Will Raya Be The Next Disney Princess? | Disney Theory

11 mar 2021
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Today Ben dives into the world of Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon to find out if Raya will become the next official Disney Princess!
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  • Probably should have said this in the video but this video does NOT contain spoilers for Raya and the Last Dragon!

    SuperCarlinBrothersSuperCarlinBrothersMånad sedan
    • Update: Raya reach 104 million dollars!

      Mayon GoMayon Go8 dagar sedan
    • You may spot hei hei at the bell tower and the bbq scene wearing a bowl on his head

      Mayon GoMayon Go8 dagar sedan
    • @Harry Potter Queen and doesn’t seem great

      Shloomy SlomsShloomy SlomsMånad sedan
    • @Shloomy Sloms I know but falcon and the winter soldier is comeing out

      Harry Potter QueenHarry Potter QueenMånad sedan
    • I wish I had seen that or that you had said that because I accidentally clicked this video I haven’t watched Rya the last Dragon so I waited until after I’d seen the movie to watch the video

      Tierra ForteTierra ForteMånad sedan
  • Shouldn't Raya and Namari both become disney princesses?

    Starwars WizardStarwars Wizard13 timmar sedan
  • i thoughed the ice part looked a lot Like Arendelle in some way and When the water like a bit at the end i thoughed it Looked Like elsa,s Castle the water was forming Or i might Be delusional or seeing things

    lavina Kogheelavina Koghee5 dagar sedan
  • Its saying that Raya is the first gay princess for me. Elsa is a lesbian icon and it’s all but confirmed but at the very least I think we can all agree that she isn’t straight. She also could be asexual which still falls under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella so if that was the case she would still be the first

    LaurieLaurie7 dagar sedan
  • I was thinking, is Aladdin the only disney princess movie where the princess isn't the main character? Jasmin didn't did much in her movie.

    Rene KlaczakRene Klaczak7 dagar sedan
  • She is after all..

    Sebastian Pagan TaverasSebastian Pagan Taveras10 dagar sedan
  • I was honestly super hyped for this movie and it was just a big disappointment to me. I really hated the dragon and the message seemed super forced. As someone who has been betrayed many times over I disagree with it. Not everyone deserves forgiveness. Fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on you fool me thrice take a hike I aint letting that happen 3 times. I really wanted to like this movie cause I was excited for an Asian princess although I thought she was being promoted as Japanese Princess before (see more Chinese culture than Japanese in the movie). I bought the express on Disney+ but wish I woulda just saved that money. Like I normally go see a Disney Princess movie 4-10 times in theaters so I thought I was gonna end up saving over all, but since I didn't wanna see it a 2nd time its a net loss for me

    Harukakanata909Harukakanata90911 dagar sedan
  • Ok but uh We all know Raya and Namaari were gay for each other So this may cause a few problems with her possibly becoming a Disney Princess

    Keira KoalaKeira Koala13 dagar sedan
  • I’m getting some feels between Naami and Raya if you don’t know who im talking about it’s the princess from Fang. Feeling some gay energy from them

    Amber JohnsonAmber Johnson13 dagar sedan
  • Is this ad read meant to be ironic, or have you guys actually come to some sort of realization counter to what you've been espousing for the last several years? I still think Nala is the biggest Disney Princess snub considering how incredibly successful her movie was. And I'm almost certain the "has to be human" rule was invented specifically to exclude her. "It is not safe to go to the movie theater." It can be. If you use some common sense, and follow actual scientific health guidelines instead of listening to the government and big tech backed media officials who spent the last year lying to you about anything and everything they thought they could get away with, then admitted to said lies on public television. Also, technically, the arabian peninsula is part of Asia, making Jasmine an Asian Disney Princess as well.

    KhodexusKhodexus13 dagar sedan
  • I thought Meridia was gay.........?

    Samantha WorthenSamantha Worthen14 dagar sedan
  • I really want Raya to become a disney princess because the movie is just freaking awesome, but can we just talk about how sweet, funny, and precious Boun is???🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Stephanie BruceStephanie Bruce14 dagar sedan
  • Waited to watch raya before watching this video can't wait

    Westen PlattWesten Platt15 dagar sedan
  • Too bad the movie is not worth $30 on a platform I already don't pay for.

