Raya and the Last Dragon REVIEW: Is It Worth It?

9 mar 2021
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Today J and Ben give their full spoiler review of Disney’s latest animated movie Raya and the Last Dragon and determine if its worth Disney Plus’s Premium access price and what message the movie is trying to tell us
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  • Went to the theater for this. It was too much story for the run time. I enjoyed it But I went in with low expectations. Didn't care for the trailers at all.

    thecouchpotatocomthecouchpotatocom20 timmar sedan
  • This movie had a lot of plot holes and is too rushed but I still kinda enjoyed it

    Adi Adimierz 657Adi Adimierz 6572 dagar sedan
  • My take away from this: Klaus. I love Klaus! The moment they started talking about it I screamed SPAUREEE! I’m so glad Ben brought it up.

    Hanan HazardHanan Hazard2 dagar sedan
  • Why is it sooooo difficult to just lift the mug by the handle with your left hand. Dude so simple.

    JohnnaJohnna3 dagar sedan
  • Honestly, the moment you guys said you didn't really love this movie I was simultaneously offended and confused, but I think the part that I was so engrossed with was the themes and the over all message of the story. Because, at the end of it all, I have a lot of the same disconnects with this movie that you do, I hate the baby, the weird dialougues about being "a bit of a dragon nerd", and the lack of world building. The moment Raya and Sisu show up to confront the first chief and it turns out she was already dead was very disappointing, and then it happened again and again with each tribe. I wanted to meet the other cheifs, and hear about their culture, but every single time the writers were just like "lol nope they dead". I did have some very heavy emotions at the end of this movie, but I am extremely empathetic when it comes to watching movies, so I might just be because of that. I really can't get over how much I love the over all messaging for this movie though that is a major highlight that will having me coming back to this movie for sure.

    Amanda EngstromAmanda Engstrom4 dagar sedan
  • While forgiveness and trust have value, one should never forget that to forgive and/or trust another puts one at risk of getting betrayed. Therefore, forgiving and/or trusting other people should be done with at least some level of caution.

    Dennis TayDennis Tay4 dagar sedan
  • 34:00 You know what's weird? In time of freacking Pandemic the ability of begin engage into those small conflicts about movies and things like that are so comforting to me. This makes me think everything will be back to normal.

    akane saotomeakane saotome5 dagar sedan
  • My sister and I agree that we hate the fact that the main takeaway is trust and see the good in people but don't feel the movie reflected the message at all. Almost every time they try and trust someone they get burned. In the movie shizu blindly trusts everyone till she ends up dying and thats meant to be a good thing to teach kids? They could have approached it better.

    Rachael McGeeRachael McGee6 dagar sedan
  • I honestly think the movie would've been much better as a musical, I think it would add the extra things that I feel are missing from the movie currently. Firstly, this would make the movie more upbeat and less grim. I don't know for sure but I have a feeling that children are gonna find it hard to keep watching this movie because there aren't things happening at all times to keep them interested. This also means that they wouldn't need the baby and the monkeys to keep kids entertained and I strongly dislike those characters because they don't at all fit in with the tone of the movie and feel like they've been completely ripped from a dreamworks movie. Secondly, they could make some of the exposition moments into musical moments, to make it more interesting to listen to, this kinda goes with the first one but I think the prologue or the slightly too long opening flashback would really benefit from some song because it just takes too long for anything to happen in the movie. Then thirdly, the characters would have an easy and quick way to portray their emotions and make the audience connect to them, because honestly I didn't feel attached to any of the characters in this movie one bit. Raya is in actuality pretty similar to Moana but the big difference is I really feel for and care for Moana whereas I just don't with Raya.

    Evelina ÅkessonEvelina Åkesson8 dagar sedan
  • Raya gets punished in the beginning for being too trusting...then she gets punished in the end for being too guarded and not trusting enough...meanwhile, those who've wronged her make no acknowledgment of their own wrong doing. Really puts a lot of blame on the victim of the trauma.

    inajefflymannerinajefflymanner8 dagar sedan
  • I missed the song .. that would have make it so much more personal!

    Emeraldiris_ChicaiEmeraldiris_Chicai8 dagar sedan
  • They could have easily just had a gem sharing arrangement.....

    Andrew PagelAndrew Pagel10 dagar sedan
  • First scene is Indiana Jones but First dragon st9ne was Goonies.

