Could A Muggle Be Master Of The Elder Wand? | Harry Potter Theory

30 mar 2021
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Today J dives into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to determine if a muggle could actually be the Master of the Elder Wand!
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Edited by: Riley Murtagh
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  • Who is your favorite muggle character in Harry Potter??

    SuperCarlinBrothersSuperCarlinBrothers23 dagar sedan
    • @Finn Maguire no

      Projekt TakuProjekt Taku20 timmar sedan
    • @Projekt Taku dude chill one is fine.

      Finn MaguireFinn MaguireDag sedan
    • @SuperCarlinBrothers זה היה ם

      Yanir ShakedYanir Shaked14 dagar sedan
    • @SuperCarlinBrothers ררררררככככה

      Yanir ShakedYanir Shaked14 dagar sedan
    • @SuperCarlinBrothers Jacob isn’t a muggle remember he is a squib.

      DJ & JJDJ & JJ15 dagar sedan
  • Do you think someone could use the elder one and make a squib magical? Or even a muggle??

    Breanna GartinBreanna Gartin10 timmar sedan
  • 2 SCB staples: 1. Explaining and pointing out the flaws in Harry’s explanation of the path of the elderwand 2. Explaining how a Disney character becomes a Disney Princess

    FlynnTheRedheadFlynnTheRedhead17 timmar sedan
  • I got an audible ad before this so they must really like you guys

    Finn MaguireFinn MaguireDag sedan
  • Draco's wand was a unicorn hair core which is always loyal to its first master.plot hole

    awesome blossom vlogsawesome blossom vlogs2 dagar sedan
  • Ben: I am so proud of my listening speed J: That's why you (almost) always loose the quizzes.

    Eliyah FEliyah F3 dagar sedan
  • J with his wands made me laugh so hard

    Alyssa OwenAlyssa Owen3 dagar sedan
  • "An object"?? Powerful wizard, brandishing a rubber chicken

    Ben MooreBen Moore4 dagar sedan
  • We’ve discussed the elder wand to DEATH

  • "The author" I had to relisten to that part. Look at your quote reference which indeed said -THE AUTHOR and then cackled all the way to my fridge to get some extra ice cream. Soo is she now offically "You know who?"

    J PJ P5 dagar sedan
  • 8:05 why does he say the author instead of there name

    jimmyjamsssjimmyjamsss5 dagar sedan
  • If Harry was dead for a brief period of time, and "slit his throat"(killed) is the way the wand tranfers according to the tale of the 3 brothers, then why didn't the wand's mastery switch to Voldemort? Unless time froze in the real world for that period of time that Harry spent in platform 9&3/4

    Kemeshen PadayacheeKemeshen Padayachee6 dagar sedan
  • him listening at x2 speed is prob why he doesn't retain as much for quizzes

    Blade HeinsBlade Heins7 dagar sedan
  • i do listen in ben speed-

    shayshay7 dagar sedan
  • i'd think if Dudley himself picked up a wand, it would probably electrocute or something him because he's part Vernon :P

    Emperor OshronEmperor Oshron8 dagar sedan
  • 2:18 Me, listening to this video on twice the speed, as I do with all SEworld videos:

    khushi kkhushi k9 dagar sedan
  • "A big thank you to today's sponsor..." who else always expects him to say Candid? No one? Just me?

    Christa SpiritChrista Spirit9 dagar sedan
  • 8:13 “The Author” The disrespect! 😂 She deserves it though.

    Jacob-SophiaJacob-Sophia9 dagar sedan
  • Wait does he need to have a wand taken from his though or can it be anyweapon. You talked about how the wand can be taken but what about if it needs to be wand? Does Dudley have to die for the mastery to be taken?

    Daniel SolomonDaniel Solomon9 dagar sedan
  • She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, "The Author"... If you don't like JK Rowling and don't want anything to do with her, don't be hypocrites and stop profiting from her work.

