being genuine. His father thought that Harry might be the next more powerful Voldemort, so Draco wanted to be his friend.

    Libertarian ExodusLibertarian Exodus8 dagar sedan
  • i feel like Draco's redemption is actually in the hp and the curse child.

    Nicole AllanigueNicole Allanigue9 dagar sedan
  • I am very mad at the people who made the movie because there WAS a scene where in the battle of hogwarts as soon as Draco realized that Harry wasn't actually dead he threw him the wand that Harry used to defeat Voldemort. BUT THEY DELETED IT. And I just wanna know, why! 1. The scene literally lasted about two seconds so you can't use the exscuse that it would make the movie two long. 2. It totally fits with Draco's character. 3. DRACO DESERVED A REDEMPTION ARC! It just really annoys me that we got robbed of seeing Draco's redemption.

    Lydia WaltonLydia Walton9 dagar sedan
  • Pretty obvious 😂😂

    Jade-Louise SmithJade-Louise Smith9 dagar sedan
  • One of these things just doesn’t belong here 🎶 like that choice was just so random of the author

    Jade-Louise SmithJade-Louise Smith9 dagar sedan
  • Can y’all read the Mistborn series?

    Nacho AverageNachoNacho AverageNacho10 dagar sedan
  • No, I don't think he should have been redeemed any further! One of the things I love the most about HP is that everybody is very grey. Very few of the main characters are presented as totally "good" or "bad" but they can all take the right path or the wrong path at different moments depending on their circumstances, life experiences, moments of choice...

    Lex RueLex Rue11 dagar sedan
  • This is why I like to pretend Julien from CW's The Flash is secretly a redeemed Draco living in the muggle world. It works. (Same actor and everything :)

    Clover ArcondasClover Arcondas11 dagar sedan
  • How DARE you disrespect Crab like that. Best character in the whole series smh.

    Gold NapkinGold Napkin12 dagar sedan
  • Either make Draco and Crabbe both redeem themselves by throwing it in together and make Crabbe worthy of his redemption or just make Draco do it because if not it would have been better if lavender brown had done it!

    Ava Roblox gamerAva Roblox gamer13 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if Voldemort were just straight up betrayed so we could get a lovely preachy line like “There is something that drives men more than fear. Love. And that is something you never understood.”

    ..13 dagar sedan
  • I've been saying this for years!

    hara eccahara ecca14 dagar sedan
  • Honestly, Rowling dropped several balls in this juggling act. Draco's Redemption is one. Harry and Hermione's romance is another. Putting more emphasis on the fact that Neville could have been the Chosen One instead of Harry is a 3rd...

    John MorganJohn Morgan14 dagar sedan
  • I think Draco not having a redemption arc makes for a better story. Especially in the epilogue. After (civil) wars there is always the conflict within a society between those that supported different sides in said conflict. The fact that your joining one side is pretty much family mandated/coerced doesn't change that fact. One side will lose and will suffer the consequences. Wether that is just or not is besides the fact. If you want a good study object for this, try researching societies which were occupied in Europe during WW2. This happened and Draco taking up that role is realistic and shows that those people exist and have to live with the consequences. Also, life will go on. Even if the trauma doesn't. It's a detail I actually like. In conflicts where the people are divided in opposing camps and later have to reconcile, everyone loses and everyone gets shafted at some point or other. But in the end, life will go on and order will resume. People won't forget, might not even forgive but will ultimately need to find a way to cope. Details like these hammer this point home.

    Dirk M. SchutDirk M. Schut15 dagar sedan
  • we were robbed of this moment bc JK hates Draco. I'm not kidding - shes said she doesn't understand why anyone likes him and she hates him

    geekymaddygeekymaddy16 dagar sedan
  • Crabbe is also the 2nd of third people to destroy a horcrux and die because of it.

    Robert SchroederRobert Schroeder16 dagar sedan
  • Love it! Question for you and Ben, what other parts of the series would you rewrite if you had the choice?

    Kolten AstleKolten Astle16 dagar sedan
  • Most of the characters belong in Slytherin, and Harry should have had at least one Slytherin friend. whatifbrigade.blogspot.com/2020/06/fixing-slytherin-house.html

    What If BrigadeWhat If Brigade17 dagar sedan
  • Draco secretly went to Fred Weasley's funeral, and apologized to his headstone. He actually liked Fred and George and found them Hilarious!

    Deon FlowersDeon Flowers17 dagar sedan

    Vivianna EsquivelVivianna Esquivel17 dagar sedan
  • Elementry school for Wizards & Witches: Pigfarts

    Magic MayhemMagic Mayhem17 dagar sedan
  • I believe he should have gotten a redemption. Your Diadem example sounds... right to me. He wouldn’t have known the reason, but would have cast it aside. Either to Harry or into the Fiendfyre.