    Andrew PagelAndrew Pagel10 dagar sedan
  • To add to your list it reminds me of Trolls World Tour

    Dennise MosinskiDennise Mosinski10 dagar sedan
  • Honestly, I think the movie would have been SO much better if Sisu got severely injured earlier. I mean the thing that's missing is a big moment in the middle. Let's say that Sisu tells Raya how she used the stone, and trust dragon circle flash back thing when they meet. Imagine if that moment where Sisu looks into Namaari's eyes after they met that big warrior dude from spine, Namaari points her weapon at her, but hesitates in fear and amazement, and _then_ Raya hits her bow with the sword, and that injures Sisu and makes her too weak to fight. That then confirms in Raya's mind that the Fang is their enemy, despite Sisu's pleas, and makes her more determined. Then as the crew is trying to sneak into fang, Namaari notices, and (against her mums wishes) gets the gem and tries to give it to them, cos she thinks they can save everyone with the dragon. Raya doesn't trust her tho, and refuses to lower her sword, giving Namaari's mum enough time to intervene. Raya thinks this was another trick. Raya then goes after Namaari in rage again and this time, Namaari is talking Raya down and telling her how she was trying to help, and at this time, Sisu dies because of her injuries (maybe the boy stayed with her, since he's got no fighting skills and it doesn't make sense for him to try and sneak in) Raya see's the waters fading out and realises something's wrong and goes to help the others, and the rest plays out the same. It also would have been cool if they framed Namaari's mum as the villain, and little Namaari had nothing to do with trying to get the stone, and was reluctanatly following her mums orders the whole time when she grew up.

    Aisha_Luv!Aisha_Luv!10 dagar sedan
  • I thought that the where copiing a lots of "thing/character" from other content. Like the relationship between Raya and Namari feel like the relationship between catra and adora from She-Ra Like the whip-sword from the soulcaliber that Ivy use Like the op child (But putting a baby.... whitch fell realy to much) Like the big guy who lost his family ...

    maude côtémaude côté11 dagar sedan
  • I think if you guys are able to and comfortable. I know for one that my theater is allowing you to rent out a theater to yourself, and that way you both (and your families) can watch it together on the big screen and have that big movie feel imo because at home, its just not the same for me.

    Mad RodriguezMad Rodriguez11 dagar sedan
  • I personally was able to see it in a movie theater and then a couple of days later bought it on Disney plus and I will say it had a different affect. Also, if you did not see it in theaters, you missed a new Disney short right before the movie that cannot be found on Disney plus which made me have an emotional response even before raya started. So I don't know if that was the reason I also became emotional when watching the movie. I agree that my response to sisou dying was not as strong as the other two movies you mentioned, but it was when raya died, thats the one that got me. I can see where you're coming from with the pacing, but I don't think (Ben) that you should've made such a big deal about it. I wish they did have more time developing tong's character and I don't agree with both of your response to Noi, I feel like these types of movies don't have to make a baby more "realistic" and it added a lot of fun to the movie for me.

    Mad RodriguezMad Rodriguez11 dagar sedan
  • I saw the movie in theaters, and even though I liked the movie quite a bit, I wouldn't do the premier access.

    Rachel SmithRachel Smith11 dagar sedan
  • Have you guys, at any point, thought that Nemaari and her actions kind of resembled Cornelius Fudge? Like the way they responded to different situations were kind of the same

    Kai MichaelKai Michael13 dagar sedan
  • I really liked this movie but I feel like it could have used an extra 20 minutes of runtime just to let things breathe.

    Matt BabineauMatt Babineau13 dagar sedan
  • it was to fast for me to feel emotionally impacted or like i have to see it again, but the animation and character design was amazing.

    Ariel LighthallAriel Lighthall15 dagar sedan
  • No idea why everyone is raving about the movie, I am sooo disappointed

    Raving RabbitRaving Rabbit15 dagar sedan
  • I kinda felt like the whole prologue should have been cut. They could have explored Raya's backstory and history with Namaari through character interactions and maybe flashbacks. Also, I agree Sisu felt too out of place, like they were trying to replicate the Genie... again... I also felt Noi should have been Boun's age, and she should have been a wild girl growing up in the deserts of Tail. Could have still not talked, but more because she'd lost her words than that she was too young. Then Boun should have been a couple years older than Raya, and he should have been from Talon. Also, it should have been his betrothed who was turned to stone. Could have had a plot point where the shrimp emporium was her dream, and he's been trying to make it a reality in her stead. I saw Raya with 4 total people at the theater and we only paid $24, not $30.