    Primordial DinosaurPrimordial Dinosaur15 dagar sedan
  • You should watch fruits basket, yes that’s fruits basket. It’s kinda similar to this concept

    Robert SchroederRobert Schroeder16 dagar sedan
  • In defence of Moana not having a ceremony at Disney, she did deny being a princess....kinda goes against her character to have her accept the role of princess. Regardless, I want to see a ceremony. Also, I had to watch Rya on an obscure website, cause covid and Disney plus are still having it on premiere access. :( But Personally, I hope she becomes a princess Raya is perfect, her determination, unwillingness to give up, and the fact she spent the whole movie trying to be the hero but gave it up in the end.

    Danielle DouglasDanielle Douglas16 dagar sedan
  • unpopular opinion: Thor is a Disney princess Born Royal Humanoid Lead male in a Disney movie Rocket Raccoon is animal sidekick HUGE box office success fight me

    Lydia MusteredLydia Mustered16 dagar sedan
  • can all we please agree that Namaari & Raya are angsty enemies-to-lovers lesbians

    Kate OberholzKate Oberholz19 dagar sedan
  • 11:35 So THAT was the vibe she was giving off! I couldn’t put my finger on it while watching, but neither Raya or Nagini-Natasha-Naegi-Whoever give off _any_ straight energy. Friends>enemies>friends>lovers anyone?

    Violet VulpixViolet Vulpix19 dagar sedan
    • they are l i t e r a l l y catradora but disney

      Kate OberholzKate Oberholz19 dagar sedan
  • Make it 90

    Gaming PiggyGaming Piggy22 dagar sedan

    Sierra NSierra N23 dagar sedan
  • Raya should not be the only new disney princess, Namari deserves to be a disney princess as well because SPOILER ALERT Namarri helped destroy the duruns for good and RAYA and NAMARI become comrades and friends in the end, and Namari being a secondary character is not a big deal, bwcause Jasmine is also a secondary character in Aladdin but Jasmine becomes a disney princess despite Jasmine being a secondary character

    Mudsville1Mudsville123 dagar sedan
  • Raya sweating after approaching all the Disney princesses and the leader would be Cinderella and she is like are you Disney princess matriel and raya later is like screw this I’m a Disney prince!

    Orange Dragon5Orange Dragon523 dagar sedan
    • oml Raya being trans would be the cherry on top

      Kate OberholzKate Oberholz19 dagar sedan
  • I hope so it would be nice to have another a Disney Princess who is Asian💕🌈💕🌈💕🌈💕

    Orange Dragon5Orange Dragon523 dagar sedan
  • I got the premier access ! We're at at least 90! :DDD

    Lydia AlatorreLydia Alatorre23 dagar sedan
  • 2 words, Please don't.

    CDHfilmsCDHfilms23 dagar sedan
  • I'm actually more eager to see whether Namari ends up as one of the Disney princesses. She's portrayed as one of the main villains through out the movie but she pulls through in the end AND, she meets all the criterias to become a Disney princess as well.

    e i n o r u ae i n o r u a24 dagar sedan
    • omg wait thats a great point

      Kate OberholzKate Oberholz19 dagar sedan
  • I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW Raya is gay! 😆 It would also be significant if she became a princess because of the hardship that the Asian and Asian American community are going through right now. Not saying that it fixes it or anything, but it definitely is significant, especially with Raya’s main messages being trust and forgiveness, and uniting with people we haven’t before.

    Snoe LeppardSnoe Leppard24 dagar sedan
  • The dragons fur looked very similar in color to SULLY maybe Im reaching tho 😩

    Hailey MHailey M25 dagar sedan
  • I don't think that Jasmine is the main lead character in Aladdin. She is Aladdin's love interest, but yeah, she still has a big role. Well, rules have exceptions.

    Elisabeth MariegaardElisabeth Mariegaard25 dagar sedan
  • Don't mind me. Just catching up on SuperCarlinBrother videos after listening to Popcorn Culture for four hours, avoiding the things I need to do.

    Kristin JohnsonKristin Johnson26 dagar sedan
  • If there is a character set up to be a potential love interest for Raya it is definitely Nemari. I mean... did you see her undercut? There is nothing straight about her

    Bradie DeanBradie Dean26 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one who thought young Raya looked like Korra from LOK? By that I mean they were dressed practically the same!