    James LesherJames Lesher17 dagar sedan
  • 8:00. This ties into my interpretation of Voldemort is that he came up with these convulted petty plans to cover the fact that he was actually afraid of attacking Harry Potter.

    William OzierWilliam Ozier18 dagar sedan
  • The one that sticks in my craw is how Rowling seem to forget that Ron was a chess prodigy...a skill that could have come in very handy in strategic battle situations. So Harry coulda been the Chosen One, hermione the smart one, and Ron could have risen to be the strategist of the group.

    William OzierWilliam Ozier18 dagar sedan
  • I'm G but still slid is not bad

    Billy MolloyBilly Molloy18 dagar sedan
  • When growing up we had a bidet in our bathroom. My parents told me it was to wash feet and it was only used to put clothes in it when we showered 😂

    Betty BoopBetty Boop18 dagar sedan
  • Crabbe killing a Horcrux?! How thick can you get?

    Lemon McBossLemon McBoss20 dagar sedan
  • Don't let Voldemort plan your wedding

    Dev GuptaDev Gupta20 dagar sedan

    Derpy DerpDerpy Derp21 dag sedan
  • Can we ship Draco and Harry?

    Silver ShineSilver Shine21 dag sedan
  • "This video about Draco's patronus" Draco's patronus is his father hearing about this.

    Jon SJon S22 dagar sedan
  • Caught the himym sensory deprivator! 😂

    Kelly ShawKelly Shaw22 dagar sedan
  • i actually agree with you here, i was never fully satisfied with how they settled his character.

    Antonio FinottiAntonio Finotti22 dagar sedan
  • That "Malfoy...perhaps?" spot 👌 on 👌

    Lauren OttsLauren Otts22 dagar sedan
  • But doesn’t J.K says that she didn’t want people to like the Draco character? He’s supposed to be unlikable, irredeemable.

    Stanley RoseStanley Rose22 dagar sedan
  • 5:02 actually since it’s England it would be primary school

    Mike The gamerMike The gamer23 dagar sedan
  • Again, #lumity

    Madden BoseroyMadden Boseroy23 dagar sedan
    • Seriously, who bets that SuperCarlinBrothers will get around to The Owl House?

      Madden BoseroyMadden Boseroy23 dagar sedan
  • Idk, in my opinion, just because we didn't see him fully redeemed in the end of book 7, doesn't mean he wasn't redeemed in the epilog. His story ends where it is in book 7 because that's where Harry's story ends, and Harry doesn't talk to him in the epilog because..... why would he, thats his high school bully. I mean, look at how good Scorpious turned out (I know people don't consider cursed child canon, I don't either, but Scorpious was seen in the epilog of book 7, so technically he us) he was really kind and open minded, and this is a kid raised by Draco. If that doesn't speak volumes, I don't know what does.

    Cosplayer Queen98Cosplayer Queen9823 dagar sedan
  • I feel like this shows jks flaws. She’s very good at world building. But she try’s to twist plot points in a way that makes things messy and leaves them unresolved.

    SnapdaddySnapdaddy23 dagar sedan
  • One thing that always drives me crazy is that whenever they say slash in the ad segment they slash the wrong way with their hand.

    Hidden City PicturesHidden City Pictures23 dagar sedan
  • Ughhhh even though it’s extremely dark I would love to see you all do Handmaid Tale 😬😍

    karramia14karramia1423 dagar sedan
  • Them not Doing this even if it would’ve been different from the book [especially because they actually filmed Malfoy tossing harry’s wand back to him] is one of the reasons why deathly hallows part two is definitely the worst movieAnd one of the worst made movies ever

    Patrick J. McKennaPatrick J. McKenna23 dagar sedan
  • Some people go through life the way "intended for them" without really questioning their place. Despite chances, despite knowing its wrong, some people just won't change and I think its good that JK points that out. (but yeah we totally need an on-the-whole good Slytherin)

    James MacRandalJames MacRandal23 dagar sedan
  • We were robbed with the editing of Dudley Dursley in the end film, Neville should have had his parts to play(instead of the others doing them), Ron was more intelligent in the books... and yes, it would have been nice to see more of a redemption for Draco~

    EllaniyaEllaniya23 dagar sedan
  • Voldemort when confronted with literal anything in his life; *chooses pettyness instead* Albus Dumbledore; *slurping another cuppa*

    J PJ P23 dagar sedan
  • I'm happy with Draco's ending to the story. I feel like you understand that Draco turned his back on Voldemort, but that he was still not someone who would ever see eye to eye with Harry and friends. I think this fits thematically as both affording Draco some level of redemption, while at the same time, warning that the crimes of the malfoy family cannot be undone in one or two acts, and that forever will it dominate their destiny. That being said, I do think there should have been some kind of redemptive figure for Slytherin; I don't have an issue with Ginny, but thematically it would have been much better if Harry (or Ron) had gotten together with a Slytherin student in the end, and that we somewhat got their side of the story.