    KhodexusKhodexus16 dagar sedan
  • Finally got around to checking it out, actually got to go to a theater too. I love everything you have to say about it, and i think that even though i can completely see all of your criticisms, and even agree with most of them, my love of the message of the movie lands me even more on the positive side of the divide. I particularly love J's comments on how even the things from the movie that felt like missteps ended up being a source of messaging that ring so true for our world (Awkwafina's character being too positive to be believable, 'why are you fighting when there are much bigger problems?', etc). I also loved the particularly intricate layers of fault and needing to forgive and trust that were laid down. It may not have been done smoothly or in a way that really hit hard, but the concept rings *so* true to me that I come away loving it anyway. Thanks for the great discussion about the movie!

    Jared BennettJared Bennett16 dagar sedan
  • 32:40 i think the reason for the fight is that Raya basically figured the world was over at this point. the one thing keeping the Druune at bay was gone, and everyone was being turned to stone. At this point she may as well get revenge before the world comes to an end.

    TamTrollTamTroll16 dagar sedan
  • 19:49 Okay so the physical gift may have been the pendant but the true gift was her father opening up Heart to share a meal. Like Sisu said, when you give a gift you say that they can trust you but can you trust them. Raya's dad did that, he gave the first step of trust with his gift the pendant was the moment that Raya decided she could trust them. So her Dad gave the first gift, not Namaari. And Raya obviously has a super-strong connection to her dad so the pendant just becomes a reminder of his first gift to the other tribes, and how, because of his gift, she is alone.

    Danielle DouglasDanielle Douglas16 dagar sedan
  • Also, in defence of Raya, she did have a personality, when she was a kid before she lost her only family, then years went by and she wasn't any closer to getting her family back, she effectively became dead inside, and you can see her starting to open up again throughout the movie, but it is as though she got so lost in trying to get her family back she no longer had any clue as to who she was. I mean I get it, losing hope in your situation and losing faith in others really creates emptiness. I have felt that, that emptiness where nothing else matters but resolving and getting back what was lost. During my worst times, I was a shell of a person, with no real personality, no friends, no anything. It took years and lots of building of trust towards others to have a distinct personality stand behind. I like Raya, she is a person who truly represents loss and how it affects you on a level deeper than despair. You effectively get lost in it.

    Danielle DouglasDanielle Douglas16 dagar sedan
  • I love how you assume that just because headphones remove sound they also remove distraction. Hi, I'm ADHD and you can put me in an empty room with no sound and I will find a way to distract myself/entertain myself from the one task set out before me whatever that is :)

    Danielle DouglasDanielle Douglas16 dagar sedan
  • i was able toputcjaseraya on amazon prime bideo without having to deal with disney pluat all the prive is still thirty bux

    Michael denneyMichael denney17 dagar sedan
  • I agree, I like it but i feel like it missing some depth and it's sad because i love Raya and the fact that she is driven by not so heroic motivation and she makse some not so good choices and she learns a lot along the way. And we get so many interesting new characters but just there wasn't time to get to know them more :(

    Agata MakselonAgata Makselon17 dagar sedan
  • I loved this movie. I watched in cinemas (COVID safely, also my city is pretty much clean) and it was incredible. The story for me was not the most important part. I found the story B standard (grade), but it was the animation, fight scenes, music and cultural references which blew me away. Especially that final fight it was executed so well, and all of the attacks looked so realistic and with a lot of emotion. Overall and incredible movie.

    Ronin 571Ronin 57117 dagar sedan
  • 30:20 there are actually words like that which are whips. There was a sword used in India that didn’t split but it was vary wavy and was used to make slits in the bodies of the opponent more specifically the throat. So yeah there are swords that are whips. Not the same as rayas but similar. But the wavy ness of the sword comes from Indonesia is is called a kris, I believe.

    Ronin 571Ronin 57117 dagar sedan
  • I’m not sure if this makes sense, but if everyone got turned to stone 6 years ago, how did boon and the baby not age? Raya and Namarri so time obviously y passes normally but. That means boon must have been alone since he was 3? Ish, and how would the baby. E alive?