    WeissM89WeissM899 dagar sedan
  • I really love Sirus' wand

    Koda jablonskiKoda jablonski9 dagar sedan
  • JK Rowling did nothing wrong. Say her name.

    Reuben OakleyReuben Oakley10 dagar sedan
  • 2x speed, Ben? I listen at 1.3x speed, except for the Harry Potter series, which I listen to at 1.5x speed because I've listened to each of them like 20+ times, and I sometimes need to go back to relisten to something.

    Matt FosterMatt Foster10 dagar sedan
  • After he talked about bens listening speed I switched my playback speed to 2 times

    Porter AllredPorter Allred10 dagar sedan
  • So could there ever be a wizard so powerful they could produce like a killing spell or a disarm spell without a wand?

    David CunninghamDavid Cunningham10 dagar sedan
  • Can y’all read the Mistborn series?

    Nacho AverageNachoNacho AverageNacho10 dagar sedan
  • I don’t need or want I just want to scream like a shonen character. I like a big fancy stick that works people.

    AnikenAniken10 dagar sedan
  • I think if a muggle defeated the owner of the Elder Wand the result would be the same as Dumbledoor's goal for Snape killing him; there would no longer be any master.

    Zane HarveyZane Harvey11 dagar sedan
  • So if wands can't do magic by themselves how do they create these accidently responces when a non-magic user uses them? Do they have like residual magical energy from their user inside of them or something? Would that mean if a muggle waved a wand around enough times it would stop tossing them away?

    David MartinezDavid Martinez11 dagar sedan
  • I have a question. Have you read the HP books?

    Crazyman109Crazyman10911 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if brooms are a way of getting wizards channeling magic. If so then that’s probably the reason they fly

    WolflafWolflaf12 dagar sedan
  • I feel like the "reason" the elder wand accepted Harry when he just wrestles Draco's wand from him is because he isn't a muggle. Because wizards even have magic to begin with and magic can be used to detect magic the elder wand just detected that it's current master was bested by another wizard and decided to be Harry's. Otherwise what's to stop a crow from just snatching it and becoming it's master.

    NobleSirNobleSir12 dagar sedan
  • That photoshopping of Dudley into the video clips is gold

    Karunyaa SribashyamKarunyaa Sribashyam12 dagar sedan
  • J: You Can Listen with your ears. Me: But I listen With My Leg.

    Alex SchwegmannAlex Schwegmann13 dagar sedan
  • Ben's Listening speed is probably why he losses the J vs Ben's. He hears it but doesn't give his brain time to retain it (I say this because i am guilty of this as well.

    GotelcGotelc13 dagar sedan
  • I'm curious... If Dudley ( or 1/ more of his kids had been determined to bea wizard, what house would he/ they be placed in and how might it have changed their relationships?

    Christiana VanceChristiana Vance13 dagar sedan
  • “The Author” wow SCB...

    Nick MarinNick Marin13 dagar sedan
  • I think the person who disarms you needs to be magical, no matter how the do it, to become master of said object. The first brother was 'disarmed' by his throat being slit, gregorovich was disarmed by theft. I think the magic in play to determine the magic in the person taking possession is like that of the book and the quill of acceptance, they detect magic in the person even without seeing or being in the new wizards' presence. @SuperCarlinBrothers

    Judith M'honeJudith M'hone13 dagar sedan
  • He said " The author"and not Jk Rowling. I think Jk not being the real writer of HP is catching on. And I am here for it😂

    Rida FatimaRida Fatima13 dagar sedan
  • I prefer making wands

    Case 2_0Case 2_014 dagar sedan
  • "Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself"- Hermione tought you that lesson but apparently it was over your heads. You may disagree with her but not saying her name is simply childish. Her name is J.K Rowling and she has opinions like everyone else. Agree or disagree like a civilized individual. Imagine making money off of someone else's creation and removing their name from it, absolute hypocrisy, I expect better.