    Calla NightshadeCalla Nightshade26 dagar sedan
    • @Hayami Hinata oh thank the stars someone else saw it! Lol I thought I was gonna be called crazy or something

      Calla NightshadeCalla Nightshade26 dagar sedan
    • I thought that too honestly

      Hayami HinataHayami Hinata26 dagar sedan
  • Raya is a princess...here: “Raya,Princess of Heart,”

    Cammy MallariCammy Mallari26 dagar sedan
  • They have too much money it’s true

    MrGabeanatorMrGabeanator26 dagar sedan
  • Quote from Jay "I LOVE ICE" FBI: Hold up..

    Lochlan AllenLochlan Allen27 dagar sedan
  • Any link with the great stone dragon from Mulan?

    Sammy RoblesSammy Robles28 dagar sedan
  • YESSS I SHIP RAYA + NAMAARI AND ALWAYS HAVE(which isn't saying much sense I literary watched it for the first time last week but still)

    Andrea GAndrea G28 dagar sedan
  • I still haven’t watched Raya and the Last Dragon

    Flame and FireFlame and Fire28 dagar sedan
  • I was a big viewer in 2018! I love to see that not much has changed with content. Keep up the good work!

    Adam WickAdam Wick29 dagar sedan

    ElionElion29 dagar sedan
  • If Raya does become a Disney Princess will that make Namaari one too? (The only requirement for becoming a Disney Prince is to be the official love interest of an official Disney Princess, so...) I mean if they confirm it any way of course.

    Beth BRBeth BR29 dagar sedan
  • Watching the movie I immediately shipped Raya with Namaari.

    Gretchen RoseGretchen Rose29 dagar sedan
  • Love the Atlantis

    Tina NolanTina Nolan29 dagar sedan
  • Anna is a roalty and she is the main in the 2nd

    Tina NolanTina Nolan29 dagar sedan
  • One thing I noticed were the blessings from Coco in one of the scenes. I forgot which one.

    Peter DarmanianPeter Darmanian29 dagar sedan
  • If she makes it, I think we now have enough contestants for a "which Disney Princess would win a fight" My money is on Raya pipping Mulan unless they're silly enough to leave Merida alone at range

    BobsyagodBobsyagod29 dagar sedan
  • 5:59 She’s not Snow White she’s Queen 👸 White😎

    Joshua DieudonneJoshua DieudonneMånad sedan
  • male love interest- more like lesbian enemies to lovers

    Amelia ConrathAmelia ConrathMånad sedan
  • I really hope she won’t he

    Liv TasticLiv TasticMånad sedan
  • i am offended Kida is not a princess. she has to be my favourite after Ariel.

    Violet TipladyViolet TipladyMånad sedan
  • lol you forgot they need to sing a song in their movie

    khanh nguyenkhanh nguyenMånad sedan
  • I know of at least one Easter egg in Raya. When she first turns up in Talon you can see what looks like Hei Hei, from Moana, with an upside-down bowl on its head.

    Michael GibbMichael GibbMånad sedan
  • They start at 2:28 reply how much you’ved watched their channel today (or that day) everytime u use this

    TheHashtagGirlTheHashtagGirlMånad sedan
  • A Disney animated movie loosely based and inspired from Southeast Asia and from Southeast Asians, but then currently as of the moment, Disney+ is still not widely available in the Southeast or Southeastern Asian region of the continent of Asia or the larger Asia-Pacific region, except the island city-state of Singapore and the archipelagic or insular nation-state of Indonesia, as far as I currently know. Disney+ in Southeast Asia is accordingly said to be launched somewhen in 2020 to 2021, and it already started with Indonesia on September 5, 2020, then followed by Singapore, which was accordingly already launched on February 23, 2021. On February 25, 2021, it was reported that Disney+ would launch in Malaysia, the Philippines (my home country), and Thailand through Hotstar within the year of 2021. As far as I know and as of the moment, it's not yet available in these countries, but the launches are accordingly confirmed. We, Southeast Asians from Southeast Asia itself, are so excited and hyped for this movie since the official teaser trailer was released and most especially after the full official trailer and the full official international trailer were released. We heard it in across our national news and media stations, and across all other media platforms in our countries. Unfortunately, due to this pandemic, no matter how hyped and excited we are to watch and spend for this Disney animated movie based and inspired from us and our cultures, among others, we are really limited to go to movie theaters or cinema houses to watch it there as the only way for most of us, except those who are in Singapore, to watch, being that Disney+ isn't available yet in most of our countries in our region. Right now, Southeast Asians like me, who knew and heard about this movie, and are so hyped and excited for it, are just doing our very best to support it through various social media platforms like SEworld. By the way, I am a Filipino from the Philippines. ✌️😊 🇵🇭