    Lauren GraceLauren Grace17 dagar sedan
  • I personally loved this movie a lot!!!

    Vanessa IvlisarVanessa Ivlisar17 dagar sedan
  • The Gruun reminds me of another form of Dementors

    Duckie the VictoriaDuckie the Victoria18 dagar sedan
  • I've resigned myself to never seeing a disney movie again so I watch your reviews instead.

    Mikaela DavisMikaela Davis18 dagar sedan
  • I am surprised people are still not commenting on how... infinitesimal the setting must obviously be. It feels much too tiny from all the traveling going on.

    Panagiotes KoutelidakesPanagiotes Koutelidakes18 dagar sedan
  • Here in Australia we actually got the theatrical release as well as on Disney+, its $35 with premier, but it cost max $36, for Mum and I to go see it in cinemas I feel she didn’t manage to get the discount to work, and it was good to get to watch something in the movies again, it could’ve been better but it was still good, something I noticed was that by the end Raya was the only one not wearing her kingdom’s colour scheme, and good luck to all those are still in a quarantined situation where movies can’t be released theatrically.

    Holls TimmissHolls Timmiss19 dagar sedan
  • Wait a minute Mushu had a kid with another dragon?!?!

    Michelle PinnickMichelle Pinnick19 dagar sedan
  • I agree that the movie fell flat in places. The rules regarding the magic system felt inconsistent. Dragons make the gem, Dragons don’t come back, but humans do. Humans break the gem, kill a dragon, then try to fix it by putting the Gem Back together. Both dragons and humans come back...? Why didn’t the dragons come back the first time? When Raya and gang try to día it, It was second-hand magic that was broken anyway... if anything only the four dragons who made it should have come back and no humans. IDK it doesn’t make a ton of sense to me.

    Wesley SchaefermeyerWesley Schaefermeyer19 dagar sedan
  • Just wondering if you guys have ever reviewed gnomeo and juliet?

    Amber BradshawAmber Bradshaw19 dagar sedan
  • Count the number of times they say “like”😂😂😂

    ArchemiteArchemite20 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone else notice that the plot was essentially the same as infinity war/endgame? Big portion of the population is turned to dust/stone and you have to gather the stones to bring them together and snap everyone back

    Elise TElise T20 dagar sedan
  • So I saw this movie and the best way I can describe it is it was good and my 2-year-old baby sister loves to watch it. She gets scared at every other Disney movie.

    Zoe BoyetteZoe Boyette20 dagar sedan
  • My freinds: who do you think you are in Raya and The Last dragon? Me as vaugly as possible: the bad guy. My freinds: So the dragon nerd? * Nods *

    Annalisa HooperAnnalisa Hooper20 dagar sedan
  • i actually wish that ratld is a series instead. i love the movie - especially raya but i think the movie was too fast paced, the lands weren't explored that much, namaari's character “redemption arc” wasn't great, and we didn't get to know that much about the characters, kumandra, the druuns and more. i also wish that we could've known more about raya, especially the six years she has spent before finding sisu. raya is an amazing character, but we need more from her; like her quirks, other flaws ( aside from her being too untrusting ), and all that. ( i also think that raya should have an arc where she gets the feeling / urge to save the world - because she only found sisu and restore the gems to get her Ba back, and only her Ba, not everyone. ) not to mention, it didn't really do well in showing / executing their message of “trusting others”. i hoped that namaari had a better redemption arc that she had in the movie - and her trying to split the blame of sisu's death between her and raya doesn't sit well with me, because raya was just being cautious of namaari because she knows what she is capable of and experienced it first hand. i enjoyed raya though. me and my family loves it very much.

    riorio20 dagar sedan
  • Saw it in theaters, and was able to predict every major moment before it happened. I would lean over to my friend and be like “the old lady is gonna betray them” two seconds later, boom! It was predictable. Really boring actually.

    Haley GloverHaley Glover22 dagar sedan
  • It’s a movie that didn’t know what it wanted to be. The monkeys and the baby was the three brothers from Brave, Rays was a knockoff Mulan, the Spine character was the character from Tangled and Raya Armadillo was suppose to be Rapunzel‘s chameleon and the 5 nations are supposed to be the nation from Brave

    Owl SectorOwl Sector22 dagar sedan
  • Fully agree that the baby was weird! Literally took me out of the story so much. I liked the rest of the movie but every time the baby was on screen I was cringing so hard and couldn’t enjoy it.