    My name is MartyMy name is Marty14 dagar sedan
  • "He hears way faster than you do" I hear you say at 2X speed.

    FS LeinadFS Leinad14 dagar sedan
  • Why do you call JK the author?

    John SmithJohn Smith14 dagar sedan
  • Ron looked to see which direction the train was heading, "due north" hogwarts express IS the polar express

    Keefer Big MickKeefer Big Mick14 dagar sedan
  • In the event of an emergency could there be a chance to for a muggle to use a wizards wand to defend/save said wizard’s life? Would the wand recognize it’s master being in need and choose to aid the muggle who’s only purpose for attempting to use the wand to defend their friend/family member as well as themselves?

    S. O'FlanneryS. O'Flannery14 dagar sedan
  • I'm actually watching your videos while I'm doing the dishes but I guess I can go get autable instead.

    Zachary McQueenZachary McQueen15 dagar sedan
  • I listen at 2.55x speed

    Daniel MoreauDaniel Moreau15 dagar sedan
  • I love felling asleep to Audible I have to listen to the Harry Potter when felling I let it run all night or I wake up

    Patricia TurnerPatricia Turner15 dagar sedan
  • I always wondered why Hagrid didn't become the master of Tom Riddles wand after the flashback in the Chamber of Secrets. In chapter 13 on page 230 this happens-- "Riddle scrambled to his feet, looking after it; he raised his wand, but the huge boy leapt on him, seized his wand, and threw him back down-" Does this not mean that Hagrid took his wand the same way that Harry took Draco's and thus became the master of that wand and depending how you look at it one could make the argument that had everything gone to Voldemort's plans he still might not have had the full allegiance of the elder wand. Or is there something that I'm missing in the story that would have given Tom back the allegiance of his first wand after Hagrid took it?

    Alison SlavinAlison Slavin15 dagar sedan
  • wasnt there also something about recognizing potential for switching allenegce?

    ElysiaElysia15 dagar sedan

    Ethan ThompsonEthan Thompson15 dagar sedan
  • Does this remind anyone else of the scene in life of Brian "suppose you agree, that even though you can't have babies, not having a womb, you can have the right to have babies"

    terry brennanterry brennan15 dagar sedan
  • Lol "the author"

    Addison Ratcatcher 3Addison Ratcatcher 315 dagar sedan
  • "Muggle + wand = muggle with stick" They just keep getting better

    Caitlin LachCaitlin Lach15 dagar sedan
  • I think yes a muggle could become the master because you have to kill the previous owner so say like Mr. Dursley killed Grigorovich who was the owner really(besides Voldemort because you know)and then he would probably become the master because that’s how you do it you have to kill the previous Master of the elder wand.(#harrypotter = Neeto

    DJ & JJDJ & JJ15 dagar sedan
  • Theoretically yes. But i believe certain conditions would have to be fulfilled in order to have it happen. First: Remember the tale of the 3 brothers? What if they were actually the first 3 wizards. Ever. Lets say there wasn't a death god involved, and they just created 3 super powerful things with resources which happened to have a source of magical power. If those magical items did, over time, transfer magical power to the wielders, they could reproduce and create more wizards, and so on and so on. This doesn't mean the power of the objects would decrease over time however., seeing as they are still super duper powerful after centuries of use. So if, say Dudley, killed the previous owner of the elder wand (in his sleep, duh.) he definitely should gain the ability to use it. I mean, nobody ever suggested it was a wizard that killed the first brother, right?

    AURON 2401AURON 240116 dagar sedan
  • "The Author" YOU DONE MESSED UP "Author"

    HR BarnumHR Barnum16 dagar sedan
  • #MudBloodMonkey

    Fubudubh !Fubudubh !16 dagar sedan
  • I’d say a Master would be someone who actually use it. If a muggle doesn’t get any magic from beating the previous master of the Elder wand then , no he or she can’t be the master of the wand. Master means you know all and can use all

    H.D. BrownH.D. Brown17 dagar sedan
  • I had a probem with Amazon and had to delete my account and all my audiobooks are now gone. So.... fck Amazon, Audable and Jeff Bezos personally.