    Sining TadhanaSining TadhanaMånad sedan
  • Moana, Pocahontas, and Raya's parents aren't kings but are land, nation, island, community, tribe, or village chiefs, it's all because the societies, cultures, settings, and civilizations, among others, that they are in technically don't have or aren't "kingdoms" or "queendoms", or whatnot, aren't European or Western, or aren't even initially or at all Westernized or "Europeanized", and do really try to reflect the actual cultures, societies, civilizations, and settings, among others, where their characters and their animated movies are said or are accordingly based and or inspired from. The societies, cultures, settings, civilizations, or governments of Moana, Pocahontas, and Raya are technically called or referred to as chiefdoms or tribal societies, among others, and are ruled or lead by a chief or a tribal chief, among others. Technically, these settings, societies, civilizations, or cultures, among others, are similar to Western or European kingdoms, although they are mostly smaller in area, size, influence, power, authority, and population in European or Western perspectives, and this is also true or the same with their governments, governance, jurisdiction, authority, or systems of governments. Technically too, these chiefs or tribal chiefs are also similar or the same, or are treated as counterparts or even direct equivalents to European or Western kings, queens, and or other monarchs, even though they are seen and treated differently such as being less influential, less powerful, and the like, in European or Western perspectives.

    Sining TadhanaSining TadhanaMånad sedan
  • Can Namaari, a warrior and princess of the Fang Land, be an official Disney princess too like Raya? She's a human character, she is in a Disney animated movie, she's just as a primary and important character in the Disney animated movie as Raya, she's not introduced in a sequel animated movie, she's the princess of Fang Land and thus a princess by blood, and she's not married into a royal family 'cause she's already royal. She also did an act of heroism by putting all the broken pieces of the dragon gem together and trusting Raya and the others who trusted her first, which then stopped and defeated all of the Druuns, returned all of the humans and livings things to life, including themselves and all of the other dragons except Sisu, from being statues of ash and stone. Without her role in the end of the animated movie, Raya's first step of trusting her and leading the others to trust her will just go to vain or no use. Without their mutual trust to one another, all of the five human representatives from every divided people and lands of the united and harmonious Kumandra, the reunited dragon gem's dragon power wouldn't work to stop and defeat the Druuns. I also mean, if princess Jasmine became an official Disney princess, even she's not the main protagonist and hero of the movie, which is Aladdin, then why not Namaari, a warrior and princess of the Fang Land. For me, she's also just as to Raya and Raya is to her the same way as Anna is to Elsa or Elsa is to Anna, if I make sense. They're not blood sisters, but they're soul mates, and even rumoredly potential love interest of each other or one another aka lovers, and in another Disney universe, they can be sisters like Elsa and Anna are.

    Sining TadhanaSining TadhanaMånad sedan
  • I loved Rays and definitely think she should be a Disney Princess. There is a nice line of toys out promoting the movie, too.

    Ann BrookensAnn BrookensMånad sedan
  • Will you not talk about the fact that raya is the dragon warrior like po from kung fu panda? Hshshshsh

    Gabriel MiguelGabriel MiguelMånad sedan
  • you know you can wacth this 4 free on like tv

    AK BearsAK BearsMånad sedan
  • Easter egg wise hei hei is in it, the coco dog (in talon) however... I am struggling to find the classic pixar "next movie" Easter egg... being that "Luca" was in soul and not Raya... I'm wondering if the Easter egg might be for "turning red "???? If you find it. Can you please make a video if you find it?