    Julia HildebrandJulia Hildebrand22 dagar sedan
  • I just came out of this movie a few hours ago. We have a local theater that is doing showings with limited seating, Covid precautions, etc. And I went by myself which meant it was far more reasonable than paying for it on Disney+. I loved it, and as an eternal optimist living in 2021, I identified strongly with Sisu and the overall message. I thought the cast did great, epecially Awkwafina. I thought the animation was spectacular. I got a few really strong laughs, which is good for me. The only big complaint I can think of is the weird pacing which did throw me off at times, especially when it suddenly jumped ahead 6 years. Like, I get that you needed some passage of time, but 6 years?? I definitely remembering thinking while it was playing that it probably won't become an instant classic the way Frozen and Moana did, but I enjoyed it for what it was, and I had fun.

    Aaron MartinAaron Martin23 dagar sedan
  • Sisu didn't feel off because she was positive. It felt like thousands of years and losing her family had no effect on her. Her always being positive and trusting felt one-dimensional like most of the other characters in the movie, it was her only personality trait and she doesn't grow as a character throughout the movie because, in the end, her view was supposedly the right one. This movie dropped the ball in storytelling and character development. Everything else like the art and cultural representation felt like it had more effort put into it.

    S RS R23 dagar sedan
  • With all this amazing commentary and suggestions why don't Ben and J just work for Disney or make their own movie?

    Lydia AlatorreLydia Alatorre23 dagar sedan
  • I think its about time Disney dared to shed some light into how people can be inherently selfish and still be a genuinely good person, because it can become a character transformation in the end... This actually sheds light into a reality Disney is stereotypically not known to be at all, since it usually shines away into a dream instead. A lot may have been happening, but more like a fast dance, it all fit into place for me at least, and if there's chance of a sequel, I would love for them to dive into it. Personally it was breathtaking just to see the dragons hop in the sky on their water steps

    Franny AlFranny Al23 dagar sedan
  • Heyyyy it's been a while since I've watched this channel last lol

    the illegal seagullthe illegal seagull24 dagar sedan
  • I think you guys were so close that you missed it!! You were spot on with the theme of unity and forgiveness and especially the revenge battle not making any sense! But now, revisit the whole movie through the FLAWS of Raya's character. She is SO dead set that she is right, others harmed everyone else, and everyone needs to get back together, that even in ways that she actually is correct in unity, for her, it MUST be her way. Then, in the end, she is so enraged she gets caught up in revenge and beating her enemy, who really was taught by someone else to betray her anyway. The pacing PLAYS this. It shows her driven to a goal above all else, with mostly no concern for anything else. We don't get much from anyone else, because Raya almost really is only using them to get what SHE needs to complete her righteous mission.

    Kevin DonahueKevin Donahue24 dagar sedan
  • Sounds like it sucks

    iceturtle 1025iceturtle 102525 dagar sedan
  • I don’t know. I think the movie could have been a lot better. Just a worse less refined moana.

    Rivendell’sArt !Rivendell’sArt !26 dagar sedan
  • I want a documentary about them cutting out half the movie

    SludgySludgy26 dagar sedan
  • Me and the boys knowing the sword is literally just Byleth’s sword

    SludgySludgy26 dagar sedan
  • RATLD is a 4 Star and an ALMOST perfect Disney movie, it's just lacking some things to make it that.

    ArtistAnthonyArtistAnthony26 dagar sedan
  • For me, I felt like the reason why the dragons didn’t come back is because everything was based on trust. The dragons trusted each other which let the humans come back and they trusted the humans to trust each other. However, the humans didn’t which didn’t allow the dragons to come back. However, the last moment where all our main cast, who are from the different tribes, come together and trust each other allowed for the dragons to come back. That’s just my take on it.