    Igor YugureIgor Yugure17 dagar sedan
  • What about the sectum sempra spell Harry did on Malloy I thought Malloy already had ownership of the wand then

    Roblox gaming FunRoblox gaming Fun17 dagar sedan
  • The purpose of a wand is to channel magic. Muggles, by definition, can't DO magic, so not only should nothing happen when they pick up a wand, they shouldn't be able to master one either.

    stecky87stecky8717 dagar sedan
  • Fancy sticks

    Sharifa FordSharifa Ford17 dagar sedan
  • If somebody shot the Elder Wand's master I assume it could happen.... A bit like the scene in Indiana Jones with the scimitar guy.

    ZowdieZowdie17 dagar sedan
  • woah even after all these years your stilling coming up with interesting hp content

    HelloooHellooo17 dagar sedan
  • Ok this is random but I also boost the sped because I have adhd and can’t listen to stuff that slow

    Tonya ThomasonTonya Thomason17 dagar sedan
  • Dang throwing shade with “the author” bit

    MallymileMallymile18 dagar sedan
  • What happens if the master of the elder wand dies naturally?

    Chrissi vloggtChrissi vloggt18 dagar sedan
  • can i ask what material the cap shield is made of?

    IfeJamesIfeJames18 dagar sedan
  • "I got 99 problems and they're all fancy sticks" lolol I loved it

    dollyvampdollyvamp18 dagar sedan
  • "The Arthur" really? Is it too much for you to say the woman's name?

    Brian KelleyBrian Kelley19 dagar sedan
  • Why are they quoting JK Rowling as “author?”

    Trenten SmithTrenten Smith19 dagar sedan
  • I don't think Dudley would be the master of the wand ever, because I think the wand will only recognize those who can perform magic. Even if Dudley decked harry.

    ThatLilLadyThatLilLady19 dagar sedan
  • I disagree with you for once hhaha

    Jasmine DemeyerJasmine Demeyer19 dagar sedan
  • “See ya (poooff)”

    Gach YaGach Ya19 dagar sedan
  • Magic Lore: When a magical being uses an object to channel their powers, it is called a "Focus". Foci for magic users can be wands, staves, crystals, and jewelry (depending on the magic rules of that particular fantasy universe).

    GolvicGolvic19 dagar sedan
  • I love the Dudley scenes in this 🤣 the music and just a quivering in fear Draco 👌👏

    Chloe MaeChloe Mae19 dagar sedan
  • I love how you know who is referred to as the author

    Bex YawBex Yaw19 dagar sedan
  • Maybe if Ben listened at normal speed he would win more JVB’s... 👀 js..😁

    David ColonDavid Colon19 dagar sedan
  • What would happen if the master died of natural causes? Would it be the next person to pick it up? Maybe the last person to own it? What if they too were all dead. Would it never have another master?

    The Hoax RealityThe Hoax Reality19 dagar sedan
  • Lol well then, I would like to toast to Ben because I too hear way faster than the average person and use 2x playback on Audible.

    Demo DrakkaenDemo Drakkaen19 dagar sedan
  • Yet another entry in most useless magical artefacts series

    Acromion 11Acromion 1120 dagar sedan
  • This Guy being Ian Brown from The Stone Roses.

    BassPlayerAvailableBassPlayerAvailable20 dagar sedan
  • would it really be any great loss if Dudley died? I mean seriously Dudley is the least liked character in the series next to Umbridge and Voldemort

    anakin skywalkeranakin skywalker20 dagar sedan
  • Me: watching SEworld SCB: asking the life’s most important questions

    vartika pareekvartika pareek20 dagar sedan
  • Also, if we follow this logic it is technically possible for a muggle to become the master of death.