    MusikurMusikur24 dagar sedan
  • You should pity Draco, but not glorify him.. Wenn ihr auch so große Potterheads seid, wie wir, dann schaut gerne mal vorbei. Jeden Mittwoch gibt es eine neue Podcast Folge über einen Harry Potter Charakter :) - überall wo es Podcast gibt oder hier auf SEworld.

    Schokofrösche PodcastSchokofrösche Podcast24 dagar sedan
  • In retrospect, Crabbe wasn’t actually intending to destroy the Horcrux it just happened to be a happy accident that Feindfyre destroys Horcruxes.

    Zarah GenivaZarah Geniva24 dagar sedan
  • I think it's really important that Malfoy wasn't redeemed by a classic act of heroism. Because each war has those who were born into the "wrong" family. And we still see the good in them. And that's exactly why we want them to be redeemed. But truth is that very few people get and chose the opportunity to sacrifice themselves in order to get redemtion.

    Elle EngelElle Engel25 dagar sedan
  • things I would have done had I wrote the Harry potter Books: -Draco's redemption begins in book 4 when he states "My father couldn't describe the Imperius curse". -He learns that Bellatrix (his aunt) attacked innocent people (pure-blooded Frank and Alice). -Gargoyles instead of Goblins. -More than just witches and wizards (centaurs, minotaurs, vampires) to show inclusivity. -Squibs have a program to help learn magic.

    Ellie LoganEllie Logan25 dagar sedan
    • Oooo yes I love this! I always imagine Draco having a redemption in book 4 too

      Cello ThereCello There14 dagar sedan
  • I agree

    HufflepuffAngelHufflepuffAngel25 dagar sedan
  • Does he take the dark mark though? In the movies, sure, but in the books, there's a good chance he was hiding a werewolf bite.

    Matt KelsoMatt Kelso25 dagar sedan
  • Draco definitely deserved a better redemption arc! I would’ve loved to see him be the one to destroy the diadem.

    Amanda HustonAmanda Huston25 dagar sedan
  • 9:02 Notice that Draco says it "slowly". Don't write like this, kids.

    David SchwagerDavid Schwager25 dagar sedan
  • I think narratively it would have been a better story if he had a proper redemption arc. If he was an example for kids of how no matter what your family background and your past you can still grow and choose to do good, but instead this is what she gave us...

    Bradie DeanBradie Dean26 dagar sedan
  • I actually feel bad for Malfoy at the end. Snape on the other hand will never have a redemption arch from this momma bear. There is never a reason for child abuse!

    KewtieKewtie26 dagar sedan
  • I think a really interesting idea for the series would be to focus on the Malfoy family through the years. What his parents went through after Voldemort's fall and then what they went through during his rise like in book 2 and then after his resurrection. Their family relationships, the strains that were put on them, their new priorities, what drive them away from Voldemort, but also how they were stuck in his service. There is SO much to unpack there.

    KewtieKewtie26 dagar sedan
  • Super off topic but that jacket is really nice, any chance you can let me know where you got it? Or drop a link? #respectthedrip

    Raul GonzalezRaul Gonzalez26 dagar sedan
  • I will always believe Draco deserved redemption and we’ll just pretend the deleted scene where he throws Harry his wand in Deathly Hallows was part of the movie now

    Kaitlyn ChanKaitlyn Chan26 dagar sedan
  • Draco deserved redemption? How about Fred and Collin Creevey deserved to live! I thought this was Harry Potter, not Game of Thrones!

    Dylan RaglandDylan Ragland27 dagar sedan
  • I'm Slytherin and Im hella proud.

    Nohemi GomezNohemi Gomez27 dagar sedan
  • At least we know he got a redemption arc thanks to the cursed child , OMG THAT IS SO UNTRUE CURSED CHILED IS NOT EVEN CANNON !

    Avatar yangchen BLAvatar yangchen BL27 dagar sedan
  • Draco's hesitation at the end of book six and in book 7 is a great start. Especially his hesitation to join Voldemort and the death eaters after Harry is said to be dead. However, had Draco been the one to destroy the horcrux would have been soo much better in his redemption story. Sure he had a few times where he had to think quickly, like deciding to lie about Harry and Hermione but those are small things, having that split second decision of choosing good (destroy the horcrux) or bad (keep it safe) would have really made the redemption complete.

    FideliaNerinaFideliaNerina27 dagar sedan
  • Tessa have you seen this?

