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25 mar 2021
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J and Ben and fallen in love with a new series: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, and want you to join them in their fandom! To celebrate they are giving away 100 FREE copies of the audiobook and 100 FREE physical copies! All books purchased through DFTBA also get digital perks including J and Ben's book club review of Name of the Wind and Wise Man's Fear!
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  • Raise your hand if you already love The Name of the Wind! 🙋

    SuperCarlinBrothersSuperCarlinBrothers28 dagar sedan
    • YEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for covering these books and welcome to the wait for book three the doors of stone

      otemetahotemetah13 dagar sedan
    • 🙋🏻‍♂️

      michael Bardmichael Bard15 dagar sedan
    • 🙋🏽‍♀️ I have no idea how many times I’ve listened to these books. Oftentimes, as soon as one ends, I restart it from the beginning. KKC is my comfort story.

      ajapasha7ajapasha720 dagar sedan

      SpudzySpudzy22 dagar sedan

      Rodrigo L FerreiraRodrigo L Ferreira22 dagar sedan
  • That book has been sat on my shelf for about 9 years. My friend gave it to me and said "YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!" - I kept meaning to... OK, I'll read it!

    Robert FenechRobert FenechTimme sedan
  • I am roughly halfway through and I am absolutely hooked

    Josh JohnsonJosh Johnson4 timmar sedan
  • As a fan of A Song of Ice and Fire I can tell waiting is not half the fun.

    hailmichigan2hailmichigan25 timmar sedan
  • If you guys want a nuts urban fantasy series I want to drop dresden files

    Pat CallahanPat Callahan8 timmar sedan
  • Quick question is it apporiate for a 15 year old

    Taylor HagenTaylor Hagen14 timmar sedan
  • ty so much man i'm in the middle of book 2 and loving it so much

    NadernadNadernad14 timmar sedan
  • KVOTHE THE RAVEN. And ya name's give you power there is power in a name and knowing off a name.

    The Universal UnionThe Universal Union21 timme sedan
  • I like it it is translated in My languages great

    Caius VslootenCaius VslootenDag sedan
  • Did you guys know that Patrick Rothfuss is a big time DnD player? Which is just one more reason why y'all should try DnD.

    Justin MeltonJustin MeltonDag sedan
    • Maybe you could contact him and tell him how much you love his books and maybe consider a colab where he runs you guys a 1 shot dnd session for your intro to dnd?

      Justin MeltonJustin MeltonDag sedan
  • Thank you for turning me onto this series- i took it down as fast as possible, can’t wait for Doors of Stone

    J TJ TDag sedan
  • I kinda love that very few of the comments are talking about the series and are just recommending Sanderson. Having said that, definitely well worth the read. If. you're not a big reader, I'd highly recommend the Rupert Degas audiobook. He brings life to the page very well.

    Oliver EdmistonOliver EdmistonDag sedan
  • "His story doesn't do what a story is supposed to do", yeah, it doesn't end XD (joking, I LOVE these books and am just salty I've been waiting almost a decade to see what happens...)

    youngwolf0youngwolf0Dag sedan
  • Yesssss I've been in love with this book since 2016, let's start theorizing boys!!

    Skyy RodriguezSkyy RodriguezDag sedan
  • This is my favorite book series ever. I've read them 4 times. And listen to them at least 15 times in the past 8 years. Also my favorite book is The slow regard of Silent things!!!! I'm so glad and looking forward to you guys exploring this amazing world!

    Igor YugureIgor YugureDag sedan

    Ben MillerBen Miller2 dagar sedan
  • I'm on chapter 17 now and still not understanding the excitement... I'm vaguely curious about the story, but if I stopped here, it would never bother me... Is this just different on audio or something? I'm almost bored reading it. When does the exciting stuff happen?!

    rainynight02rainynight022 dagar sedan
  • Some of you would probably love the _Skulduggery Pleasant_ series.

    Joseph SimpsonJoseph Simpson2 dagar sedan
  • i love you guys for introducing me to this book series, i've picked it up and i just. can't. stop. reading.

    Ihave 3dollarIhave 3dollar2 dagar sedan
  • tried to get it on audiobook from the library but they didn't have it. :(

    Makena GadientMakena Gadient3 dagar sedan
  • I’m excited for Wednesday’s video!

    mystikhrs476mystikhrs4763 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for the suggestion! I just finished it! I find it difficult to Explain why I like this book though. It's a rather slow story. Nothing happens for a long time. t Then something amazing happens and you are hooked all over again. Sometimes it's a little thing, but amazing nonetheless. I guess the best way to describe this book is "Satisfyingly Detailed". I can't wait to start the next one!