    helveticahelvetica26 dagar sedan
  • Ngl, I liked the movie but I feel like the story would’ve done better as a series thing. Cause, that would’ve allowed the characters to bond better. The character relations were really rushed in my opinion so yeah. (Almost like an avatar-esque story with the different lands)

    helveticahelvetica26 dagar sedan
  • The baby was the one thing that I actively disliked while watching. But I think I agree with Ben over all. All the pieces were there for it to be their best movie yet, but they just missed the mark. Raya's level of bitterness would have been much more relatable if she had known nemari for years but as it's it just made her look annoyingly naive, especially for her age and considering how distrustful she'd been literally a couple hours before. We also thought it would have really helped if there had been more explanation about what specifically was going wrong in fang before they stole the gem to make them seem more sympathetic, like if they mentioned problems with drought or famine or something that would motivate nemari and her mother to feel like this was necessary rather than just greed, the way they did with the stated overcrowding

    Bradie DeanBradie Dean26 dagar sedan
  • Ben: That is such a unique take on a sword! Ivy Valentine: Am I a joke to you?

    Dr MDr M26 dagar sedan
  • One of my problems with the movie was Raya, she’s an ok character but it feels like her character is just not being able to trust anybody. The movie for me makes Raya’s trust issues feel so black and white because when they introduce Sisu, sisu is TOO trusting of people and it doesn’t click with me, and neither does Sisu’s jokes I wouldn’t say they’re forced they’re just not good. Also the pacing feels weird, I felt like there’s a chunks of what could make this movie better missing. To be honest I was excited for this movie, then I saw the trailer but that didn’t really get me excited but I thought the movie would and it wasn’t as interesting as I thought it would be. It reminds me of moana, with moana I took me 4 years to finish it lol, Moana just felt one note, her whole life was just “ I wanna go out to the sea” , rayas thing is :” I don’t trust nobody” and with both stories I felt that element of nuance wasn’t there as if they had to rub in the face of the audience

    ComiccortComiccort27 dagar sedan
  • Raya is a mix of Anna, Rapunzel and sadly a sprinkle of Merida............ It was a 50/50 for me. I didnt purchase it, someone else already had and they rewatched it with me. What made me more mad is that Mushu was cancelled for being a sacrate creature in the live action of Mulan....... but Sisu..... they throw this dragon at our faces. Make up your mind Disney. Also can Disney stop using cats to indicate the bad guys? That has caused so much hatred towards cats and portrayed the narrative that is okay to abuse or not help a cat in need.

    Nohemi GomezNohemi Gomez27 dagar sedan
  • I am very late to this, but I had to see the movie first and this is the most disagreement that I have felt with a Super Carlin Brothers video! First of all, while I certainly agree with some of the criticisms posed, the pacing could have been more balanced and the characters could have been more developed, not least of all because I would have loved to have seen more from each of them (except the baby, I completely agree about the baby). But where the writing faltered, I felt the voice acting and absolutely gorgeous animation made up for it in spades. I bought into the relationships between the characters, not because they were perfectly written, but because of the voices behind them, especially the main three of Raya, Sisu and Naamari, and come on, every time Raya and Naamari went toe to toe - I'll get into it later, but come on! I also loved that it was a female driven film, with the three most important characters all being female. And the animation! The colors and the styles between the tribes (nations? is that avatar?), it was pretty spectacular, I thought, again, I can't emphasize the vibrant colors enough, it was gorgeous. Now what I'm most surprised about is that I haven't seen anyone (not J or Ben in the video or anyone in the comments going down several pages) talking about the LGBTQ+ representation! Now I know it's not explicitly stated in the film or by the company, another disappointing example of Disney queerbaiting, which is basically a marketing technique at this point, but Kelly Marie Tran confirmed that she played the character as gay and, maybe this is just me as a gay woman, but I felt it DRIPPING from every Raya and Naamari interaction. It felt like flirting almost every time together (and, like a lot of other commenters, I definitely didn't feel like the sword fight at the end didn't make sense). They had more chemistry than most Disney princesses and their princes. And I do think that that improved my enjoyment of the film, because it did feel like pretty good representation, similar to that of Korra and Asami in Legend of Korra.

    Emily ReynoldsEmily Reynolds28 dagar sedan
  • I think at least part of the reason the dragons returned as well as the humans at the end, but not the beginning, was because of who came together to restore the stone. It signifies that as hard as the dragons tried to be the light for humanity and fought for them, the humans had a dark malice that they could essentially only temporarily neutralize at best. It took humanity itself, a piece of each tribe, deliberately overcoming that malice and choosing trust, for true balance to be restored. Humanity had to defeat their own malice to truly defeat the drune, instead of simply covering it up. That was actually one of my favorite takeaways. 😊

    Audra RittenhouseAudra Rittenhouse28 dagar sedan
  • I’m not sure if I’m the only one but I really enjoyed raya. It brought me to tears and it was just such a beautiful movie that really moved me. It just spoke to me and it hit me really hard emotionally. I don’t think there’s anything that should change about it but I do agree it would be cool to see this as a series to get to know the characters more.