    Torie-Raye DazeTorie-Raye DazeMånad sedan
  • People will finally stop asking me if my fave princess is Mulan. They will ask me if I like Raya or Mulan instead. My fave is Cinderella

    Kezziah ValentinoKezziah ValentinoMånad sedan
  • Raya is not as successful in the boxoffice because COVID is still a thing and some SEA Countries have NO access to Disney plus.

    Kezziah ValentinoKezziah ValentinoMånad sedan
  • I don't think that Raya would be a princess for two reasons. 1 - She doing sing 2 - will not appeal to what the brand is targeted towards. But I hope I am wrong, because I liked the movie

    Has MasHas MasMånad sedan
  • One small thing that bothers me is If the leader of each tribe was turned to stone; and at the end they are restaured back they should return as the same leaders; as it happens with Heart and Fang tribes, but for the rest of the tribes is shown as the new leaders are the Raya's companions, is ilogical.

    Yoanna MYoanna MMånad sedan
  • Of course she will. You seem to leave out a few factors for the princesses: 1) They are all the central protagonist in their film with the exception of Jasmine. 2) They are all (if you'll pardon me for being overly simplistic) girl-centered films. By which I mean the average 6-8 year old boy would not be caught dead wearing a "Little Mermaid" tee to school. Aladdin is again an exception to this, though I think for its time Aladdin managed to give a much stronger role to its female love interest than most boy-friendly Disney cartoons to that point. I think this is one of several factors working against Kida (the other being the film's poor reception and performance, though I certainly liked it at the time). 3) Demographics. Even leaving the possibility that she is gay, Raya is drawing from southeast Asian culture. Mulan is very specifically Chinese. You can't separate the Chinese from Mulan any more than the Scottish from Merida. Raya expands the appeal in the Asian market, which is itself a fast growing market. They understand that even in the US children are far less white than 50 years ago, and kids tend to be drawn to those characters that resemble themselves. 4) Box office certainly matters, but I'm not sure it matters as much today. When Atlantis: The Lost Empire was released, kids either saw it in theaters, rented the VHS, or begged parents to buy the film. If it didn't do well in the theaters (as was the case with ATLE), the rentals and sales were unlikely to follow. In the streaming era, it is a lot easier to buypass the box office results and get the kids eyeballs on the film.

    Michael DMichael DMånad sedan
  • Ummm.... She already is a princess . Like Namarri is the Fang princess . So that makes RAYA the Heart princess

    Abel Ramirez O.Abel Ramirez O.Månad sedan
  • First up I’m not a princess I am moana!!!!

    Amy ColeAmy ColeMånad sedan

    Deanna LopezDeanna LopezMånad sedan
  • I very much read Raya and Namaari as gay.

    Legacy of LoreLegacy of LoreMånad sedan
  • There was the part at the beginning of the movie where Raya and Namaari are fighting after she betrays Raya, and TukTuk tries to help Raya but Namaari kicks him away. Idk if it was intentional or not, but that reminded me so much of the scene in Tangled where Mother Gothel kicks Pascal 🤷‍♀️

    Lyanna BraxtonLyanna BraxtonMånad sedan
  • a lot of people said Raya and the last dragon copied moana and mulan-

    •Cure Gummy••Cure Gummy•Månad sedan
  • Moana and Raya both have love stories with their parents they both wanted to save them

    amanda polingamanda polingMånad sedan
  • Disney already refers to her as Princess of Heart in the books they released. So it’s official.

    Brett RiceBrett RiceMånad sedan
    • Raya is considered a princess in her movie, but will she become a part of the official Disney Princess lineup? That remains to be seen. It took quite awhile before Moana was finally added.

      suebob16suebob16Månad sedan
  • Not paying $30 more to watch it.

    afirmroseafirmroseMånad sedan
  • Yeah all those requirements where pointed out by film theory

    Matthew StuhlmanMatthew StuhlmanMånad sedan
  • Not sure if I'm the only one but Woody in the top left really be staring into someone's soul 😂

    TheRealLifeHawaiianTheRealLifeHawaiianMånad sedan
  • AND the fact that Disney + is not available in some countries and so.. streaming sites

    MSKMSKMånad sedan
  • You don't have to be a lead... otherwise Jasmine can't be one. You just have to have a primary role.