    Robert MuellerRobert Mueller3 dagar sedan
  • Wait! Its almost time for the theories from my favourite theory channel 🤩

    David MorrisDavid Morris4 dagar sedan
  • Does Wisconsin have Euchre? Their cars game in the books “4 corners” sounds a bit like Euchre...

    MusicteachersheffMusicteachersheff4 dagar sedan
  • Yeah! Im glad you guys found these books :)

    Keith FaughtKeith Faught4 dagar sedan
  • Please, do Fablehaven and/or Dragonwatch since these two are in the same universe. Please, I need some Fablehaven content in my feed, and you guys seem like the perfect candidates. You 1. love books, 2. do theories, 3. do trivia, you guys are perfect. Please, I will email you my own theories and questions, pleee-eeee-eeaasse. :,(

    Elijah BergeronElijah Bergeron5 dagar sedan
  • One of my favorite youtubers talking about one of my favourite books & author. This is absolute class.

    Yazmin AraqueYazmin Araque6 dagar sedan
  • It's an incomplete series, and author is not likely to finish it anytime, srsly think before diving into any unfinished work.

    Mehtab SinghMehtab Singh7 dagar sedan
  • The Name of the Wind is by far one of the best fantasy novels I've ever read. I was stunned by how engrossed I became, and how invested in Kvothes story I became. Please please please read this book if you love excellent fantasy!

    Thomas BrienThomas Brien7 dagar sedan
  • As much as I love Lin-Manuel Miranda, I really don't want the books to be made into movies... I would rather finally have the last book

    CaptainMoony3CaptainMoony37 dagar sedan
  • "No, we are not naming our future son Kvothe" A sentence I have to tell my boyfrind all the time now since he convinced me to read the books...

    CaptainMoony3CaptainMoony37 dagar sedan
  • About 65% through the first book...I’m in love already. Some pretty big Harry Potter parallels...but still so good. One scene, as a musician, had me laughing and crying tears of happiness for Kvothe! I can’t wait for your video series on this to discuss it! But I also agree with the people recommending Sanderson’s Cosmere. Mistborn, Stormlight Archive, War Bringer, Elantris. If you like this Magic system...these are even better!

    MusicteachersheffMusicteachersheff8 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for the vid i just read them and they are fantastic

    Kristjan hrafn OlafssonKristjan hrafn Olafsson8 dagar sedan
  • Can y’all read the Mistborn series?

    Nacho AverageNachoNacho AverageNacho10 dagar sedan
  • When are you going to start making these??

    Jacob GregoryJacob Gregory10 dagar sedan
  • 😩 not more Lin Manuel Miranda! Based on your description of this story it sounds like it would be better handled by steven moffet

    Awkward KatalystAwkward Katalyst11 dagar sedan
  • I've tried to listen to the audiobook once but the narrator wasn't doing it for me. Like i couldn't focus on his words and had to keep rewinding.

    Awkward KatalystAwkward Katalyst11 dagar sedan
  • Omg yes only saw this video two weeks after uploading but I am so excited for extra content on the name of the wind. These books are just soo soo amazing and so full of theories, and now one of my favourite theory SEworld channel has picked it up. I'm here for it!!

    LadyQABLadyQAB12 dagar sedan
  • Halfway through the first book, I’m loving it. I’m going to be very upset with you guys if I get through both of these books and then have to wait 10 years for the third one. Lol.

    Logi BLogi B12 dagar sedan
  • You should get into the Dragon Prince instead. It’s wonderful!

    Nicholas SanchezNicholas Sanchez13 dagar sedan
  • Yes, yes, yes!! These books are wonderful! I’ve read the series several times, own them in paperback and on audiobook. I can’t recommend them enough and I’m so happy to see you guys sharing it on your platform! I’ve never been so happy

    Sarah CornerSarah Corner13 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for recommending this book! Really a masterpiece!

    Deva VikDeva Vik13 dagar sedan
  • So, have you guys read anything by Brandon Sanderson? (I now feel an urgent need to finish the Name of the Wind, of course, but there are lots of books it would be fun to hear your opinions on.)

    Celebwen21Celebwen2114 dagar sedan
  • Thanks to this video I’ve started the book and I’m loving it!! It’s been a long time since I’ve been excited to sit down and read something each day 😊

    SarahSarah15 dagar sedan
  • I'm so glad you guys are telling people about these books!! They're my absolute favourites, I tell anyone who will listen about them!! 😅

    Alice LewisAlice Lewis15 dagar sedan
  • It's almost as bad as waiting for Patrick to write a book waiting for this series !!!