    Purple CheesePurple Cheese28 dagar sedan
  • I liked Raya and the last dragon wayyyyyyy more than you guys did. I was actually surprised you didn’t get some of the parts you seemed confused about. But then again already watched it three times lol. I LOVED how Namaari was a complex character with a very new look and vibe. The two princesses relate to me more than any other princesses in past Disney movies. The fight scenes were epic ... the attraction between Raya and Namaari was new and interesting too😏 the beauty and intensity of the scenes was breathtaking to MANY people. Most people and reviews show emotion towards the end when the everyone gives Namaari their gem pieces... I dunno why you guys don’t like it as much... maybe there’s too many strong female characters for some people... or maybe you missed the magic because you were stuck on the logical accuracy... like the baby having mad skills was for humor and surprise.. it’s a CARTOON so we can have extraordinary characters and playful/useful attributes. Thanks for taking time to review this though. I watched the whole thing.

    Dionn Reneé Fine ArtistDionn Reneé Fine Artist29 dagar sedan
  • Sisu should've just stayed dead so it adds more to the emotional impact to everyone.

    TheOrangeHeliumTheOrangeHelium29 dagar sedan
  • I really hated that fighting scene with Raya and Namaari. I mean, yeah, it's one of the best Disney fighting scenes but like, can you do that later after you save everyone from the Druns? But now that you explained it, it does make sense that it is a reflection of modern world conflicts where there are so much more important things going on in the world that needs people to help each other but instead we just fight each other.

    TheOrangeHeliumTheOrangeHelium29 dagar sedan
  • That Woody toy in the background is creeping me out

    Maria LoredanaMaria Loredana29 dagar sedan
  • I'm only a few min into the video, but my thought on the movie was that it was good. But, I feel like the color of the dragons was totally weird compared to the color scheme of the rest of the movie. The trials were too easy and rushed. No songs is a bummer. And I think it overall didn't take itself seriously enough. It would've been much better with less silliness, which movies like Tangled and Brave got just the right amount of. They beat the jerky joke to death, too.

    Rebecca SwihartRebecca Swihart29 dagar sedan
    • I'm not sure it makes sense that the gem would die if Sisu dies, either.

      Rebecca SwihartRebecca Swihart29 dagar sedan
  • I think it’ll grow on me the more I watch it

    Chloë PedrazaChloë Pedraza29 dagar sedan
  • Disney hire them they have great ideas

    Chloë PedrazaChloë Pedraza29 dagar sedan
  • What if noi? Is the first super

    Nathaniel BoshNathaniel Bosh29 dagar sedan
  • Honestly, my interpretation of the Namaari and Raya fight was that it was more of a emotional response to Sisu's death, Raya wanting to avenge her being part of that

    Elizabethrzg RzgElizabethrzg Rzg29 dagar sedan
  • DRAGONS are awsome

    Teagan BurleyTeagan Burley29 dagar sedan
  • I think part of the point of the movie is that people will be so much more concerned with whatever they have going on that even if the world is ending around them they’ll still only be concerned with what they want but the whole goal of the movie was trusting and putting faith in people

    ravo terrellravo terrellMånad sedan
  • Check out Lake Nacimiento. It looks like a dragon.

    MarlyMarlyMånad sedan
  • What annoys me about the movie is that for all it talks about trusting each other that trust is abused an awful lot. Going down the list, Raya trusts Naamari and the gem gets broken, Raya trusts Naamari a second time and Ciscu dies(we can argue about who's fault that is but Naamari's the one who pulled the crossbow and pointed it at the dragon, at that point I'd stop trusting her too, though attacking at range was unwise on Raya's part), if you want to count when Raya meets Noi(?) she gets robbed, so another for the list. Point is every time Raya trusted someone she got burned for it except at the very end which rather muddies the message.

    trademark issues03trademark issues03Månad sedan
  • I want to ship sisu and Maui and also samurai Jack and Raya.