    Mandy WenzlMandy WenzlMånad sedan
    • @Lyanna Braxton true. Never thought of that. Thanks for telling me.

      Mandy WenzlMandy WenzlMånad sedan
    • Jasmine may not be the main lead, but she is the main female lead, which is the specific requirement. Not that they need to be the lead, but that they need to be the main female lead. I can see your point though

      Lyanna BraxtonLyanna BraxtonMånad sedan
  • Summary: She's technically a princess. But she'll only be officially a princess if she makes a lot of money

    ANewChallengerANewChallengerMånad sedan
  • YES i knew my gaydar was accurate! all throughout the movie, i had the feeling that raya was gay and she and namaari would get together

    Emilia Dona-MunozEmilia Dona-MunozMånad sedan
  • I like Raya and Sisu but I truly dislike Namaari. Her redemption arc is rushed and I don't feel invested for her at all.

    EverWild ArtEverWild ArtMånad sedan
  • Express VPN is way over priced after the 3 months free, so many better and cheaper options.

    Mohammad AlathamenaMohammad AlathamenaMånad sedan
  • Raya is totally gay. Have you SEEN the chemistry between her and Namari?

    Francisco VargasFrancisco VargasMånad sedan
  • She's gay. She's gay as heck and you can feel it just by watching her interationction with Namaari. Same vibes you can get in She-Ra qith Catra and Adora.

    ArtyArtyMånad sedan
  • Omg the nostalgia... I stopped watching this channel over a year ago because i lost interest in the topics they cover but I just came across the channel again and omg

    Kayaking RiversKayaking RiversMånad sedan
  • The only countries with more than one princess are Germany with snow white and rapunzel...and the two from America are both POC. The rest of the white princesses are from different countries... Italy, France, Denmark, Scotland, Norway

    Layne MartinLayne MartinMånad sedan
  • Rays is officially my newest fav movie if they don’t make her a Disney princess I’m gonna be mad🙂

    Sam CSam CMånad sedan
  • Well, she is a daughter of a king but she doesn't have true love. Moana doesn't have true love either so I don't know

    Summer HarrisSummer HarrisMånad sedan
  • I think she will redefine what a Disney princess is.

    Sailor Slytherin SaffySailor Slytherin SaffyMånad sedan
  • yes see should join the disney princess

    Alexa ForgioneAlexa ForgioneMånad sedan
  • AHHHHHHHHH My calander told me to write this march 9th but I forgot. I have a note on my calander that says Peter Parker is the next Tony Stark? I imagine that this is a referance to popcorn culture and is something i was told to tell you guys, but I got no memory more than that.

    Gio RGio RMånad sedan
  • Personally, I ship Raya and Namari (weirdly, I've shipped them since I first saw the trailer, lol 😂)

    Olivia DeHorityOlivia DeHorityMånad sedan
  • I do hope that Raya ends up being gay, that would be great 🏳‍🌈

    Kara KawaiiKara KawaiiMånad sedan
  • I thought she's already a Disney Princess

    Juaben RodriguezJuaben RodriguezMånad sedan
  • I think Disney is happy to introduce Raya and slowly phase out Mulan. Their most controversial princess.

    Danielle WhitecakeDanielle WhitecakeMånad sedan
  • I'm confused with the rules because most Disney princesses haven't done any acts of heroism. Snow White just ran away and cleaned a strangers' house and cooked for them while also biting an apple a much more peculiar stranger offers.

    Justine Herc The HumanJustine Herc The HumanMånad sedan
    • The act of heroism is basically there if the princess isn't royal, for example Mulan. It's either born royal, marry royal or act of heroism

      Danica Pushnova-BeckDanica Pushnova-BeckMånad sedan
  • I'm confused as to why Raya is considered the second Disney Princess of Asian descent when Mulan and Jasmine exist. Ain't Jasmine Asian?

    Justine Herc The HumanJustine Herc The HumanMånad sedan
  • What about Meg is has Pegasus and she saved Hercules an act of heroism and marries the prince of Gods

    tital790tital790Månad sedan
  • I hate to break it to you, but you misspelled "Julliard" -- it's actually spelled "Jailyard" (actual name Juilliard students & alum have called the institution)

    Samantha K EnriquezSamantha K EnriquezMånad sedan