    Shayne SandersShayne Sanders15 dagar sedan
  • Guys I am so stoked that you are starting to come out with content on these books. It’s one of my favorite book series and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

    michael Bardmichael Bard15 dagar sedan
  • I read these books a few years ago and I've been enamored ever since. Unfortunately I've begun to think that the 3rd book may never come out 🥲

    Joshua GiguereJoshua Giguere15 dagar sedan
  • The only bad thing is that the author is taking soooooo looooong for the last book to be out.

    Mariana Renee Marín ProaMariana Renee Marín Proa15 dagar sedan
  • Sounds like the ends not coming guys

    Lahly BirdLahly Bird15 dagar sedan
  • Just finished the first book and I really enjoyed it, even if I did feel the first third of the book was pretty slow. It took me a while to get used to how the story was being told, but I just put the second book on hold at the library !

    Donna JuliaDonna Julia15 dagar sedan
  • I could do with a new series.. then ben talks about how long the author takes to write... and I'm still waiting for game of thrones.. sooo I hate the idea of being stuck waiting again haha

    KateMiles44KateMiles4415 dagar sedan
  • Just another vote for you to check out Sanderson's works. :D

    CJ LohnesCJ Lohnes16 dagar sedan
  • Can we get more book suggestions I have such a hard time finding books that I actually like after harry potter lol. Honestly once I left high school and the nice library they had I havent been able to find good books to get into

    LivGeneralLivGeneral16 dagar sedan
  • So it's basically HP if Harry had Malfoy's personality? And the books are on a Song of Ice and Fire schedule?

    Kalman LinietskyKalman Linietsky16 dagar sedan
  • I used to love the series too even the little spin offs like Auri's book Slow regard of silent things and the short story about bast that was in a collection of stories from multiple authors, the key point is 'used to' while I still like the story and the world it's set in I can't enjoy it the way I used to with how flippant Rothfuss has been towards the fanbase not to mention outright lies, there was a controversy a little over a year ago now I think, where someone in the publishing company he's working with came forward to say that they haven't seen anything from him about book 3 for a very long time. During the interim he has done other projects which yes can't really fault him on his charity work and being a prominent figure in current day fantasy genre his appearances on shows, interviews and panels is going to happen but every time doors of stone is brought up he will, completely ignore the question to the point of being rude, give flippant answers which is disrespectful to the fanbase as a whole or he'll complain that people keep asking him. All that but he hasn't given a straight answer for years on the subject and it's just tainted the enjoyment of it. Even if he came out and said something along the lines of 'look I wrote the original copies of all 3 books and they needed a lot of work for publishing but the work that had to be done on the first 2 has made the 3rd unusable and will either need a complete rewrite with extensive changes so it's going to take a long time or it can't happen' I could live with that, it would be a bit upsetting of course if it doesn't go ahead but atleast it'd be closure on the subject, instead he gets rude or angry about it, I can't get behind someone like that.

    CrafDee1CrafDee116 dagar sedan
  • Just finished The Name of the Wind and already 40 chapters into The Wise Man’s Fear! Thank you for such an amazing recommendation!

    Cameron LaPlanteCameron LaPlante16 dagar sedan
  • I started it a few days ago and I'm addicted. Already 15hrs into the audio book. It would be great if you did some videos about it! Character breakdowns would be nice too. So many people with odd names can get confusing.

    dave judddave judd16 dagar sedan
  • This whole video is exactly how I try to explain a book to my friends to convince them to read it, but I completely fail and I end up making no sense.

    Kaitlyn WeeksKaitlyn Weeks16 dagar sedan
  • Not me waiting for yall to get into Percy Jackson

    Will WeichmanWill Weichman16 dagar sedan
  • Kvothe Lackless..........

    Lovepreet VirkLovepreet Virk17 dagar sedan
  • I've loved these books for years now. I'm so happy to em Gaining clout!!!! We needa get Patrickt Rothfuss to see us fans are begging for book 3 !!!!!!!!