    eahlover122514eahlover122514Månad sedan
  • I don’t see why you think it’s snappy and go’s at 90 miles per hour because as you said the gem brakes and the drune comes and you said that that comes at 90 miles per hour but like what do you want in between then. And maybe your talking about how after and the six year gap comes but like we already know happened so like what do you want in between there another narroration that would just drag the and that wouldn’t be good for the movie. Do I don’t know if this enough for you your but obviously you have no idea what your talking about because the tribes didn’t split and fight each other during the drune invasion they fought after to get the last magic of the dragon. So one you were wrong about the opening narraration the really shouldn’t be more time in the first act your just being nit picky. Because what is supposed to be in the middle of all of that. 😏😏😏😏😔😔😔

    Play boi wata 4Play boi wata 4Månad sedan
  • I'm surprised you guys rated Raya so low. Personally, I think it's Disney Animation's best movie since the Renaissance. For me its a 9/10. Although I will add that Raya and the Last Dragon isn't worth the premiere price on Disney Plus, because nothing is in my opinion. That's why I'm waiting for the Blu-Ray before watching Raya again.

    Michael GibbMichael GibbMånad sedan
  • I think it would have been better as a 5-7 episode mini series. Maybe 1 episode per fragment/nation, +/- an episode at the beginning and end to open and close the story. Would have given time for character development and to make the nations feel different and really develop the world.

    AanglerAanglerMånad sedan
  • i liked the gay subtext

    Sierra NSierra NMånad sedan
  • If you didn't like this movie I can only assume it's because you're not a lesbian

    Abby TenneyAbby TenneyMånad sedan
  • Who was the Head Caffeinator for this film?

    mikey blackmikey blackMånad sedan
  • Honestly, the details you're missing and the context are VERY cultural. If you have no context of culture, values, etc of South East Asia and South East Asian Americans, a lot of it is going to be lost on you. That's not necesssarillyyyyy your fault, but it is very disappointing that so much of the non-Asian American "review community" have had similar dismal reviews. Not sure how to bridge this gap because Asian Americans NEED content like this, but so much of it needs.... pretext I suppose. But who wants a movie to understand a movie, ya know? I know. Lose lose situation. In the end, this movie is all about South East Asian American representation. I for one, have watched it about 15 times and talked it to death with my community lol :)

    grilledpineapplegrilledpineappleMånad sedan
  • movie had very annoying characters. I honestly didn't care if they stayed stone forever. The dragon was a joke. Bad writing. Plot was boring.

    Aaron MerkelAaron MerkelMånad sedan
  • 2:43 OOOOOH H O T T A K E

    Tomato TomotoTomato TomotoMånad sedan
  • Adulthood has made you very cynical. :/

    Igor YugureIgor YugureMånad sedan
  • There is a hidden power. She's not just good at swimming. She's THE water dragon. She thought she's worthless. The one who doesn't contribute to the group project but she provides water to the world. Even without the Drunn, without her, the world is dead.

    heartears angelheartears angelMånad sedan
  • In the last fight, I didn't think it was out of place. They're both hurt and they both blame each other for the death of sizu and they both think the world is done for already. No more hope to save the world anyway so they're just gonna let all their anger out.

    heartears angelheartears angelMånad sedan
  • I think the gift was a gift. When Raya brought Namaari to the Orb, Namaari couldn't just pass on that opportunity because that's how she was brought up.

    heartears angelheartears angelMånad sedan
  • Im a bit rusty on SEA countries' dominant foods... but which SEA are bamboo shoots from?? Palm Sugar, Shrimp Paste, Birds Eye Chili, Lemon Grass are staples in SEA cooking but Bamboo????

    ElliezabethElliezabethMånad sedan
  • One thing they didn't talk about but I'm really curious to know is how they felt about Raya not actually fixing the Dragon Gem? I personally wish it was her but would like to hear their thoughts on it.

    makayla williamsonmakayla williamsonMånad sedan
  • I feel like Raya is more of an emotionally-driven character compared to other Disney princesses, she's young and really all she wants is to save her dad, she couldn't care less about everyone else and that makes her motives a bit weird and towards the end, she snaps when she seeks out Namari for the fight. Shes definitely a lot like Korra headstrong and stubborn which makes her seem a bit off because we don't see that in Disney princesses.

    Emily LickEmily LickMånad sedan