    Rowan AnthonyRowan Anthony20 dagar sedan
  • My friend just bought me The Rise of Kyoshi! I'm on page 30 and I'm loving the story!

    Alex StoneAlex Stone20 dagar sedan
  • I’m rereading the Harry Potter series and I was thinking, in Chamber of Secrets how does Mr. Weasley’s car become sentient? Did Arthur do something to it? It’s never explained.

    Cody KotasCody Kotas20 dagar sedan
  • I would probably listen at Ben speed. I naturally talk fast and I always set my audio books to faster settings lol

    Made this to commentMade this to comment20 dagar sedan
  • Why do we assume the wand is the one tallying its master? Another theory could be that magic users are the bearers of their feats and failures, and the wands merely acknowledges it upon being wielded. If one's soul tracks somethign akin to karma, maybe considering different dimensions, the wand could consider some of these dimensions to determine if one is worthy of mastery. This kind of traking by the soul of the magic user could pretty well be associated with the trauma of murdering - both a power victory and an utter moral failure. Maybe then even a moral or intellectual victory could make one worthy. And learning, reaching success through exams, could make one's wand accept its master as worthy.

    Jean-Daniel TalbotJean-Daniel Talbot20 dagar sedan
  • I think the wand changed allegiance from draco to harry because draco didn't rly put up a fight. He essantially gave up in my eyes, like dumbledore did. The wand is made to be powerfull and search out powerfull people. I don't rly like your line of reasoning in this theory, bc everything can be easily explained in my eyes. It feels like a big cop out but *magic* a wand doesn't have cameras, it doesn't need to be in the same room to know what's going on with it's master. The bond between a master and their wand seems very mysterious so I don't see how you can draw these conclusions

    ReikasaReikasa20 dagar sedan
  • Olivander selling wands to muggles: Do you fancy some fancy sticks mi lad? (Hmm, that sounds oddly like pirate)

    MarvinMarvin20 dagar sedan
  • noticed that JK Rowling is suddengly just "the author", and i find the vagueness hillarious

    EvaEva20 dagar sedan
    • It's quite childish.

      My name is MartyMy name is Marty14 dagar sedan
  • 2x speed should now forever be known as Ben-speed

    Noah NasNoah Nas20 dagar sedan
  • J: Ben listens faster than you Me: *speeds up video *

    That one random book nerdThat one random book nerd20 dagar sedan
  • My favorite wand is the Wand from one of the deatheaters at the café , Harry tryes to use in the tent and it refuses him. it looks like a bend old tree branch with some of its bark missing.

    GirlPaintingGirlPainting20 dagar sedan
  • At 2:25 j says that Ben listens faster than me but I actually listen at 3 times speed sooo, sorry Ben

    Liam CoreyLiam Corey20 dagar sedan
  • J - *"Yes a muggle can be the master of the Elder Wand but it's not desirable"* Me - *"uh because I sure desire to be the master of the Elder Wand"*

    cucuy workshopcucuy workshop20 dagar sedan
    • How about living in state where you have constant fear that somebody is going to get that wand by killing and trusting no one and isolating yourself from everyone? Desirable now? Didn't think so...😎

      Basu BABURAJBasu BABURAJ18 dagar sedan
  • i'd argue that the elder wand, at Harry's duel with Voldy, recognized the wand that took it from Dumbledore and saw that Harry was it's master because he had been using it successfully and not that it "knew" draco had be disarmed when it happened. So since a Muggle couldn't use a wand to become it's master, since the wand wouldn't work to channel the users own magic, i'd have to say that a Muggle cannot become a master of any wand. We do know that certain wands (wood and core marriages) can refuse to work even after they are won.

    GipsonwandsGipsonwands20 dagar sedan
  • Yes/No, Cause a muggle can't cast spells. Even if it was able to take it from a wizard (like harry wrestled with Draco for wands and won) it would be mute in the hands of a muggle. Could it be the owner yes, master no.

    GripIt&RipItGripIt&RipIt20 dagar sedan