    Smij UhmSmij Uhm17 dagar sedan
  • I would really love it if you guys got into the "Ranger's Apprentice" series. It's my favorite book series of all time and is sooooo good!!! It's really well written and has TONS of books already in the series! Like, I'm talking 11 books in the original series, 2 prequel books, 4 books in it's sequel series "The Royal Ranger," and 8 books in its sister series "Brotherband." That makes for 25 BOOKS!!!! Enough to keep anyone busy for a while. Not to mention that its sequel series and its sister series are both STILL ONGOING!!!! There's not much in the ways of magic in this series, but that's something about it that I actually love, because its main characters are people who are incredibly skilled in what they do. So much so that it SEEMS like magic to all onlookers. But everything they do is explained away with their skills and techniques and how years of training can really pay off. I just realized I haven't even started to say what the story is about. The original series (which is the one you should start with) follows Will Treaty who is an orphan under the care of a baron along with other orphans. When they all reach a certain age, they can be presented as potential apprentices to masters of different crafts (e.i. chefs, woodworkers, lawyers, etc). Will is taken on as the apprentice of a Ranger, a mysterious cloaked figure whom no one really knows anything about. Oh sure, rumors circulate about how they can make themselves turn invisible and are able to wield black magic, but is that really true? Under the guidance of his new master Halt, Will is able to find something that he's actually good at and feels that he can finally make a difference in the world. They go on amazing adventures that can leave you on the edge of your seat, crying, or both. And the book's dry sense of humor is always able to put a smile on my face. It's incredibly well written, has amazing characters with outstanding character development, and is just overall such a good series. I know that 25 books may seem like a lot to handle, but trust me when I say that it is completely worth it. Please check it out and maybe even do something similar to what you guys are going to do for "The Name of the Wind," where you guys do bonus videos about it! I would love to see someone do theories about the Rangers Apprentice series because it's my absolute favorite book series ever and it makes me sad that no one but me seems to know it exists. Please give it a look. I promise you that it will be worth it.

    CoNo GaMesCoNo GaMes17 dagar sedan
  • Wooot, it's getting a bit more recognition! It's my all time favorite series.

    bswtsp21bswtsp2117 dagar sedan
  • Guys I’m so ready for a vid!!!

    preston092592ppreston092592p18 dagar sedan
  • Okay, I should really continue reading the series. I read book 1 a very long time ago but never had the time to read books two and three (yes, I have three books of the series. „The wise mans Fear“ is splittend into two books in german).

    Dieter SchulzDieter Schulz18 dagar sedan
  • I am currently watching your (J) Leaf Green mono type run-through. Fun fact: at the end of episode 4 someone comments asking if you had read Name of the Wind. You responded that you have never heard of it. And here we are.

    Lauren EngbergLauren Engberg18 dagar sedan
  • If you want a well developed magic system, you havvvvve to read the Inheritance cycle (Eragon books)!!!!!!

    Morgan GoldMorgan Gold18 dagar sedan
  • Laughing because I read all of the series long before SuperCarlinBrothers started their channel

    VeradisVeradis19 dagar sedan
  • Thanks, awesome!

    Robin PullmanRobin Pullman19 dagar sedan
  • Hey guys, have you watched "The OA"? If not, please do. Your mind will be blown by the beautiful storytelling.

    dulcinea del tobosodulcinea del toboso19 dagar sedan
  • I LOVE that SCB is now on board with the Kingkiller Chronicles. Maybe I can get some fan theories that I love from these theorists that love about the books I have loved for so long! The theories about these books are as entertaining to me as the books themselves, so I have no problem waiting for the third book to come out as long as fans keep putting out new theories.

    ajapasha7ajapasha720 dagar sedan
  • Ay I got 2 audible credits that I’ve been saving

    Enderemy 2002Enderemy 200220 dagar sedan
  • Still waiting for the third book

    Tavo Flores MTavo Flores M21 dag sedan
  • One of my favourite series of all time...if he ever finishes writing the last one! Come on Rothfuss, I believe in you!

    jroemjroem21 dag sedan
  • Just got it on kindle and finished the first chapter and I am intrigued! How long to I have to finish before your content starts rolling out?

    hahayourfunny94hahayourfunny9421 dag sedan
  • Perfect timing. I've been looking for something new to read after finishing The Stormlight Archive. Guess I'll give it a try.

    Andrew MeyerAndrew Meyer21 dag sedan
  • Hey you brothers! Have y’all read the Iron Druid Chronicles, by Kevin Hearne If so do y’all like that series ?

    H.D. BrownH.D. Brown21 dag sedan
  • Looks like Audible has The Name of the Wind on sale for $5 and The Wise Man's Fear for $6 for members. Sale lasts for another day and a half, so this is probably the best deal for it at the moment if you don't care for a physical copy. Since this is a great deal and I trust the Carlin brothers' judgment, I will go ahead and buy these for myself. :) PS: It's ridiculous how long these books are. 28 hours and 43 hours, respectively, for the two audio books.

    PerfectChaos7PerfectChaos721 dag sedan
  • I’m an hour away from finishing the first audiobook. Loving it so far!

    Melissa De La PazMelissa De La Paz21 dag sedan
  • Welcome to the club guys!!!!!