    Bianca Bundgaard QuedenbaumBianca Bundgaard Quedenbaum27 dagar sedan
  • Draco was done dirty by jk Rowling

    Fight FanFight Fan27 dagar sedan
  • Jk Rowling can’t write characters who stand in the grey parts, characters for her are either bad or good .....

    Fight FanFight Fan27 dagar sedan
  • I actually never really thought about it that way, but you guys are completely right.

    Lizzl KLizzl K27 dagar sedan
  • I miss 'these socks are amazing'

    Kris NapierKris Napier27 dagar sedan
  • A cool pice of simbology that could be addded to the destruction would be his dark mark buring away with the pice of voldorts sole he willingly destroyed

    Orm11 VideosOrm11 Videos28 dagar sedan
  • Pigpimples....love it!

    Jenni MJenni M28 dagar sedan
  • If you haven't already, you MUST check out A Very Potter Musical which is a musical farce, but in terms of their Malfoy storyline, it is superior in that regard. I would LOVE to see a video of your reaction to that

    Daniel FifieldDaniel Fifield28 dagar sedan
  • Will be honest, when I was 11, I took the quiz, expecting to Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.... and then I got Slytherin. I was confused and disappointed at first, but I started reading more about the house and knowing other people in the same house that I realized it wasn't such a bad house.

    Always EatingAlways Eating28 dagar sedan
  • Ok but at least Neville got to destroy one

    Pokémon champion CarsonPokémon champion Carson28 dagar sedan
  • #lovelesshug 😂😂😂😂

    Aviel cohenAviel cohen29 dagar sedan
  • I mean, we sorta got it in cursed child. And for all of Draco’s faults and Harry’s merits, it’s saying something that Draco became a better father than Harry was

    Kim Johng UnKim Johng Un29 dagar sedan
  • As someone who loves the Harry Potter fandom but personally found the books to fall flat, I really appreciate this constructive criticism of J.K. Rowling's writing. I love the theories and the fanfiction and the general conversations people have, but when I opened up the actual books for the first time, I found that I much preferred stories based off of them and the more highly developed writing of fan theorists and fanfiction writers. Anyway, I really appreciate this!

    Lana Rook RosewoodLana Rook Rosewood29 dagar sedan
  • Draco not having a proper redemption turned into 1000000000 Draco Fanfictions to fix this. Also I love good redemption arcs. They can be really interesting

    ForevermoreForevermore29 dagar sedan
  • Was more redeemed than Snape. Draco: Easily influenced child brought up to believe the wrong things but eventually learned it wss wrong. Snape: Grown man who still held onto a childhood grudge and blamed their child. But he liked Harry's mum and felt bad after he got her killed.

    TehWhiteTigerTehWhiteTiger29 dagar sedan
  • Counter point to the whole how he was raised vs Harry and how his family treated him. What about Sirius and his brother. Sirius knew better and his brother came to his senses later, I have no sympathy for Draco. He deserved worse then what he got

    JVonJVonMånad sedan
  • what would harrys, ron's and hermione's animagus be?

    Geraldine AxGeraldine AxMånad sedan
  • Some times people don't get the redemption they seek. Perhaps that is the point of having Crab destroying the diadem. With war even if you win things don't end pretty. Draco is a reminder of that.

    DogHairDogHairMånad sedan
  • Can someone rewrite like...the whole series?...just some details...just some... like, we all know Fred is alive..right?

    Dulce Maria N.Dulce Maria N.Månad sedan
  • I think that a little more work should have been done with Draco's character. Not saying years of his upbringing would have changed overnight. But, I think he could have been the one to not only destroy that horcrux. In the end, it would have been nice to see that Harry, Ron, and Hermione was on speaking terms with Draco. Not saying that their families got together on a regular basis, but if they were to cross paths, that they would actually have a conversation. He shows respect for his former classmates and sets a better example for his own son. Perhaps their children spent time together. Draco trying to undo the years of lies and beliefs he grew up with and allowing his only child to expand his views before attending Hogwarts.

    Kim PepperKim PepperMånad sedan
  • The truth is that Draco was hesitant to join Voldemort in the final battle. He only joined the dark side because his parents pressured him.

    Angel WatcherAngel WatcherMånad sedan
  • This is, is anything, a reflection of how Rowling had a good story on her hands, but didn't always execute it perfectly. She made an entire house no one wants to be in. Of she had made Draco good at the end she would have redeemed Slytherin house.

    Jonah ThraneJonah ThraneMånad sedan
  • I haven’t watched the full video yet but IMO no Draco did not deserve to be redeemed he was a POS for literally the entire series. It would have been cliche if he redeemed himself. HP is already cliched enough as it is.

    GoldenOracle64GoldenOracle64Månad sedan