    Tommy BrandonTommy Brandon21 dag sedan
  • You guys really should read Percy Jackson! so many theory ideas!

    Harper CaseyHarper Casey21 dag sedan
  • Is this not the best time to get you to read the Lunar Chronicles? It's a Sci-f/fantasy/technically dystopian but not really that's set in the future where people that migrated to the moon eventually evolved to more or less be able to control people using electromagnetic whatever energy. It's a series. And the main character, Cinder, is extremely interesting. Oh, also, the story is also a big, messed up version of traditional fairy tales. Cinder is, of course, Cinderella. And she's a cyborg mechanic. It's amazing. And the story is set in Beijing. Or, well, New Beijing since it's in the future. They really delve deep into the whole "magic is unexplained science" thing. There are a LOT of things to speculate about, too. But in the good way. Not the bad one.

    Cinder QuinnCinder Quinn21 dag sedan
  • We just passed the 10-year anniversary of the release of the second book. No word yet on when book 3 comes out. Haven't quite hit that 10-year milestone yet for GRRM's last ASoIaF book (Game of Thrones, for the show-only types). So I would not recommend this series to anyone who likes to read complete stories--or just stories that might reasonably be completed one day.

    Daniel ClouserDaniel Clouser21 dag sedan
  • Okay. I’m sold.

    Jordan SimonsonJordan Simonson21 dag sedan
  • Ah yes, join in the agony of waiting for Doors of Stone.

    Wite RabidWite Rabid22 dagar sedan
  • Another great series is The Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. Magic, fantasy, kings and queens! It's amazing!

    Kimberly NiesetKimberly Nieset22 dagar sedan

    SpudzySpudzy22 dagar sedan
  • I've been waiting for the third book to come out before I start recommending it to people again... this wait has been killing me!

    DichotomyDichotomy22 dagar sedan
  • My favorites, go Patrick!

    puppetnicopuppetnico22 dagar sedan
  • Listened to it and the the sequel. The only complaints I have is that Kote doesn't have any character flaws other than just for plot reasons. I mean his biggest struggle isn't with fear or inner demons, it's with poverty. Poverty caused by another character. And for being built as a character who has a near photographic memory he sure does forget some important things when it suits the plot. Good world and overall a good story, but I've read better books that do more to develop character and the world in less chapters.

    ChrisChris22 dagar sedan
  • FINALLY!!!

    Drew TalbotDrew Talbot22 dagar sedan
  • I wasn't actually a big fan of these books... The "theories" that it lends itself to seemed more like plot holes and the pacing is just really weird... But I'd still read it all and own both books before SCB brought it up

    Ally TerpsAlly Terps22 dagar sedan
  • Oh man, you're theories are nuts and so much logic put into them. Im very much looking forward to the theories you guys come out with. And i hope ur able to take them further than reddit has lol

    Jay Mc MhnJay Mc Mhn22 dagar sedan
  • I've been wanting to read this for years so I guess now is the right time

    DominikaDominika22 dagar sedan
  • You get a sub for the pet remark my daughter will be named auri.

    Big Boy JeffBig Boy Jeff22 dagar sedan
  • I wish I could get y’all into the enders game series, such a fantastic series that I feel like y’all would have a lot of fun making theories about.

    Nathan Stienbarger.Nathan Stienbarger.22 dagar sedan
    • @Nathan Stienbarger. Yay!! I'm so glad!! That's every bookworm's dream, for a non-reader to find a series and fall in love like that

      Ally TerpsAlly Terps22 dagar sedan
    • @Ally Terps ive never been a book reader but that series (following Ender and post Enders game earth) was amazing and I couldn't put it down. Made me love the series more when I realized Orson lives 20 minutes from me xD. but yeah favorite book series to date

      Nathan Stienbarger.Nathan Stienbarger.22 dagar sedan
    • Literally my all time favorite science fiction books ever... Enders Game is still one of the best books I've ever read and single-handedly convinced me science fiction is a great genre

      Ally TerpsAlly Terps22 dagar sedan
    • Oh!!! That's so true!!!!

      Ally TerpsAlly Terps22 dagar sedan
  • And yes I do watch as many videos about this series as I see even though I know more information than the majority of the videos themselves for no reason other than to see fan theories.

    Big Boy JeffBig Boy Jeff22 dagar sedan
  • I've been waiting for the third book since 2012 I've read the first two 3 times and I'm on my 4th read through best books I've ever read hands down no questions

    Big Boy JeffBig Boy Jeff22 dagar sedan
  • This book is baaaaaaaad and the fandom tries to play it off like it's bad on purpose

    Matthew BurdickMatthew Burdick22 dagar sedan